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Issue: 31/15

27th August 2015


The next Elite training clinic will be held at Ramada Birmingham Solihull ( which is immediately off Junction 5 of the M42, on Sunday 27th September 2015. All Elite programme members are expected to attend or send their apologies. Numbers are limited so please register by emailing me.

Ben Griffiths



Over the weekend all expense cheques up to end of regular season have been posted. The following games have been paid:

Bristol, Kent, Newcastle, EKP, Manchester and elite games.

The following members have been paid electronically:

T Ockendon, P Parsons, R Vernon, D Parsons, A Wilson

Hopefully Roger Brown will be in a position shortly to assist with putting in members accounts so we can get started with going electronic. I am on holiday 30th August till 15th September, any queries will be dealt with by Roger and any payments will come from him.

Charlie Dean Young


Two separate BAFA Appeal Committees have ruled in recent cases.

Wembley Stallions appealed against two fixed penalties issued after their game against Essex Spartans on 1st August 2015. Brett Parnham was disqualified having committed two unsportsmanlike conduct fouls. They contended that he had only one. Based on evidence from officials' statements and game data cards, the appeal was denied. Assistant Coach Haider Kassem was ordered removed from playing enclosure for running onto the field and confronting opponents. Wembley claimed that this was a case of mistaken identity and that the culprit was in fact Tristam Cools-Lartigue, an injured player. This appeal was upheld after the officials identified him in a photographic identity parade. Mr Kassem is therefore cleared, but Mr Cools-Lartigue suspended in his stead. His is a game day suspension.

In a separate case, an appeal was made by Chester Romans against the severity of the penalty imposed on their player Ashley Wainwright, who was disqualified from a game on 2nd August against Shropshire Revolution. Having reviewed film of the incident, the Committee upheld the disqualification and found no grounds to vary the penalty. Mr Wainwright is therefore suspended from his next game.

Thanks to everyone who provided evidence for these cases.

Jim Briggs


Congratulations to Krister Halvorsen on completing all of the requirements necessary to become Qualified. Thanks to Jed Brookes-Lewis and all those who are helping with Krister‘s training.

Pete Thom









New this week

Corey Walrond


London Hornets



Player was flagged for taunting then swore extremely loudly directly at the official who called an unsportsmanlike foul.


Darren Gregory


Ouse Valley Eagles



Player used foul and abusive language towards an official at the end of the game.


Stuart Cribbes


Oxford Saints



First UNS was called by BJ for persistent dissent. Second UNS called by R for a dead-ball shove.


Tobias May


Cornish Sharks



Player lead with the crown of his helmet into a player on the ground after they play


Gillon Lockett


Cornish Sharks



In retaliation to foul and abusive language from a ball person who squared up to the player, he used his helmet as a weapon to strike the ball person


Nicholas Barker


Bury Saints



The player (who appeared on the roster as Injured) whilst acting as ball person on the away team side line squared up to an opposing player and used foul and abusive language. The ball person had to be restrained upon being struck with a helmet. The ball person was replaced and removed from the playing enclosure.

06/09/15 v Sussex Thunder

Brandon Faison


Bury Saints



The player ran from his bench to join a fight on the opposite sideline. The player had to be restrained from fighting with opposing players and coaches.

06/09/15 v Sussex Thunder

Previous weeks

Liban Isse


Birmingham Lions Youth



Player grabbed an official, then removed his helmet and threw it to the ground.

30/08/15 v Manchester Titans





New this week

Manchester Titans

The 90yd field was marked in blue as usual with 1 PAT mark at the 1yd line and the other at the 6yd line, the following lines were missing: 9 yard marks, limit lines. The 3 game balls that were presented were under-inflated but this was rectified prior to KO.

Chris Jarvis #10

06/09/15 v Peterborough Saxons

East Kilbride Pirates

Instead on the nine yard marks being 12 inches long, they ran from goal line to goal line, as the same marks are also used from the Sideline in Junior Football

Ben Griffiths #228


Bury Saints

During the fourth quarter one of the ball persons was replaced as the person in question had seeked an altercation with an away team player and was consistently using foul and abusive language towards said player

Lee Wood #517

06/09/15 v Sussex Thunder

Bristol Apache

The field is generally well marked out. However the team areas were only marked out between the 35 yard lines - sets of cones were used to extend these to the 25 yard lines. There was no line separating the coaches and players areas. The limit lines were marked too close to the field, and there were no 9 yard marks or numbers. One change was made to the chain crew at half time.

Amir Brooks #593


Kent Exiles

Game kicked off 5 minutes late as it was believed that the minimum medical requirements were not met as the paramedic was stuck in traffic. After speaking further with the registered physio who was present it was determined that they had all the required equipment with them for the game to start.

Phil Clarke #262

06/09/15 v Bristol Apache

Outstanding items from previous weeks

London Blitz Youth

Prior to the game it was noticed that two of the main lines were incomplete and one set of hash marks were incomplete from the 12 to the 30, however these faults were rectified prior to kickoff. There was no coaching line marked, so the team area line was used as the coaching line.

Peter Parsons #321

30/08/15 v South London Renegades



New this week

Play: A's ball on team A's 35 yard line, free kick. B47 muffs the free kick. The loose ball is on team B's 8 yard line when A87 falls on the ball with his foot touching the sideline on team B's 7 yard line.

Last week

Play: 4th and 4 on Team B's 44 yard line. QB A18 runs the option with trailing back A33 in position to receive the backwards pass. A18 is about to get tackled on the Team B 42 yard line ahead of the line of scrimmage when he pitches the ball backward. A33 catches the ball on Team B's 46 yard ine behind the line of scrimmage and immediately punts the ball. The ball rolls out of bounds on Team B's 4 yard line. Ruling?

Ruling: Team B's ball, 1st and 10 at the Team B 4 yard line. The ball was legally kicked from behind the neutral zone. It is legal for a player to punt the ball from behind the neutral zone after a ball carrier has gone beyond the neutral zone. If A33 had thorwn a forward pass, it would be an illegal forward pass since a ball carrier had previously carried the ball beyond the neutral zone.


New this week

Game Situation: At the end of a free kick play, which officials should signal to stop the clock (S3)? It is a 7 man crew.

Answer next issue...

Last week

Play: 1st and 10 at the A40, team A run an option play. While under pressure at the A35 quarterback A3 throws a backwards pass to A20, who muffs the ball at the A30. The ball then bounces on the ground and goes out of bounds at the A32. How should the covering officials make use bean bags to indicate spots of interest in this play?
Answer: A covering official should not use beanbags to mark the spot of any backward pass or muff in the backfield M-21-2-f. This is because possible enforcement spots include the previous spot or the spot of the foul, but not the end of the related run. Since the ball went out of bounds following a backward pass, the ball will next be put in play by team A at the A32, 2nd and 18. (7-2-4-a)




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