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Issue: 16/15

14th May 2015


Now that the Annual Examination is complete the process of selecting the 21 members of the BEP can commence. Should you wish to be considered then you must apply in writing to the Director of Operations at Applications will be accepted immediately and the closing date is Friday 5th June 2015.

Applications will only be considered from Qualified BAFRA members who meet specific criteria. Full details of the criteria can be found in the Elite Programme Policy in Section 7 of the Members Handbook. Details of the next Elite Training Day will be confirmed very shortly.

Also, as part of the criteria includes your rating on the Selection Spreadsheet, which must be 80% or above, I would also recommend you read the Scheduling and Selection Policy which can be found in Section 6 of the Members Handbook. If you wish to know your current rating on the Selection Spreadsheet before making your decision on whether or not to apply, please send an email to and I will come back to you very quickly with a detailed breakdown of your scores.

If it is your intention to apply then I would recommend that you read the document in full. If you are considering applying and would like an informal discussion please contact either me or Ben Griffiths who is the BEP Co-ordinator.

Richard Vernon


I have sent out all expenses for members owed more than £10. These are all dated the 9th or 10th May, and the games covered are on the back. The following teams were paid out for:

I have also sent out all game fees up to last weekend. I have now found my printer so in future you will either get a print out or the details will be on the back. If anybody has a query with regard to payment received please email me. The list of teams that are prepaid is as follows:

All other teams should pay on the day.

Charlie Dean Young


These are taking place at:

Volunteer officials to cover these tournaments have been requested by these teams, so if you are able to help at any of these please get in touch with me and I will provide full details. NOTE Essex need one official only as one team have dropped out although more would be appreciated

Richard Vernon


There is a wealth of information available to members in the Members’ Handbook which is available on the BAFRA website at Amongst other things, it has a list of who does what so you know who to contact for different things, details of training and selection processes and a full list of all BAFRA policies and procedures. In particular, the Board has asked me to remind people about the Social Media Guidance which may be found as menu item 13 in the Handbook. All members should take the opportunity to periodically acquaint themselves with the contents of the Handbook and use it as the first point of reference for information.

Paul Sutton


Several officials have commented on the large number of games being played in North West (3) and North East (4) Yorkshire (2) on this date. All available officials have been assigned a game (s) however if any official currently showing not available on Arbiter becomes available please let us know immediately.

There are only 2 games in the London/South area on this date so many officials based in there have not been assigned a game.

Richard Vernon


This will be the busiest day of the season so far. We have 25 games scheduled, including 5 (x2) Double Headers. Please try to make yourself available on this date as we really want to cover every game

Richard Vernon


On 3rd May, Aaron Bunton (#31) of London Hornets was disqualified for having committed a second unsportsmanlike conduct foul. London Hornets appealed this. After reviewing a video of the game, we have established that the first unsportsmanlike conduct foul should have been attributed to the opponent's #31 but it was misrecorded by the calling officials. The referee has therefore withdrawn the disqualification report and Mr Bunton is free to continue playing.

This case underlines the importance of keeping good records on the field. Mechanics Manual 5.12.1 states that ALL officials should record all players penalised for unsportsmanlike conduct. It is essential that they confirm with the original calling official both the jersey number and team of the player(s) involved. Getting the correct player and team is especially important when (as in this case) the foul was part of offsetting fouls.

Jim Briggs


We are looking for volunteers to cover the very first university league flag championships. We can confirm they will be taking part on Saturday 30th May 2015, slightly later than we originally hoped, but still hoping for a great day. The tournament will be held at

Wooldale Centre for learning

Wooldale Road,




Changing rooms will be available from 10am. The first round of games will take place at 11am, the event will end no later than 4pm. We have received interest from 21 universities, so will holding around Robin games, followed by ranking final games. If you have any further questions feel free to fire them over.

Martin Cockerill


The latest revision of the Induction Training Manual is now available on the BAFRA website Can all trainers please use this version of the manual for existing and new trainees.

