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Issue: 20/15

12th June 2015


The BAFRA Selection Panel is pleased to announce that the following officials have been selected to serve for the next year on the BAFRA Elite Programme

Please join with the Panel and Directors in congratulating these officials on their appointment to the BAFRA Elite Programme.

Richard Vernon


This promises to be the busiest weekend of the Senior/Under 19 season. On Saturday 27th June there will be 5 games and on Sunday 28th June there will be 24 games.

8 of the Sunday games will form 4 Double-Headers. It is really important that as many officials as possible make themselves available and I also ask that officials try to be as flexible as possible with so many games to cover.

Your assistance with this demanding schedule of games is much appreciated.

Richard Vernon


The following games were paid this week:

Charlie Dean Young


The Ipswich Cardinals player disqualified on 31st May was Dave O'Connell, not Paul Borstel. There was a mix-up because of two players on the roster apparently with the same number, though in fact Mr Borstel wasn't playing in that game. Mr O'Connell has served his suspension and his fine has been paid.

On 7th June, Aaron Bunton (#31) of London Hornets was disqualified for targeting. London Hornets appealed this. After reviewing a video of the game, we have established that hit in question was shoulder to shoulder. The referee and calling official have therefore withdrawn the disqualification report and Mr Bunton is free to continue playing.

Coincidentally, this is the second time in only a month that Mr Bunton's has had a disqualification withdrawn. Obviously it is good that our review systems are in place and working well - it does show how good quality video can work to a team's advantage. It behoves us all though to strive to be 100% certain before we disqualify a player.

Jim Briggs


I will be on leave from Monday 8th June to Tuesday 16th June. Direct all enquires via the address where your enquiry will be dealt with.

Richard Vernon


Facebook - a whopping 93 new followers since we last reported. Mostly this comes from just asking and sharing the request on football interest groups. If there are any football interest groups you belong to on Facebook please feel free to share our posts with them.

You may also notice on our Facebook page has a button called "sign up". This takes users directly to the application form on the website. Do let anybody you talk to know about this feature as a way of reaching the right part of the website to apply.

Twitter - 11 new followers since we last reported. If you are on Twitter do pop over for a chat, your contribution really matters. Please tag @BAFRAofficial in your tweet and use hashtag #zebramode and #ukgridironref to share the conversation.

Both Twitter and Facebook feeds can now be found on the front page of the website.

Susannah Taylor (#335) and Sean Walsh (#458)









New this week

Josh Mehra


Gateshead Senators



Player was verbally abusive towards the officials and the officials assistants.

14/06/15 v Clyde Valley Blackhawks

Anton Sieluzycki


Swindon Storm



During an interception return the player committed a block below the waist, which was witnessed and flagged. Immediately after committing the first foul the same player got to his feet and committed a second, similar foul against an opponent well away from the ball.

28/06/15 v Torbay Trojans

Aaron Burton


London Hornets



Player was disqualified for targeting, however video evidence has since shown that the hit was shoulder-to-shoulder and therefore legal.

No suspension

Stealey J Wills


Farnham Knights



During a play which would have ended in a score, prior to crossing the goal line the player taunted an opponent. On finding that the score was nullified, he then removed his helmet and confronted the calling official. On being removed tom the team area he once again ran onto the field without his helmet to confront the official.

14/06/15 v Cambridgeshire Cats

Simon Dunkerley


Shropshire Revolution



Player committed a flagrant personal foul

05/07/15 v Doncaster Mustangs

Previous weeks

Graham Owens


Humber Warhawks



Player head-buted an opponent after the play had been blown dead.

21/06/15 v Leicester Falcons

Samuel Oldfield


Hastings Conquerors



Player launched himself at an opponent taking the player out away from the play.

14/06/15 v Bournemouth Bobcats

Ryan Barry


Bury Saints



During the fourth quarter after a play the player punched an opponent in the helmet.

14/06/15 v Essex Spartans





New this week

Ouse Valley Eagles

Game kicked off 15 minutes late at Farnham's request due to local traffic delays. Game delayed 1 hour in 3rd quarter while medics treated injured player

Brian Yates #29

14/06/15 v East Kent Mavericks

Staffordshire Surge

90-yard field, no 9-yard marks. Chains broke twice causing short delays. Changing rooms quite a distance from the field and officials changing room very small so it was necessary to use the home team's changing facilities after they had vacated. Otherwise, game management were attentive and helpful throughout.

