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Issue: 34/15

24th September 2015


The next Elite training clinic will be held at Ramada Birmingham Solihull ( which is immediately off Junction 5 of the M42, this Sunday the 27th September 2015. All Elite programme members are expected to attend or send their apologies. Numbers are limited so please register by emailing me.

Ben Griffiths



The membership renewal notices are being sent out this week. All members should receive a renewal form to their e-mail address by Saturday evening this week. If you have not received yours by then, please contact me. All of the renewal details are on the form but, if you have any queries, please get in touch

Membership renewals should be made as soon as possible with those being made before 1st November being at a lower rate. Members will be pleased to note that yet again this year there is no rise in membership fees. However, if you anticipate any difficulty in paying, you should contact Charles Young, Director of Finance at and arrange a payment plan with him. This will, of course, be in strict confidence. Accompanying the renewal notice, the Directors are again conducting a survey of the membership. It is requested that you return your survey with your renewal.

Finally, in the unlikely event that you are not planning to renew your membership, it would be helpful if you would let me know (if possible with your reason(s) for not renewing).

Paul Sutton


All those who have registered for electronic banking will have been paid any outstanding game fees and expenses. Cheques for those who haven't registered will be sent out by Friday. Please pay these in by Tuesday if possible.

I would appreciate it if you will register before university season as this will speed payment, cut costs and simplify administration.

Charlie Dean Young









New this week – none

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New this week

Berkshire Renegades

Game delayed by 30min due to the away team, several home team players, game management and one official held up in traffic. One ball boy changed at half time. Changing room small with no coat hooks. Excellently marked field.

Ellis Bowyer


Outstanding items from previous weeks – none



New this week

Play: Team A's punt is first touched by A80, then picked up by B40, who runs five yards and fumbles. A20 picks up the fumble and scores. During A20's run, B70 holds. Ruling?

Last week

Play: With the score tied and 1 second remaining in the game, a kickoff from the A30 lands at Team B's 25 yard line and rolls to the Team B 15 yard line where B33 recovers and runs to the Team A 40 yard line, where he is tackled. During B33's run, A54 blocked below the waist at midfield and B50 held an opponent at the Team B 31 yard line. Time expired during the runback. Ruling?

Ruling: Team A and Team B commit live ball fouls during the free kick down. Team B's foul occurs after a change of team possession. There several possibilities to consider. The period would be extended if Team B accepts offsetting fouls, in which case we would re-kick (3-2-3-a). However since there is now no time left on the clock, Team A would only need to kick the ball a very short distance and immediately pick up the ball to end the game (since Team A possessing their own kick is a violation that causes the down to end, not a penalty, 6-1-3-b). The period would also be extended if Team B decline the penalty for Team A's foul and Team A accept the penalty for the Team B foul (10-1-4). However this will give Team B the ball with 0 seconds on the clock and one last shot at the end zone. Instead, Team A can decline the penalty for Team B's foul and the game would end.

Still following? Team B will accept offsetting penalties and hope that Team A manage to mess up the re-kick.


New this week

Game Situation: Name the 6 actions that constitute Defensive Pass Interference.
Answer next issue...

Last week

Play: During a measurement, when is it necessary for a new ball to be brought on to the field? Which official has responsibility for doing this?
Answer: During a measurement in a side zone either the Linejudge (4 & 5 man crews) or the Fieldjudge (6 & 7 man crews) have responsibility for bringing a new ball on to the field. M-18-9.




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October 4th (Sun)

Dolphins v Jets @ Wembley

October 24th (Sat)

Opal Series Round 1

October 25th (Sun)

Bills v Jaguars @ Wembley

October 31st (Sat)

BUCS season begins

November 1st (Sun)

Lions v Chiefs @ Wembley

November 7th (Sat)

Opal Series Round 2

November 14th (Sat)

BAFRA Board Meeting

November 21st (Sat)

Opal Series Round 3

December 5th (Sat)

Opal Series Final

February 16th (Sat)

BAFRA Board Meeting

April 2nd and 3rd

BAFRA Annual Convention

May 7th (Sat)

BAFRA Board Meeting

July 23rd (Sat)

BAFRA Board Meeting

19th November (Sat)

BAFRA Board Meeting

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