Pete Thom


This week on social media we are happy to report a new look for our Facebook and Twitter feeds with some great action photos and a bit of chat. We are already seeing the impact with 21 new "likes" this week. Twitter is quieter with just 7 new follows. You can tet involved - here are a few tips on how you can get in on the act:

Susannah Taylor (#335) and Sean Walsh (#458)









New this week

Alexander Saunders


Yorkshire Rams



The player threw a punch at an opposing player and connected with their helmet.

24/05/15 v Coventry Jets

Daniel Cooper


Lancaster Wolverines



Player threw a punch at an opponent.

17/05/15 v Sheffield Predators

Previous weeks

Paul Holmes


London Hornets



Late during the third quarter after several warnings for foul and abusive language directed towards the head linesman, the Head Coach was requested to remove the Assistant Coach from the playing enclosure after another outburst

17/05/15 v Wembley Stallions

Josh Theophanides


Cornish Sharks



After the play was over number 57, with a prone opponent on the ground at his feet was seen to step on an opponent and then appeared to flagrantly stamp on him.

17/05/15 v Oxford Saints

Adam Burn


DC Presidents

Offence carried over from previous season

22/05/15 v Burnley Tornadoes





New this week

Clackmannanshire Ravens

Yard lines were not of correct distance. Some were 9.5 yds and some 10.5. There was one section that had 5 yard hash marks instead of 4 marks. The rest of the field was correctly marked and dimensions were regulation 80 x 40. Teams both had black uniforms but with contrasting colours for numbers. Referee was notified of this situation by BAFRA/BAFA earlier in week and said it was ok to play.

Confusion over the kickoff time meant that the game kicked off at 1:45pm. Officials were given home team's locker room that had been vacated by team already. This room had a shared shower area that ended up being used as changing space for visiting players as their locker room was too small for team and provided no privacy from players.

Shawn Sombati #15

24/05/15 v East Kilbride Pirates

Merseyside Nighthawks

No team area markings on field, although home team did use small cones to indicate length and depth of coaches / players boxes, but only on home sideline. 90 yard field very well marked.

Mike Cavanagh #465


Chester Romans

Field was 90 IFAF yards in length and marked in dark blue. The exception was the endline which was painted white.

Aminul Hassan #534


Pennine Panthers

The 90 yard Field is missing the following lines: 9 yard marks and limit lines, the Hash marks in the middle of the field did not always line up with the hash marks to side lines. The home team found it difficult to obtain volunteers to be official's assistants before the game, the home team side line ball person changed 4 times during the game for no apparent reason.

Chris Jarvis #10


Gateshead Senators

Goalpost crossbars 3 yards beyond end line. Game balls provided were in good condition but were NFL balls without the white band on them. Visiting coach was happy to use them. Down box marker sometimes not displaying number one correctly and only four foot high.

Ian Cubitt #457

24/05/15 v Doncaster Mustangs

Farnham Knights

The field markings included part of a cricket boundary line. Pylons and yardage markers wouldn't stay stood up. Field surface worn in several places. Balls provided were soft, but team immediately pumped them up when notified. Both teams played in blue, but there was enormous contrast between Farnham's light blue and Colchester's dark blue so no problems. Some derogatory comments expressed to the crew by a spectator as we left the field at the end of the game.

Jim Briggs #31

17/05/15 v Birmingham Bulls

East Kilbride Pirates

K/O was delayed by 35mins awaiting the arrival of the away team.

Les Connor #152


Carlisle Sentinels

Well marked out field, with the only issues being the numbers were marked too close to the sidelines (about 7 yards to the top) and the field only being 80 yards long. Game was temporarily held up in the 4th quarter due to the attempts of two male streakers to ingress onto the field.

John Roberts #145

31/05/15 v Staffordshire Surge

Cornish Sharks

The goalposts used were soccer goals with upright extensions constructed from wooden planks - this meant that by rule the crossbar was too low, the posts were too far apart and they didn't extend high enough. The field was generally well marked out, although there were no limit lines, 9-yard marks / numbers or 3-yard PAT marks.

Amir Brooks #593


Outstanding items from previous weeks

Newcastle Vikings

Field was extremely well marked out. However, only 8yd end zones and NFL style hash marks. Chain crew was changed at half time and overall were poor. Game balls provided were old and worn but were still suitable for use.

