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Season 2007

In 2007, BAFRA members conducted an audit of game management, including such items as the balls, the chain crew, location and size of changing-rooms, and consistency of players' uniforms.

The winners of the 2006 BAFL season awards were:

John Slavin Trophy for overall best, and best in Division 2Edinburgh WolvesThe Wolves were unique in scoring under 25 points for each of their games this season. (0 is a perfect score.)
Honourable mention in Division 2Lincolnshire Bombers Hull HornetsThe Bombers and Hornets also averaged under 25 points per game.
Division 1 bestYorkshire RamsThe Rams led a close fought contest in Division 1.
Honourable mention in Division 1Colchester Gladiators Doncaster MustangsThe Gladiators and Mustangs ran the Rams close.
Premier DivisionNo AwardNo Premier Division team averaged less than 40 points per game.
BYAFA Youth Kitted LeagueKent ExilesThe Exiles were consistently the best team in the Youth Kitted League.

The awards were presented at the Brit Bowl weekend.

The full week-by-week results may be viewed on the 2007-08 page.

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