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Issue: 19/15

5th June 2015


Now that the Annual Examination is complete the process of selecting the 21 members of the BEP can commence. Should you wish to be considered then you must apply in writing to the Director of Operations at Applications will be accepted immediately and the closing date is Friday 5th June 2015.

Applications will only be considered from Qualified BAFRA members who meet specific criteria. Full details of the criteria can be found in the Elite Programme Policy in Section 7 of the Members Handbook. Details of the next Elite Training Day will be confirmed very shortly. Also, as part of the criteria includes your rating on the Selection Spreadsheet, which must be 80% or above, I would also recommend you read the Scheduling and Selection Policy which can be found in Section 6 of the Members Handbook.

If it is your intention to apply then I would recommend that you read the document in full. If you are considering applying and would like an informal discussion please contact either me or Ben Griffiths who is the BEP Co-ordinator.

Richard Vernon


It is with sadness that I report that I have just received word that former member, Vikki Slavin, passed away last November. Whilst she had been ill for some time, it still comes as a shock to hear this about someone who was still in her 40s. For a short time in the early part of the last decade she was one of my predecessors as General Secretary. Our sympathies go to her two children and her family and friends.

Paul Sutton


Where there are double-headers, will the referee please ensure that Game Management Audit is submitted for each game.

Paul Sutton


As has previously been reported, members have again chosen Cancer Research UK as our charity for 2015. Money will be raised on the weekend of 27th and 28th June from members who choose to donate some or all of their game fee to this worthy cause. More details will appear in Newsflash nearer the time.

Paul Sutton


The following games have been paid this week:

Bristol Apache are now prepaid.

We are awaiting Board approval for Internet banking, this has delayed our trial, so please be aware that expenses will paid this month but as this is 50+ cheques payment will be made in batches, so you may get them at different times to other members. Unfortunately it takes at least 10 mins to write sign and address each payment, so only a few are done each day. Once internet banking is introduced hopefully this time will be a lot less. Roger Brown is working on the system and hopefully will be able to update in July.

Only two teams owe us money from the university season, Northampton and Coventry. This is a good result and theses teams will be required to pay before any coverage is allowed next season.

Charlie Dean Young


As I stated at the Convention once the exam process is completed all BAFRA officials can find out their current rating on the Selection Spreadsheet. Over 20 officials have already taken advantage of this.

If you want this information, please send an email to and I will come back to you with a detailed breakdown of your scores in all areas that are graded.

Richard Vernon


In addition to the events below there will be tournaments at Woodham and Cobham on 20th June and Norwich on 27th June. I can provide more details on request about these.

There will also be the London Blitz Flag tournament - it is now on the 13th June. Held at Finsbury Park from 10:30 (kick off) till around 5pm. They anticipate 3/4 games will be played at one time throughout the day. We still need 1 or 2 volunteers for this Saturday's tournament at Leicester.

Richard Vernon


A BAFA Disciplinary Committee has found Durham Saints and some of their personnel guilty of bringing the game into disrepute. The case relates to events at a playoff game on 8th March.

The club, their announcer David Kirk and their player/coach Palmer Foster have been warned as to their future conduct. Player Nick Lennox, who was already serving a suspension for a disqualification from an earlier game, was fined £50 and suspended for 2 further matches. Head Coach Lee Sample was fined £40 and given a game day suspension for 1 game for two breaches of the BAFCA Code of Ethics.

Jim Briggs


I will be on leave from Monday 8th June to Tuesday 16th June. Direct all enquires via the address where your enquiry will be dealt with.

Richard Vernon


Facebook – 16 new followers since we last reported. This week's "know your ref" was Kevin Stanton and we also added a Throwback Thursday feature which blew the post reach out of the water, reaching more than 5000. It would seem that we all love nothing more than a lol over moustachioed pals in knickers. If you have old snaps you want to share please forward them to us by email or PM with any details you have of the photographer.

Twitter – 11 new followers since we last reported and content reaching over 7000. This week we introduced a couple of hashtags - #zebramode and #ukgridironref. If you are on Twitter do pop over for a chat and use the hashtag along with tagging @bafraofficial - especially on game day.

If you have any suggestions on what we can include in features and updates do let us know by email or start the conversation online.

Susannah Taylor (#335) and Sean Walsh (#458)


Congratulations to Lee Johnson on completing all of the requirements necessary to become Qualified. Thanks to Mike Cavanagh and all those who are helping with Lee‘s training.

Pete Thom









New this week

Samuel Oldfield


Hastings Conquerors



Player launched himself at an opponent taking the player out away from the play.

