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Issue: 35/15

1st October 2015


It is with great sadness that I report the death of two of our members who passed away within a few days of each other.

Colin was one of the founder members of BAFRA in 1984 and was our original Director of Operations. He was a hard-working member who, even when he had ceased active officiating, came back for a second period as Director of Operations for a period when the then incumbent had to step down. He was one of the first people to be awarded honorary membership of BAFRA and kept an active interest in the progress of our organisation.

Alan was a player with Strathclyde Sheriffs for a short time before becoming a coach at youth, junior and senior level with Glasgow Tigers. He joined BAFRA in 2011 and was one of our most active, popular and respected officials earning the affectionate nickname of Papa Smurf. Alan officiated the Scottish Junior final only a few days before his passing.

In their different ways, both Colin and Alan have contributed hugely to the development of American Football in Britain. Comments on social media and to the Directors have showed the high esteem in which both were held, not only by fellow BAFRA members but much more widely in the football community and beyond.

We are all enriched by having known them and diminished by their passing.

Paul Sutton


Due to the final NFL International Series Game being played on 1st November almost all games (eighteen) in Week 1 of the College Season will be played on Saturday 31st October. As a number of officials will be unavailable due to their participation in the Wembley game it is really important that as many active officials as possible make themselves available for a game on the Saturday. This will enable us to cover the vast majority of these games.

We want to assign officials to these games next week so please update Arbiter now so that we have an accurate record of who is available. If you are not available and see that you have a game pending and have not amended Arbiter then you must inform us straight away. However we hope all officials will amend Arbiter to accurately reflect their availability to avoid this situation.

As in previous years, if any official is coming to London for the NFL Game (Kansas/Detroit) and wants a game on the Saturday, away from their usual area, let BAFRA Operations know immediately.

Thanks for your co-operation with this.

Ricard Vernon


The membership renewal notices have now all been sent out by e-mail. If you have not received yours, please contact me. All of the renewal details are on the form but, if you have any queries, please get in touch. Membership renewals should be made as soon as possible with those being made before 1st November being at a lower rate. Members will be pleased to note that yet again this year there is no rise in membership fees. However, if you anticipate any difficulty in paying, you should contact Charles Young, Director of Finance at and arrange a payment plan with him. This will, of course, be in strict confidence. Accompanying the renewal notice, the Directors are again conducting a survey of the membership. It is requested that you return your survey with your renewal.

I have already (30th September) received 25 renewals and all are acknowledged when received. If you have sent yours and not received an acknowledgement please contact me. I will, from next week publish lists of 2016 members in Newsflash.

Finally, in the unlikely event that you are not planning to renew your membership, it would be helpful if you would let me know (if possible with your reason(s) for not renewing).

Paul Sutton


The list has been updated to reflect the recent bowls and is available in the member’s area of the website at: There are some gaps in information from the early years (and in one or two places for more recent bowls). If anyone is able to provide any further information, please contact me.

Paul Sutton









New this week – none

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New this week

Flag Finals - Doncaster

Upon arrival the artificial turf field was found to be unplayable and the stadium pitches were unavailable until much later than planned. Plaudits to game management, the teams and officials for arranging and agreeing a new schedule at short notice that allowed the games to progress, although with a much later finish than originally envisioned.

Tim Ockendon #481


Outstanding items from previous weeks – none



New this week

Play: Team A scores a touchdown to make the score A35-B37. Eight seconds remain in the fourth quarter. On the 2 point try, QB A17 is hit on Team B's 9 yard line as his arm comes forward attempting to make a forward pass. A17 catches this own pass at the Team B 7 yard line and immediately throws a completed forward pass from that location to A88 who is in Team B's end zone. Ruling?

Last week

Play: Team A's punt is first touched by A80, then picked up by B40, who runs five yards and fumbles. A20 picks up the fumble and scores. During A20's run, B70 holds. Ruling?

Ruling: Five and 10 yard penalties are not administered on the try. Team B's foul is declined by rule. The ball belongs to Team B at the spot of the illegal touching. AR-6-3-2-III.


New this week

Game Situation: Team A attempt a field goal from the B15. Which official has responsibility for covering the crossbar on the goals posts? It is a 5 man crew.
Answer next issue...

Last week

Play: Name the 6 actions that constitute Defensive Pass Interference.
Answer: i) Not playing the ball, ii) Playing through an opponent iii) Grabbing an arm iv) Arm Bar v) Cut Off vi) Hook and Turn (M-3-3-8-a)




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October 4th (Sun)

Dolphins v Jets @ Wembley

October 24th (Sat)

Opal Series Round 1

October 25th (Sun)

Bills v Jaguars @ Wembley

October 31st (Sat)

BUCS season begins

November 1st (Sun)

Lions v Chiefs @ Wembley

November 7th (Sat)

Opal Series Round 2

November 14th (Sat)

BAFRA Board Meeting

November 21st (Sat)

Opal Series Round 3

December 5th (Sat)

Opal Series Final

February 16th (Sat)

BAFRA Board Meeting

April 2nd and 3rd

BAFRA Annual Convention

May 7th (Sat)

BAFRA Board Meeting

July 23rd (Sat)

BAFRA Board Meeting

19th November (Sat)

BAFRA Board Meeting

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