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Issue: 29/15

7th August 2015


Thanks to everyone who contributed to this year’s Charity Weekend. Between you, you raised £1640 for Cancer Research UK which is the highest amount ever raised over one of our weekends. Well done and a big thank you to all who so generously contributed.

Paul Sutton


The notes from the July Board meeting are now available in the members’ area of the website at:

Paul Sutton


I would like to publicly thank BAFRA's Lee Taylor. This season I became team photographer at Carlisle and whenever I have had a question or two about a decision just out of interest Lee and other referees have taken the time to explain the decision to me and others on the sideline. This official is without doubt a prized asset. I would also like to thank all officials for the time and effort this past year in coming to Carlisle and making sure our games went ahead.

James McBride

Team Photographer – Carlisle Sentinels


As we reach playoff time please note that only Kent Exiles (both teams) and Newcastle Vikings have prepaid so far. West Coast will be paying on the day. Any team who claims to have prepaid must contact me on 07736180163.

I have paid the following games from last weekend:

Lancashire x2, Crewe, East Kilbride, West Coast, Oxford, Birmingham

If you are on a double header can one official book both games onto request for payment if required so as I only have to issue one cheque. This applies if one crew does both games.

Please remember to cash cheques by 20th September.

Charlie Dean Young









New this week

Tom Atkinson


Walney Terriers



Player lowered his head into a tackle on the runner and hit him with the crown of his helmet in the facecage with an upwards thrust.

1st game of 2016 season

Simon Dunkerley


Shropshire Revolution



After a muffed snap had been clearly recovered by a grounded player, 96 piled on and then struck an opposing player.

1st two games of 2016 season

Joanthan Plahar


London Hornets



The player leapt at a defenceless quarterback significantly after the pass had been thrown. Forcible contact was made to the head and neck area of the quarterback.

23/08/15 v Kent Exiles

Previous weeks

Sean Lewis


London Olympians



Player retaliated to being hit late out of bounds. The retaliation instigated unrest from a large number of players leading to 4 Unsportsmanlike Conduct penalties.

1 more game

Earl Perkins


Kent Exiles



Player lead with his shoulder to the head of an opposing defenceless receiver.

23/08/15 v London Hornets

Paul Cossu


Essex Spartans



After the play was complete, ripped an opponent's helmet off and punched him repeatedly.

1st game of 2016 season

Hamzah Khokhar


Wembley Stallions



After being punched by an opponent, reacted by throwing several punches.

23/08/15 v Bristol Apache

Haidar Kassem


Wembley Stallions



While the above fight was occurring on the field, the coach rushed onto the field and went face to face with several opposing players in a confrontational way.

23/08/15 v Bristol Apache

Brett Parnham


Wembley Stallions



Player was disqualified for his 2nd unsportsmanlike like foul – taunting the opposition on both occasions.

23/08/15 v Bristol Apache





New this week

Carlisle Sentinels

80 yd field. Otherwise well-marked. Presented with 3 balls by home-team about an hour before KO, only one of which was at legal pressure. After attempting to inflate one of the balls it was clear that there was a fault and it would not be possible to use it during the game. Asked for a replacement and were presented with a very worn ball. Away team offered one of theirs instead which was much more acceptable and so we used that. Aside from this issue, many thanks to Carlisle for another hugely welcoming experience involving extravagant refreshments (again!) and generally high standard of game management.

Stuart Young #33


Lincolnshire Bombers

The 90 yards field only has 7 yard endzones due to the proximity of the outer fence to the end line, therefore the soccer white line is used to mark the back of the endzones. Both sets of goal posts were attached to soccer goal posts which were all well padded but had netting still in place; this made the assessing of the PATs very difficult for the official concerned as he was positioned within the posts looking through the netting.

The field is marked in Red and has the following lines missing: 9 yard Marks, limit lines and Coaches and Players area were marked with small plastic cones.

The changing room is very small and was full of equipment and rubbish that had to be cleared by the officials before use. Plaudits go to both teams who played the game with good spirit.

Chris Jarvis #10


Crewe Railroaders

90 yard field well-marked. Big thanks to Crewe Railroaders for terrific game management and field throughout the season.

Aminul Hassan #534


Doncaster Mustangs

No limit lines, 9-yard marks or 3-yard marks. Hash marks in centre field didn't always line up with sideline hashes and these in turn weren't always a yard apart, making spotting the ball more difficult than it should have been.

