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Appointments to the Board of Directors of BAFRA - 11th Apr 19

Appointments to the board at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) held at Yarnfield Park on Saturday 6th April brought forward new faces and names to the established team.  The BAFRA Board of Directors are pleased to welcome Roger Goodgroves who succeeds Richard Vernon as Director of Operations, and Ollie Maskell who replaces Lee Taylor as Director of Recruitment.  Further details of appointments will be filed in the members section of the website under “meeting minutes - AGM”. These are two key roles in shaping the future of the organisation and delivering on the long-held mission to provide quality officials to the sport of American Football in the UK and overseas.

I caught up with Roger during the week to get his views and plans.

“I am pleased to be given the opportunity to head up the operations team within BAFRA and I will look to make a smooth transition for all officials and teams.  I am very fortunate that the team within operations that I have worked with over the past few seasons have agreed to continue to work with me to achieve this.  I will look to build on the work that Richard Vernon put into the role which gives me a very solid foundation for the growth that's needed as American Football expands in this country."

Ollie Maskell who has a background in recruitment and was an Alan Wilson Award nominee this year, brings fresh ideas and passion for excellence to the board.  I had a chance to get his initial views at the end of the convention.

"I am delighted to have been appointed Director of Recruitment, I know I can bring a new view to the role given my background in in-house recruitment. The next few years will see the British American Football game go from strength to strength under a new BAFA board, and it is important that BAFRA can continue to deliver enough high-quality officials so that the sport can continue being played in a safe manner."

I’m sure you will all join the other members of the Board and wider BAFRA membership in supporting Roger and Ollie in their personal development and delivery of their respective responsibilities to the organisation.

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