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Uniform and Equipment

On-field uniform

The uniform to be worn by BAFRA members for all games in Britain shall be as follows:
  1. Standard black and white 1" vertical striped shirt with black collar and cuffs; numbers on the shirt are prohibited; mesh shirts are permitted if worn by all members of the crew. NOTE: From 1st April 2020 a standard black and white 2” vertical striped shirt will be adopted as the official BAFRA uniform. Until then, whilst the 1” vertical striped shirt will remain the official uniform, the 2” vertical striped shirt may be worn. From the 1st April 2020, once the 2” vertical striped shirt becomes the official uniform, the 1” vertical striped shirt may still be worn. However, in both cases, all members of a crew should be similarly attired.
  2. Black regulation trousers (pants) with tunnel belt loops and a 1¼ inch white stripe running the length of each leg are permitted if worn by all members of the crew. These are to be worn with plain black socks.
  3. If all members of the crew agree, they may all wear either standard white regulation knickers with a slight overlap below the knee or white shorts (length 1-3" above the knee).If either of these options are agreed by the crew they will be worn with black socks with a white northwestern stripe pattern.
  4. A black belt, approximately 1½" wide, with a plain buckle.
  5. Black (or predominantly black) shoes with a suitable stud or tread pattern and black laces.
  6. A peaked cap, white for the Referee, black with white piping for the other officials; solid, sized hats are preferable to meshed, adjustable ones; rain hats are permitted.
  7. Only those badges expressly approved by the Association; if worn, the BAFRA badge shall be on the left sleeve with the top of the badge 3" from the shoulder seam; another approved badge may be worn in the corresponding place on the right sleeve; badges may either be sewn on or attached by Velcro or similar.
  8. Any part of the clothing worn under the uniform shirt that shows shall be black in colour.
  9. Rain jackets, if worn, shall be un-numbered and must have a 1" stripe pattern.
  10. Gloves, if worn, shall be predominantly black.

On-field equipment

Officials shall carry the following equipment:
  1. Two foul markers, light gold in colour, approximately 15" square and weighted, worn inconspicuously.
  2. At least one bean bag of suitable design carried where easily accessible. Line Judge, Back Judge, Field Judge and Side Judges should normally be equipped with two bean bags.
  3. A whistle (and a spare), either finger whistles or those on neck and wrist lanyards are recommended.
  4. The time keeper and the play clock operator shall carry suitable stop watches that have been checked for accuracy before the game, spare watches should also be carried, either by the time keepers or by other members of the crew.
  5. The linesman shall carry a chain clip (and spare) of suitable design, and tape to mark the mid-point of the chain.
  6. Game data card, pencil (and spare).
  7. Down counter (and spare).
  8. Coin for the toss (Referee and Umpire only).
Guns (e.g. for signalling the end of a period) are expressly prohibited.



The Directors believe that officials smoking in uniform do not create a positive impression of BAFRA as an organisation or the sport in general. Officials are therefore asked to exercise discretion when smoking in uniform and ensure they are away from public areas and, as far as practical, unobserved.


Officials are expected to be neat and tidy at all times. They are on view from the moment they arrive at the venue until the time they leave. Dress standards must be high at all times.

Arriving and departing from the venue, all officials shall wear:
  1. EITHER a smart shirt or blouse, OR a plain polo shirt with no more than one small logo on the breast
  2. Trousers or a skirt, but not denim jeans or skirt. Smart shorts (not denim) are acceptable in hot weather. BAFRA tradition allows the wearing of a kilt.
  3. Shoes, but not trainers
  4. Anything bearing the logo of any British team is prohibited. This includes caps


  1. Approved logos are the BAFRA badge, any other BAFRA logo, or any BAFA, EFAF or IFAF approved logo
  2. Only current associate and qualified BAFRA members may wear uniform or clothing bearing a BAFRA logo.

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