British American Football Referees Association

BAFRA policy on licensing its intellectual property

Objectives of the policy

BAFRA's policy on licensing its intellectual property reflects two goals:

  1. making training and development materials as available as possible to the rest of the officiating community; while
  2. ensuring that BAFRA's costs in creating and maintaining those materials are fairly shared among those who benefit from them

Examination service

BAFRA will make its annual examination available to another officiating organisation under the following conditions:

  1. The examination is provided in electronic form for the purchasing organisation to distribute amongst its own members. It will not be sent before the starting date of the BAFRA exam period.
  2. The answers will be provided to the purchasing organisation at a time agreed with them provided it is not earlier than the closing date of the BAFRA exam.
  3. The exam will be sent unmodified. BAFRA cannot be responsible for any local rules and mechanics used in the organisation to which it is sent nor can it remove any questions on rules and mechanics local to Britain.
  4. Payment of £50,00 (GBP) is required prior to the examination being sent.
  5. The purchasing organisation must undertake not to distribute it beyond their own membership and, in particular, not to another officiating organisation.


This policy will come into force immediately and apply to all requests (formal and informal) for use or access to BAFRA's intellectual property whether existing or newly created.

The policy may be varied by BAFRA at any time subject to honouring existing agreements.

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