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Issue: 15/15

8th May 2015

EXAM 2015

The 2015 exam period is now over. The results will be sent out this weekend. If you do not receive an email with your result by Monday please get in touch.

I would like to thank everyone for taking part and would also like to thank the examination committee for helping to put this year’s exam together and the testers for their help. As well as Paul Sutton for his help.

Les Connor


Please note that Game Management Audits should be submitted for all Senior and Junior games in the BAFANL season (NOT Field Audits).

Paul Sutton


Can people please ensure that they charge the correct administration fees for all games and tournaments which are:

Adult games: £75.00

Junior games: £32.50

All 5 vs. 5 and Flag Tournaments: £5.00

Also, only charge one administration fee for double-headers. Full details may be found in the Annex to the Terms and Conditions.

Paul Sutton


These are taking place at:

Volunteer officials to cover these tournaments have been requested by all these teams, so if you are able to help at any of these please get in touch with me and I will provide full details

Richard Vernon


BAFA is looking to recruit new members to the group of people who help run the disciplinary and regulatory functions. This includes making decisions about disciplinary, registration, safeguarding and competition issues, and dealing with appeals relating to each of these.

The Regulatory Team provides the administration and support for the Regulatory Panel who are the people who decide the outcome of cases. The two groups are totally distinct, though occasionally people who have served in one role move from one group to the other.

If you are interested in helping out, please see for more details or contact me. The initial closing date is 15th May.

Jim Briggs


Rule 9-2-6-b states:

"A disqualified player must leave the playing enclosure under team supervision within a reasonable amount of time after his disqualification. He must remain out of view of the field of play under team supervision for the duration of the game."

If you observe that a disqualified person (or one removed from the playing enclosure under Rule 9-2-7) remains near the field (i.e. within sight and sound of it), then please ask game management or team management as appropriate to move them to another place. You may suspend the game while this takes place, though that shouldn't automatically be necessary.

We have had a case recently where a disqualified person was alleged to have been a nuisance to spectators. The rules are intended to prevent that.

Jim Briggs


North West officials are holding a regional meeting on Monday 18th May at 19:30. The meeting will be held at the Brinsop Inn, Westhoughton, BL5 3NJ. The event is aimed at officials of all levels and is open to all BAFRA officials, if you are in the area, feel free to come along.

If you require any further information please contact me on using the details on the BAFRA website

Stuart Young



Just a quick note to announce Susannah Taylor and Sean Welsh being appointed joint social media managers. We will have more news and announcements to make soon and might have a regular update in Newsflash.

Susannah Taylor (#335) and Sean Walsh (#458)









New this week

Aaron Burton


London Hornets



During the third quarter the player was flagged for an unsporting act after the play.

Later in the third quarter used foul and abusive language towards an official

17/05/15 v Wembley Stallions

Paul Holmes


London Hornets



Late during the third quarter after several warnings for foul and abusive language directed towards the head linesman, the Head Coach was requested to remove the Assistant Coach from the playing enclosure after another outburst

17/05/15 v Wembley Stallions

Dan Hirst


Nottingham University



After the play was over the player deliberately struck an opponent in the face with his forearm.


Previous weeks

Nikos Mylonakis


East Kent Mavericks Juniors



In retaliation to the above incident, player kicked the opponent.

10/05/15 v Solent Thrashers Juniors

Ejike Wosu


Edinburgh Wolves



Verbally abused officials at the end of the game.

10/05/15 v Chester Romans

Sam Bloomfield


Lancashire Wolverines



Committed two unsportsmanlike conduct fouls.

10/05/15 v Yorkshire Rams

Josh Theophanides


Torbay Trojans



After the play was over number 57, with a prone opponent on the ground at his feet was seen to step on an opponent and then appeared to flagrantly stamp on him.

24/05/15 v Oxford Saints

Adam Burn


DC Presidents

Offence carried over from previous season

22/05/15 v Burnley Tornadoes





New this week

Crewe Railroaders

Beautifully marked and maintained field. Thanks to game management for biscuits, tea and coffee at half time.

Aminul Hassan #534

17/05/15 v Walney Terriers

Humber Warhawks

At approx 5.00pm with 10 mins remaining in the 4th quarter the game was suspended due to a brief thunderstorm. After allowing for the 30 minute period required by rule the game resumed at approx 6.00pm. Due to the away team needing to leave by 6.45pm it was agreed by both head coaches to have a running clock for the final 10 minutes. The game concluded at 6.18pm without further incident. Thanks were expressed to both head coaches for their co-operation in both clearing the field with haste and agreeing on the best way to proceed once the game was able to be re-started.

