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Annex to the BAFRA Terms & Conditions from 1st April 2022

The BAFRA Terms and Conditions can be found in the BAFA Rule Book. This page constitutes the annex to them.

Fees and expenses

All charges are per match (or equivalent) and based on the match's category. See the BAFRA Terms and Conditions in the rulebook for an explanation of the category code system.

CategoryOfficials' Fees (Qualified)Officials' Fees (Associate)BAFRA Admin Fee
£50 per person £30 per person £75*
YL, YP, YI, YF £50 per person £30 per person £50.00*
All 5 vs. 5 of any category
All 7 vs. 7 of any category
£50 per person £30 per person £50.00*

* The administration fee is waived for one of the games in a double-header (i.e. two games at the same venue). Where the admin fees for the two games are different, the lower fee will be waived.

For games off the British mainland (e.g. Channel Islands) or elsewhere where the officials will be subjected to long journeys, special rates are subject to negotiation. This is denoted by the suffix S after the category code (e.g. SL-S).

Where officials are required for a multi-game tournament, a fee will be agreed that will reflect an official's time commitment pro rata to that for a normal single game (i.e. 2 1/2 -3 hours). Normally, only a single admin fee will be charged regardless of the number of games at a single location.

Officials' travel expenses will be paid by BAFRA based on a claim on the game report form sent in by the Referee. This will be paid in accordance with the BAFRA Expenses Policy.

Games organised by Game Management that is not associated with a recognised BAFA organisation are not given Category A status.

The above fees and expenses apply to games on or after 1st April 2022.

Normal crew size

The normal number of officials assigned to a team is set according to the team's league/division. If Game Management or league asks for additional officials above the normal number on a crew they are charged pro rata.

League / DivisionRegular season gamesPlayoff gamesBowl games
Elite games888
BAFA NL Premier558
BAFA NL Other458
BAFA Junior Contact458
BAFA 7 vs. 7 Contact - per field345
BAFA 5-5 Contact - per field234
BAFA Flag (senior, youth, junior, cadet) - per field234

The size of crews assigned for International category fixtures will normally be at least the same size as for a corresponding playoff game but may be larger according to the importance of the game.

Where a league or playoff game is designated as an "elite" game, Game Management will only be charged for the normal number of officials for the game – BAFRA will pay the excess.

All teams are currently in guarantee category Gamma - i.e. no guarantee. See the Terms and Conditions in the rulebook if you need an explanation of this.

Officials’ Game Fees – Small Sided Tournaments

Number of Games > 2 3 4+
Per Official Fee > £50.00 £67.00 £83.00

Minimum number of officials required by format (per field)

Regular Season Playoff games Bowl games
Flag 2 3 4
5 vs. 5 2 3 4
7 vs. 7 3 4 5
The admin fee in all cases for small-sided tournaments is £50.00

Responsible persons

Queries about the above should be referred to the BAFRA Director of Operations ( or the BAFRA Director of Finance (

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