British American Football Referees Association

Expenses policy

BAFRA Ltd will pay all legitimate expenses actually incurred by members on BAFRA business. BAFRA will also manage on behalf of teams the payment of expenses to members working games.

The following expenses may be reclaimed, provided they are incurred solely on authorised officiating business (unless explicitly authorised by the Director of Finance):

  • mileage at 30p per mile over 75 miles (round trip) – this applies per day (i.e. if an official works two games in one day, they do not have to deduct 150 miles)
  • parking charges, congestion charges, ferries and tolls (provided the cheapest or quickest available route was used)
  • standard class rail or bus fares after deducting the first £10
  • flights, meals and accommodationexplicitly authorised in advance by the Director of Finance (or the Director of Operations in his absence)

Authorised officiating business includes:

  • working games
  • attending Elite Programme training events

Where an official explicitly asks the Director of Operations to be assigned to a particular game, or to a particular area, that they would not normally be assigned, no travel expenses will be paid.

Other than listed above, persons working on BAFRA's behalf including working as an assessor at games or another BAFRA appointed role (unless other arrangements have been agreed) may reclaim:

  • all mileage at the above rate (i.e. the 75 mile threshold does not apply when the travel is done on BAFRA business)
  • standard class rail or bus fares without deducting the first £10
  • telecommunication costs (e.g. telephone or broadband charges) incurred on BAFRA business over and above the claimant's pre-existing costs
  • stationery and office supplies purchased from the cheapest local source

Where possible, all members attending the same game or event should travel together, to minimise costs. Where this is not possible, due to a member's personal commitments, BAFRA will not pay expenses to that member unless agreed in advance by the Director of Finance (or the Director of Operations in his absence). Where Officials travel together to games we recommend they make their own arrangements to share the cost of the first 75 miles.

All game day expenses must be listed on the game day paperwork.

All other expenses can be paid with the approval of an appropriate director.

All expenses anticipated being over £100 per game day or event must be approved in advance by the Director of Finance or President.

Expenses will normally be paid within 6 weeks, but payment can be made earlier if arrangements are made with Director of Finance.

All expense claims must be submitted no later than one month after the end of the financial year in which they were incurred. This means that claims for any financial year ending 30th September must be submitted by 31st October at the latest. Any claims received after that date will not be accepted.

Receipts for all non-game day expenses should be sent to the Director of Finance, and any hotel/ flight costs should have the receipt and or email confirmation returned.

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