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Changes to the Board of Directors – BAFRA - 1st May 20

The BAFRA Board consists of 8 Directors who are elected for a period of 2 years. To ensure we maintain a level of continuity we open 4 of the posts for election every year. As such, this year the President, General Secretary, Director of Training and the Director without Portfolio #1 were open to nominations. Following the election process, I can confirm the following appointments:

Director of Training – James Ford-Bannister replacing Pete Tom who served as interim for Tzvi Lindeman who stood down due to illness.

General Secretary – Richard Moger replacing Paul Sutton

Director without Portfolio #1 - Pete Parsons returned unopposed

President - Davie Parsons, who was returned unopposed, takes this opportunity to thank those who have served on the Board:

  • Pete Thom is a long-time guardian of the sport and has from time to time served the board as Director of Training and other roles within the organization. Pete stepped up when Tzvi was sadly incapacitated due to his increasing illness. Picking up on initiatives set in motion by Tzvi and continuing to expand on plans to support training efforts throughout the country. The Board were most grateful to Pete for his steady guidance during the interim period ahead of the AGM, when the post was expected to be filled permanently.
  • Paul Sutton has provided the services of General Secretary to the Board for more than 12 years and I personally want to thank him for maintaining administration across the organization with the utmost professionalism throughout this period. The services he provides are those administrative tasks which often go unnoticed such as updating meeting minutes, booking and planning board meetings, administering memberships, working on the Examination Committee and so much more. This administration is what makes BAFRA stand out as one of the most professional and well-run organization is grassroots sport and I am proud to say this is down to Paul’s unwavering stewardship. Whilst not an active as an Official on the field for a number of years, Paul has always put his heart and soul into the organization and it is plain to see his joy at contributing in this way. I thank you on behalf of the Board and I am glad to know you are continuing to support your successor and other organizational committees ongoingly.
  • The late Tzvi Lindeman is remembered by the Board as a quiet but passionate supporter of development throughout the organization and we are still grieving for his passing earlier this year. I take this opportunity to again thank him for all he did whilst he could and for his professionalism to the end.
  • I would like to welcome on board James Ford-Bannister as Director of Training. He has, since earning the Alan Wilson Award in 2018, committed himself to personal development and providing support to Keith Wickham on the Elite Programme review team. I believe James is an excellent addition to the Board and he offers many great ideas which will provide new impetus to training and development of officials in this country for our members and the wider community.
  • Also joining us on the Board is Richard Moger as General Secretary. Richard joined BAFRA in 2014 and has established himself as a steady set of hands on the field as I am sure he will provide off it. With a background in education I have no doubts of his abilities to handle the workload and he will have my full support in achieving the necessary tasks assigned to this role. I understand Paul will be continuing to provide support for some time for which we are incredibly grateful.

Once again thank you to all Board members for serving for another year under challenging circumstances. The forthcoming year will provide many more which I am certain we will address with professionalism and commitment.

Thank you

Davie Parsons

President BAFRA

Note: Details of the AGM may be found under the private members only area of the website including statements from all Directors relating to their area of responsibility plus Q and A responses.

Davie Parsons

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