Stuart Young #33

14/06/15 v Carlisle Sentinels

Gateshead Senators

No coat hooks in the changing room. The field is in the centre of an athletics track, this meant there were a few shotput holes to be filled in before the game. The home team provided three game balls before the game. The same three game balls that they have used for all of their home games this season. The game balls do not have white stripes. With five minutes remaining in the second quarter, the away team head coach made it clear that he had an issue with the game balls. It was agreed that we would review the situation at half time. At half time I spoke to both head coaches and they both presented three game balls each, complete with white stripes. We elected to use the game balls that were presented by the away team as they were in much better condition.

Dan Holt #371

14/06/15 v Clyde Valley Blackhawks

Kent Exiles Junior

Berkshire arrived with 15 players so were not able to play and therefore forfeit the game. A scrimmage was played instead which the crew covered with the understanding from both coaches that the score would not stand.

Ellis Bowyer #502


Kent Exiles

Well-marked 100-yard field just missing numbers/9-yard marks. Hashmarks and inbounds lines to short and too narrow and coaching line at incorrect distance. Several small trip hazards repaired by game management prior to KO. Excellent gameday experience provided to over 300 paying spectators.

Tim Ockendon #481

14/06/15 v Portsmouth Dreadnoughts

Solent Thrashers Juniors

Chain crew provided slightly late. Ball boys provided just before kickoff.

Jim Briggs #31


Cornish Sharks

Upon arrival the field was inspected and the hashmarks looked to be at 1/3rd intervals similar to High School fields. However, after basic measurement, the field was found to be approx 47yards wide only. Additional hashmarks were added 20yards inbounds before the kickoff.

Goals were soccer goals with wooden poles extended upwards. Officials had to change in public changing rooms.

The kickoff was delayed due to a lack of ball-boys and last-minute briefing of chain-crew. Crew were paid cash but it was discovered (on their homeward journeys) that all officials were underpaid by £5 each.

Simon Ryan #408

18/07/15 v Oxford Saints

Outstanding items from previous weeks

Carlisle Sentinels

Field of play was only 80 yards in length. There were a couple of deep divots that were a trip hazard that had to be filled in before kick-off. Only four officials assistants were provided initially, kick was delayed by a couple of minutes until a fifth officials assistant could be provided.

Ben Griffiths #228

26/07/15 v Crewe Railroaders

Manchester Titans

90 yard field. Multicoloured lines (blue and white) make it difficult to distinguish goal and end lines. Field very sandy, making traction difficult at times

Mike Cavanagh #465

26/07/15 v Staffordshire Surge

Humber Warhawks

No limit lines. No 9 yard marks. Hash marks in the centre of the field didn't always line up with sideline hashes.

David Hewitt #607

21/06/15 v Leicester Falcons

London Blitz B

The field was uneven and bare in patches. Also there were considerable amounts of goose excrement in three areas of the pitch that were removed by game management prior to KO.

Tim Ockendon #481

14/06/15 v Wembley Stallions

Lancashire Wolverines

Excellent pitch markings even included chain clip reference marks on both sides of the field.

Ben Griffiths #228

14/06/15 v Yorkshire Rams

Hastings Conquerors

Field was marked with NFL hash marks, ball was placed on the outside of these hash marks. Balls supplied were the incorrect pressure and had to be inflated.

Dave Knight #135

21/06/15 v Sussex Thunder

East Kilbride Pirates

Field marked in red, doubles as Youth field, so 9 yard marks are actually the sideline for the youth field. Otherwise, excellent game management, and a superb day had by all.

Mike Cavanagh #465

28/06/15 v Birmingham Bulls



New this week

Play: Team A kick off at the start of the second half from their own 35 yard line. They attempt a quick onside kick. The ball only travels 5 yards and sticks in the mud. Neither player from either team tries to recover the ball, no do any players attempt to throw any blocks. Ruling?

Last week

Play: With less than 1 minute left in the game, 1st and 10 for Team A at Team B’s 20-yard line. Team A are in hurry up offense. Before the ball is made ready-for-play, the ball is snapped. Ruling?

Ruling: 1st and 10 for Team A at the Team B 25 yard line. Snapping the ball before it is ready for play is a foul (4-1-4). Since the line to gain for a new series is not established until the ball is made ready for play (5-1-2-b), moving the ball back 5 yards for the foul does not result in a 1st and 15 for team A, since the line to gain has not yet been established.


New this week

Game Situation: During a timeout, the Head Coach from the Head Linesman's sideline calls his team over and stands on the field 5 yards from sideline talking to them in a huddle. How should the Head Linesman react to the Head Coach being on the field?
Answer next issue...

Last week

Play: On a free kick play, at the moment of the kick A89 player is leaning across the team A restraining line at the A30. A89's feet are firmly behind the A30. The kick off goes deep. Ruling?
Answer: Although officials should treat the restraining line at a free kick as a plane (M-3-6-5-a), there is no need to be too technical about calling offsides when the kick goes deep (M-3-6-5-c). No foul.




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