British American Football Referees Association

Environmental policy

The British American Football Referees Association Ltd (BAFRA) is committed to achieving continuous environmental improvement. The Executive Board has ultimate responsibility for environmental affairs within the Company to ensure that the policy is implemented and the performance is monitored.

BAFRA and those working on its behalf will aim to minimise the environmental impact of its activities and demonstrate its commitment to sustainable development through the following principles of energy conservation and waste management/reduction:

  • As a minimum standard, we will at all times operate within the requirements of environmental legislation and will co-operate fully with all relevant authorities and interested parties to make sure that happens.
  • Concern for the environment ranks equally with other Association responsibilities and objectives. It is recognised as an effective contributor to achieving customer satisfaction.

Communication and education

In recognition of the importance of our members in ensuring that environmental matters are correctly managed and monitored, we are committed to ensuring that they are informed on environmental issues, provided with appropriate guidance and any training requirements that have been identified.


This policy will be implemented, monitored and reviewed as part of an environmental management system. