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Season 2006

BAFRA members conducted an audit of field markings and facilities at each team's home game. It is therefore entirely appropriate that the inaugural John Slavin Trophy was presented to the team that has consistently shown the best field markings. BAFRA also acknowledges the efforts of many other teams in improving their facilities and setting the standards for their division.

The winners of the 2006 BAFL season awards were:

Overall best, and best in Division 2Cambridgeshire CatsThe Cats scored a perfect 0 for three of their home games.
Honourable mention in Division 2Dominos Oxford Saints Redditch ArrowsOxford and Redditch tied for overall 2nd place
Division 1A bestMCP Ipswich CardinalsCardinals Mention should be made of Nottingham Caesars who had one perfect score and may have won the divisional award had they been able to play all their fixtures
Division 1 bestSouthern SundevilsPA Knights should get a mention as runners-up

The awards were presented at the Brit Bowl weekend.

The full week-by-week results may be viewed on the 2006-07 page.

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