14/06/15 v Bournemouth Bobcats

Alasdair Jarvis


Shropshire Revolution



Player head-butted an opponent.

07/06/15 v Nottingham Cesars

Graham Owens


Humber Warhawks



Player head-buted an opponent after the play had been blown dead.

21/06/15 v Leicester Falcons

Paul Borstel


Ipswich Cardinals



During the first quarter during a play the player punched an opponent in the abdomen.

07/06/15 v London Hornets

Ryan Barry


Bury Saints



During the fourth quarter after a play the player punched an opponent in the helmet.

14/06/15 v Essex Spartans

Previous weeks

JJ Crawford


Glasgow Tigers



Player led with the crown of the helmet and made forcible contact with an opponent's helmet while making blind-side block on interception return.

07/06/15 v Newcastle Vikings

Julian Tovar


Hertfordshire Cheetahs



Player was seen to head-butt an opponent. This is this player's second ejection in a calendar year, he is therefore suspended for two games.

07/06/15 v Colchester Gladiators





New this week

Carlisle Sentinels

Field of play was only 80 yards in length. There were a couple of deep divots that were a trip hazard that had to be filled in before kick-off. Only four officials assistants were provided initially, kick was delayed by a couple of minutes until a fifth officials assistant could be provided.

Ben Griffiths #228

26/07/15 v Crewe Railroaders

Manchester Titans

90 yard field. Multicoloured lines (blue and white) make it difficult to distinguish goal and end lines. Field very sandy, making traction difficult at times

Mike Cavanagh #465

26/07/15 v Staffordshire Surge

Humber Warhawks

No limit lines. No 9 yard marks. Hash marks in the centre of the field didn't always line up with sideline hashes.

David Hewitt #607

21/06/15 v Leicester Falcons

London Blitz B

The field was uneven and bare in patches. Also there were considerable amounts of goose excrement in three areas of the pitch that were removed by game management prior to KO.

Tim Ockendon #481

14/06/15 v Wembley Stallions

Hertfordshire Cheetahs

No nine yard marks or numbers. No limit lines. Changing rooms not lockable nor suitable for a 5-man crew so the crew moved into one of the team's changing rooms once it was vacated.

Pete Parsons #321

07/06/15 v Colchester Gladiators

Hastings Conquerors

Field was marked with NFL hash marks, ball was placed on the outside of these hash marks. Balls supplied were the incorrect pressure and had to be inflated.

Dave Knight #135

21/06/15 v Sussex Thunder

Outstanding items from previous weeks

Lancashire Wolverines

Excellent pitch markings even included chain clip reference marks on both sides of the field.

Ben Griffiths #228

14/06/15 v Yorkshire Rams

Newcastle Vikings

NFL Style hash-marks. Otherwise excellently marked 4G field. one change of chain crew personnel in 1st half. With 59 seconds remaining in the game and Newcastle in possession with a large lead, there was a significant injury to an Aberdeen player. Expecting this to take a while to handle both teams agreed to call the game with the score final.

Stuart Young #33

07/06/15 v Glasgow Tigers

East Kilbride Pirates

Field marked in red, doubles as Youth field, so 9 yard marks are actually the sideline for the youth field. Otherwise, excellent game management, and a superb day had by all.

Mike Cavanagh #465

28/06/15 v Birmingham Bulls



New this week

Play: With less than 1 minute left in the game, 1st and 10 for Team A at Team B’s 20-yard line. Team A are in hurry up offense. Before the ball is made ready-for-play, the ball is snapped. Ruling?

Last week

Play: Team A has no timeouts left. After the ball is dead, B40 charges into A60 at the waist, knocking him to the ground. As A60 hits the ground his helmet comes off. Ruling? Does A60 have to leave the field? (This was Q64 on this year's BAFRA exam)

Ruling: Dead-ball foul by B40, 15-yard penalty from the succeeding spot. A60 must leave the game for the next down as his helmet came because he hit the ground, and not as a direct result of a foul to his helmet foul. A60 may remain in the game if Team A take a timeout. AR 3-3-9-I


New this week

Game Situation: On a free kick play, at the moment of the kick A89 player is leaning across the team A restraining line at the A30. A89's feet are firmly behind the A30. The kick off goes deep. Ruling?
Answer next issue...

Last week

Play: A34 is leaving the field as part of a substitution. The player is 6 yards from his sideline when he removes his helmet, he then walks slowly into his team area. Ruling?
Answer: M-5-3-4. Players who unthinkingly remove their helmets on the field of play should not be penalised unless they are (i) directing anger or criticism at an opponent or an official; or (ii) celebrating. A player removing their helmet in the vicinity of the sideline just prior to entering the team area should be ignored.




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