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Issue: 14/15

30th April 2015

EXAM 2015

The 2015 exam is now available on the BAFRA website. All instructions are on the exam which must be returned by 5:00pm on 2nd May at the latest. Please note that no extension will be granted.

Just a reminder that all qualified officials MUST sit the exam; failure to do so will mean the loss of qualified status. Other members are strongly advised to attempt the exam. For associate members in particular, it gives an opportunity to assess your own progress and will allow you to identify any areas of weakness to work on with your mentor.

As of 6pm on Thur 30th April the following people have returned their exam papers:

Stuart Alger, Mark Allen, Jaeson Bennett, Andrew Binns, Jim Briggs, Roger Brown, Derek Burridge, Mark Burrows, Martin Cockerill, Graham Coleman, Norman Cox, Alan Christopher, Ian Cubitt, Steve Egan, Dan Holt, Philip Hume, Gordon Galloway, Barry Gent, Cam Gibson, Martin Gibson, Muz Gibson, Roger Goodgroves, Ray Grace, John Gravelling, John Griffin, Graham Hedges, David Hewitt, Anton Jarbol, Chris Jarvis, James Kilbane, David Knight, Mike LeFevre, Steven Leonard, Simon Love, Andrew Lovell, Richard Madge, Jason Mead, Adrian Miller, Lee Mills, Andrew Murrell, Tony Newsham, Tim Ockendon, Richard Prattley, Michael Prentice, Alun Price, Tony Rivers, Larry Rigby, John Roberts, Richard Samples, Clive Sandal, Norval Scott, Shawn Sombati, Darran Sterling, Paul Sutton, Anthony Tagg, Susannah Taylor, Lee Taylor, Pete Thom, Paul Todd, Richard Vernon, Ian Wainwright, Richard Whitby, Keith Wickham, Alan Wilson, Mark Wilson, Hallam Wiltshire, Lee Wood, Brian Yates, Stuart Young.

If you think your name should have been on the above list and it isn’t please contact me. Please note that I acknowledge all papers received. If you send your answer sheet after Friday evening this week I will probably not be able to acknowledge receiving it until Monday.

Les Connor


Officials are urgently needed to cover the following tournaments

Saturday 2nd May

Sunday 10th May

Richard Vernon


Two appeals against disqualification have been considered by a BAFA Disciplinary Committee.

Steve MacDonald of Edinburgh Wolves has had his appeal upheld and his disqualification reversed. He is free to carry on playing. Eugene Tangney of Essex Spartans has had his appeal denied. He will now be suspended on 3rd May 2015 vs London Hornets.

Jim Briggs









New this week

Josh Theophanides


Torbay Trojans



After the play was over number 57, with a prone opponent on the ground at his feet was seen to step on an opponent and then appeared to flagrantly stamp on him.

24/05/15 v Oxford Saints

Previous weeks

Nikos Mylonakis


East Kent Mavericks Juniors



In retaliation to the above incident, player kicked the opponent.

10/05/15 v Solent Thrashers Juniors

Eugene Tangney


Essex Spartans



After the play was dead the player launched into a downed players back leading and making contact with the crown of his helmet.

03/05/15 v London Hornets

Ejike Wosu


Edinburgh Wolves



Verbally abused officials at the end of the game.

10/05/15 v Chester Romans

Sam Bloomfield


Lancashire Wolverines



Committed two unsportsmanlike conduct fouls.

10/05/15 v Yorkshire Rams

Jake Hancock


Portsmouth Dreadnoughts



Made forcible contact against the opposition quarterback with the crown of his helmet.

04/05/15 v Bournemouth Bobcats

Adam Burn


DC Presidents

Offence carried over from previous season

22/05/15 v Burnley Tornadoes





New this week

East Kilbride Pirates Youth

Game about 20mins late kicking off, awaiting minimum medical cover being met as the medic did not turn up. As there was a senior game kicking off directly after, the game was shortened to 10 min quarters.

Les Connor #152

09/05/15 v Edinburgh Wolves Youth

Leeds Bobcats

The 80 yard field is in fantastic condition, however the following lines were inadequate: no 3 Yard marks for PAT's, the sideline hashes were only 6" long, there were no 9 yard marks or numbers, there were no coaches area marked and the team areas were marked between the 20 yard lines. There was a concern about the away teams jersey numerals as the 0 (zeros) on the shirts had a diagonal slash, but this did not represent a discernible problem.