David Hewitt #607


London Olympians

Game played on a field marked inside a Gaelic football field and the 100 yard field placed from one set of goal posts - This means that at one end the goal posts are on the end line and the other end they are 20 plus yards behind the end line. Game was played with all offensive plays towards the one correctly-positioned goal. Field was marked with NFL style hash marks. Chain crew and ball boys supplied after the agreed KO (on a KO time already rescheduled by 30 minutes because of the youth game) this delayed the KO by a further 10 minutes. Field is marked in blue with no 9 yard marks, no team areas and no coaches boxes. Balls were of the correct pressure but were not nearly new. Chain crew were better than in the youth game (below) but still slow and disinterested and the Ball Boys were a challenge.

David Knight #135


Sussex Thunder

Well marked 90 yard field, that had some small divots that were rectified prior to kick off by home team management. Game played in good spirits by all involved. Portsmouth informed me that they raised nearly £3500 from their charity game and event last week and they would like to thank all who donated to their cause.

Phil Hume #52

23/08/15 v Oxford Saints

London Hornets

Field was marked with blue lines with white rugby markings. Field was also in meters not yards. As such the chains (which were 10 yards) were used as the sole arbiter.

Lee Wood #517


Birmingham Bulls

The game was played on the Gaelic football field that has used for previous games. However, the portable rugby posts that have been used for previous games weren't available for this one, meaning that even with a full length 100 yard field, one set of goals was situated some 20 yards off the end line. With the agreement of both head coaches, the game was played using one-goal mechanics.

The field markings were very clear - however the pale blue football markings were alongside white Gaelic football markings.

Amir Brooks #593


Buckinghamshire Wolves

Field had 110 yards between the goal posts and was marked as a 100 yard field with two 5 yard endzones, so the goal lines were relocated to give a 90 yard field with two 10 yard endzones. There were no coaching boxes or team areas, no limit lines, no numbers or 9-yard marks. The kickoff was delayed by 15 minutes while necessary repairs were made to the field surface.

Peter Parsons #321


South London Renegades

Changing rooms were not locked during game so bags were locked in cars. Chain crew and Ball boys supplied really late and chain crew were not interested. Field marked with NFL hash marks and although the field was 100 yards long it is marked onto a Gaelic football field which is much longer than 100 yards. This place one set of goals on the end line but the goals the other end are 20 yards plus behind the other end line - Game was played so the offence were always towards the goals placed on the end line.

David Knight #135


Outstanding items from previous weeks – none



New this week

Play: 4th and 4 on Team B's 44 yard line. QB A18 runs the option with trailing back A33 in position to receive the backwards pass. A18 is about to get tackled on the Team B 42 yard line ahead of the line of scrimmage when he pitches the ball backward. A33 catches the ball on Team B's 46 yard ine behind the line of scrimmage and immediately punts the ball. The ball rolls out of bounds on Team B's 4 yard line. Ruling?

Last week

Play: Team A’s ball, 4th and 10 from A’s 30. A10 punts, and the ball bounces on B’s 34, after which B10 gives a “get away” waving signal below the waist. At B’s 30, A50 jumps and bats the ball towards Team A’s goal line. The ball is recovered by B10 at B’s 22, who runs to A’s 25 and falls down.

Ruling: Team A’s ball, 4th and 10 from A’s 30. A10 punts, and the ball bounces on B’s 34, after which B10 gives a “get away” waving signal below the waist. At B’s 30, A50 jumps and bats the ball towards Team A’s goal line. The ball is recovered by B10 at B’s 22, who runs to A’s 25 and falls down.


New this week

Game Situation: On a normal scrimmage down team A line up in an I-formation with 5 linemen numbered 50 through 79, and 3 receivers. A wide and a slot receiver line up on the Line Judge's side of the field. The wide receiver signals to the Line Judge that he is on the line, the slot receiver makes no signal to the official and it is not clear if he is lined up on or off the line of scrimmage. Team A run a pass play, all receivers run patterns more than 3 yards down field and the QB throws a legal forward pass beyond the line of scrimmage. Ruling?
Answer next issue...

Last week

Play: 1st and goal on team B's 9 yard line. How should the Back Judge position himself and then move to ensure the best possible coverage of the developing play?
Answer: M-12-5-b. When the ball is snapped between the 7 and the 15 yard line the Back Judge should position himself in the end zone and be prepared to move to the goal line; unless a pass into the end zone develops, in which case he should move to cover the pass or whichever line (goal or end line) it is nearest.




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