British American Football Referees Association


The Directors are elected under procedures laid down in the Constitution.

Other persons are appointed by the Board of Directors.

Appeals CommitteeSince the introduction of the new Constitution in October 2007, the Board of Directors has taken over the role of the Appeals Committee
Assessment reports receptionJames Ford-Bannister
Assessment working partyDavie Parsons (c), Paul Sutton, Steve Tonkinson and others
BAFA representativesDavie Parsons, Steve TonkinsonOther directors or members as appropriate
BAFRA ArchivistSteve Tonkinson
Coaches reports receptionJames Ford-BannisterLee Wood
Company SecretaryRichard Moger
Data Protection and Compliance OfficerLee WoodDavie Parsons (d)
Director of Finance *Stuart Tabberer
Director of Operations *Roger GoodgrovesHenry Richardson (Dep)
Director of Recruitment *Susannah TaylorGraham Smith (Dep), James Kilbane, Michael Prentice, Frank Thomson, Dan Cass, Gerry Mellough, Ian Rogers
Director of Training *James Ford-BannisterAmir Brooks (Dep)
Director without Portfolio #1 *Peter Parsons
Director without Portfolio #2 *Steve Tonkinson
Disciplinary Committee, Chair,Chris JarvisDavie Parsons (d)
Disciplinary Committee, MembersSteve Tonkinson, Dave MooreRoger Goodgroves, Lee Taylor
Electronic On-field CommunicationsBen GriffithsJames Ford-Bannister
Elite Programme Development CoordinatorKeith Wickham James Ford-Bannister (d)
Email mailing listsColin WilloxDavie Parsons (d) Richard Moger
Examinations Committee, ChairStuart YoungJames Ford-Bannister (d)
Examinations Committee, MembersPeter Parsons, Steve Tonkinson, Dean Wright (Vice Chair), Ben Griffiths, Russell Newton, Paul Sutton, Steve Leonard, Euan Paterson
Flag working partyMartin Cockerill (c), Alan Dobson, Phil Clarke
Game expense claim processingStuart Tabberer
Game report receptionPaul SuttonStuart Tabberer
Gameday paperwork stockholderDavie Parsons
General Secretary *Richard MogerPaul Sutton
Head of MentoringVacantSusannah Taylor (d)
Health & Safety OfficerJames Ford-Bannister
HudlJames Ford-BannisterBen Griffiths
Incident report follow-upDavie ParsonsRoger Goodgroves
Incident report receptionAll directors plus Newsflash editor
Induction training manualJames Ford-Bannister (d); Amir Brooks; Jed Brookes-Lewis; Richard Moger
Intellectual property and licensingDavie ParsonsStuart Tabberer
International liaisonKeith WickhamDavie Parsons (d)
John Slavin Award data collectionPaul SuttonDavie Parsons (d)
John Slavin Award trophiesChris JarvisDavie Parsons (d)
Manual of Football OfficiatingJim Briggs
Members handbookDavie ParsonsColin Willox
Membership Appeals Sub-committeePeter Parsons, James Ford-Bannister, Stuart TabbererRoger Goodgroves, Susannah Taylor (plus Davie Parsons, Richard Moger and Steve Tonkinson if not involved in original decision)
Membership enquiriesSusannah TaylorDavie Parsons, Graham Smith, James Kilbane, Michael Prentice, Frank Thomson
Membership listRichard Moger
Membership Sub-committeeDavie Parsons, Richard MogerSteve Tonkinson
Newsflash distributionBen Griffiths, Colin WilloxDavie Parsons(d), Paul Sutton, James Ford-Bannister, Richard Moger
Newsflash editorBen GriffithsJames Ford-Bannister, Davie Parsons (d)
NFL LiaisonRichard VernonDavid Parsons (d)
Officiating Review Committee, Chair *Davie Parsons
Officiating Review Committee, MembersOther directors
President *Davie ParsonsSteve Tonkinson
Public relations / press releasesDavie Parsons
Publicity and MediaSusannah TaylorDavid Parsons (d), Richard Moger, Jed Brookes-Lewis, Steve Leonard
Registered addressWorton RockRichard Moger (d)
Returning OfficerBen GriffithsRichard Moger (d)
Rulebook editorJim BriggsMartin Cockerill (flag and 5 on 5); Peter Parsons (8 on 8)
Rules and Mechanics Committee, ChairJim BriggsDavie Parsons (d)
Rules and Mechanics Committee, MembersPaul Sutton, Peter Parsons, Steve Tonkinson, Shawn Sombati
Safeguarding OfficerGraham SmithPeter Parsons (d)
SchedulingRoger GoodgrovesHenry Richardson, Mike Hansford, Ian Davies, Ollie Maskell
Selection Committee, Chair *Roger Goodgroves
Selection Committee, MembersDavie Parsons (until 2023)
David Knight (until 2024), Peter Roberts (until 2024)
Andrew Murrell (until 2025), Pete Parsons (until 2025)
Ian Sneddon (until 2026)
N.B. Terms of office end after selection of the College Bowl
Status of games *Roger Goodgroves & Stuart Tabberer
Video libraryKeith Wickham
Video ReviewKeith Wickham, James Ford-Bannister, Richard Moger, Tim Ockenden, Jed Brookes-Lewis, Euan Paterson, Liam Wooton
WebmasterColin WilloxKrister Halvorsen, Viktor Jánvári, Davie Parsons (d)

* indicates an ex officio responsibility; (c) = chair; (d) = responsible director (Dep) = Deputy Director

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