Chris Jarvis #10

17/05/15 v Lincolnshire Bombers

Doncaster Mustangs

No nine yard marks, no limit lines, one ball boy changed at half time.

Dan Holt #371

10/05/15 v Clyde Valley Blackhawks

East Kent Mavericks

Pitch markings were extremely faint and that combined with fresh dew on the field made he field markings virtually invisible in places. No numbers or 9-yard marks and team area lines at incorrect distances. One of the game balls provided was underinflated. Despite being inflated to the correct pressure, it then lost pressure as the game progressed and was replaced at half time.

Tim Ockendon #481

10/05/15 v Solent Thrashers

Merseyside Nighthawks

The pitch at JMO is very well marked despite being 3G and having to be available for multi sport use. The are no team or coaching areas but the home team make good use of cones to show where these areas should be. A couple of balls were kicked over the fence at the end of the pitch away from the bar area, these were quickly recovered by a member of the home team.

Lee Taylor #183

10/05/15 v Shropshire Revolution

Gloucestershire Gladiators

Field was 80 yards long with no hashmarks at either the sideline or in the middle of the field. Cones were set out to mark team areas. Down box needed to be taken apart and mended.

Mike LeFevre #341


Bristol Aztecs

The field is generally well marked out. However the team areas were only marked out between the 35 yard lines - sets of cones were used to extend these to the 25 yard lines. There was no line separating the coaches and players areas. The limit lines were marked too close to the field, and there were no 9 yard marks or numbers.

Amir Brooks #593

17/05/15 v London Olympians

Leicester Falcons

The goal posts were too low. The pitch was adjusted accordingly as the goals posed a potential safety issue. Game management have promised to rectify before their next home game.

Muz Gibson #268

03/05/15 v Sandwell Steelers

Outstanding items from previous weeks

London Blitz B

Field had lines across the field every 10 yard, not ever 5. During the first quarter the game was suspended for 8 minutes for the treatment of an injured player

Lee Wood #517

09/05/15 v Ipswich Cardinals

London Hornets

Game was played at Hillingdon Sports Centre on an 80 yard field that had no 9 yard marks. The posts had extremely short uprights. The council charge everyone to park at the Sports Centre. The charge for 6 hours of parking is £5.50. The machines do not take any cards and there was a long queue at the reception to get change. It is recommended that officials going to this location in future take coinage to cover the parking cost. The location is otherwise excellent, consisting of a small modern stand where around 100 spectators gathered.

Dean Wright #553

18/05/15 v Hertfordshire Cheetahs

Chester Romans

90 yard field with 7.5 yards end zones, marked in blue with blue, white dotted end and 25 yard lines. Some bald dusty patches in EZ and around midfield area. Field marked in IFAF yards, so chains shortened by HL to match field markings.

Mike Cavanagh #465

10/05/15 v Edinburgh Wolves

Pennine Panthers

The game was delayed by 10 minutes to allow the field markings to be finished.

Chris Jarvis #10

10/05/15 v Nottingham Caesars

Bournemouth Bobcats

Team is playing on a new field this year, adjacent to old field. 90yd field with some "largish" 10yd zones. Team areas marked to 20yd lines. No 9yd marks. Hash-marks spray-painted at inconsistent intervals.

Simon Ryan #408

25/05/15 v Solent Thrashers

Portsmouth Dreadnoughts

100 yard field, but not all hash marks were a yard apart, and some did not line up across the field. Each team area had a coaching box line but no team area line. Limit lines around the field were only 6 feet from the boundary lines. Balls were soft when presented, but were pumped up promptly. Officials changed in a martial arts room at the sports centre - only a few chairs but very soft floor! Field is about 200 yards from sports centre.

Jim Briggs #31

04/05/15 v Bournemouth Bobcats

Shropshire Revolution

Generally well marked 90-yard field with 8-yard end zones. No numbers or 9-yard marks, team areas between 20-yard lines and and athletics markings that did not interfere with the football markings.

Tim Ockendon #481

04/05/15 v Leicester Falcons


Play of the week is on hiatus during the BAFRA exam period.




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