David Hewitt #602

24/05/15 v Sandwell Steelers

Sussex Thunder

Game started 15min late due to late ambulance.

Ellis Bowyer #502

24/05/15 v Kent Exiles

Newcastle Vikings

Field was extremely well marked out. However, only 8yd end zones and NFL style hash marks. Chain crew was changed at half time and overall were poor. Game balls provided were old and worn but were still suitable for use.

Ian Cubitt #457

24/05/15 v Aberdeen Roughnecks

Outstanding items from previous weeks

East Kilbride Pirates Youth

Game about 20mins late kicking off, awaiting minimum medical cover being met as the medic did not turn up. As there was a senior game kicking off directly after, the game was shortened to 10 min quarters.

Les Connor #152

09/05/15 v Edinburgh Wolves Youth

Leeds Bobcats

The 80 yard field is in fantastic condition, however the following lines were inadequate: no 3 Yard marks for PAT's, the sideline hashes were only 6" long, there were no 9 yard marks or numbers, there were no coaches area marked and the team areas were marked between the 20 yard lines. There was a concern about the away teams jersey numerals as the 0 (zeros) on the shirts had a diagonal slash, but this did not represent a discernible problem.

Chris Jarvis #10

17/05/15 v Lincolnshire Bombers

Doncaster Mustangs

No nine yard marks, no limit lines, one ball boy changed at half time.

Dan Holt #371

10/05/15 v Clyde Valley Blackhawks

Bristol Aztecs

The field is generally well marked out. However the team areas were only marked out between the 35 yard lines - sets of cones were used to extend these to the 25 yard lines. There was no line separating the coaches and players areas. The limit lines were marked too close to the field, and there were no 9 yard marks or numbers.

Amir Brooks #593

17/05/15 v London Olympians

London Blitz B

Field had lines across the field every 10 yard, not ever 5. During the first quarter the game was suspended for 8 minutes for the treatment of an injured player

Lee Wood #517

09/05/15 v Ipswich Cardinals

London Hornets

Game was played at Hillingdon Sports Centre on an 80 yard field that had no 9 yard marks. The posts had extremely short uprights. The council charge everyone to park at the Sports Centre. The charge for 6 hours of parking is £5.50. The machines do not take any cards and there was a long queue at the reception to get change. It is recommended that officials going to this location in future take coinage to cover the parking cost. The location is otherwise excellent, consisting of a small modern stand where around 100 spectators gathered.

Dean Wright #553

18/05/15 v Hertfordshire Cheetahs

Chester Romans

90 yard field with 7.5 yards end zones, marked in blue with blue, white dotted end and 25 yard lines. Some bald dusty patches in EZ and around midfield area. Field marked in IFAF yards, so chains shortened by HL to match field markings.

Mike Cavanagh #465

10/05/15 v Edinburgh Wolves

Pennine Panthers

The game was delayed by 10 minutes to allow the field markings to be finished.

Chris Jarvis #10

10/05/15 v Nottingham Caesars

Bournemouth Bobcats

Team is playing on a new field this year, adjacent to old field. 90yd field with some "largish" 10yd zones. Team areas marked to 20yd lines. No 9yd marks. Hash-marks spray-painted at inconsistent intervals.

Simon Ryan #408

25/05/15 v Solent Thrashers

East Kent Mavericks

Pitch markings were extremely faint and that combined with fresh dew on the field made he field markings virtually invisible in places. No numbers or 9-yard marks and team area lines at incorrect distances. One of the game balls provided was underinflated. Despite being inflated to the correct pressure, it then lost pressure as the game progressed and was replaced at half time.

Tim Ockendon #481

10/05/15 v Solent Thrashers

Merseyside Nighthawks

The pitch at JMO is very well marked despite being 3G and having to be available for multi sport use. The are no team or coaching areas but the home team make good use of cones to show where these areas should be. A couple of balls were kicked over the fence at the end of the pitch away from the bar area, these were quickly recovered by a member of the home team.

Lee Taylor #183

10/05/15 v Shropshire Revolution


Play of the week is on hiatus during the BAFRA exam period.




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