Ian Cubitt #457

24/05/15 v Aberdeen Roughnecks

Leeds Bobcats

The 80 yard field is in fantastic condition, however the following lines were inadequate: no 3 Yard marks for PAT's, the sideline hashes were only 6" long, there were no 9 yard marks or numbers, there were no coaches area marked and the team areas were marked between the 20 yard lines. There was a concern about the away teams jersey numerals as the 0 (zeros) on the shirts had a diagonal slash, but this did not represent a discernible problem.

Chris Jarvis #10

17/05/15 v Lincolnshire Bombers

Sussex Thunder

Game started 15min late due to late ambulance.

Ellis Bowyer #502

24/05/15 v Kent Exiles

Bristol Aztecs

The field is generally well marked out. However the team areas were only marked out between the 35 yard lines - sets of cones were used to extend these to the 25 yard lines. There was no line separating the coaches and players areas. The limit lines were marked too close to the field, and there were no 9 yard marks or numbers.

Amir Brooks #593

17/05/15 v London Olympians

Humber Warhawks

At approx 5.00pm with 10 mins remaining in the 4th quarter the game was suspended due to a brief thunderstorm. After allowing for the 30 minute period required by rule the game resumed at approx 6.00pm. Due to the away team needing to leave by 6.45pm it was agreed by both head coaches to have a running clock for the final 10 minutes. The game concluded at 6.18pm without further incident. Thanks were expressed to both head coaches for their co-operation in both clearing the field with haste and agreeing on the best way to proceed once the game was able to be re-started.

David Hewitt #602

24/05/15 v Sandwell Steelers

London Hornets

Game was played at Hillingdon Sports Centre on an 80 yard field that had no 9 yard marks. The posts had extremely short uprights. The council charge everyone to park at the Sports Centre. The charge for 6 hours of parking is £5.50. The machines do not take any cards and there was a long queue at the reception to get change. It is recommended that officials going to this location in future take coinage to cover the parking cost. The location is otherwise excellent, consisting of a small modern stand where around 100 spectators gathered.

Dean Wright #553

18/05/15 v Hertfordshire Cheetahs

Crewe Railroaders

Beautifully marked and maintained field. Thanks to game management for biscuits, tea and coffee at half time.

Aminul Hassan #534

17/05/15 v Walney Terriers

Bournemouth Bobcats

Team is playing on a new field this year, adjacent to old field. 90yd field with some "largish" 10yd zones. Team areas marked to 20yd lines. No 9yd marks. Hash-marks spray-painted at inconsistent intervals.

Simon Ryan #408

25/05/15 v Solent Thrashers



New this week

Play: 1st and 10 at Team B’s 40-yard line. A12 throws a forward pass to airborne receiver A90 who is at Team B’s 35-yard line. A90 controls the ball and, seeing he is about to land out of bounds, while still airborne he throws the ball forward to A80 who catches the ball at Team B’s 30-yard line where A80 is downed. Ruling? (This was Q6 on this year's BAFRA exam).

Last week

Play: During a successful kick try from the three-yard line, B76 is offside. After the ball is dead, B25 unnecessarily shoves A54 in the back.

Ruling: If Team A elect to replay the try, both penalties against Team B are enforced before the snap (Rule 10-1-6). If Team A declines the offside penalty and accepts the point, the penalty for Team B's dead-ball personal foul is then enforced on the kickoff or at the succeeding spot in extra periods.


New this week

Game Situation: How many times should the umpire allow the ball to fall off the tee at a kick off before insisting that the kicking team get a player to hold the ball in place?
Answer next issue...

Last week

Play: During the coin toss, the Referee, Umpire (and deep wing officials on a 7 man crew) are in the centre of the field with the players. Where should the wing officials and the Back Judge be positioned during this time?
Answer: M-8-4-3. The Line Judge and Back Judge shall stand on the press box side of the field, one on each 30 yard line. The Linesman shall be positioned on the opposite side of the field to the Line Judge, also on the 30 yard line. The officials should be prepared to watch players not participating in the coin toss and escort players out to the 9 yard marks if required. Pre-game duties (such as briefing a chain crew) will take precedent over this ceremonial role.




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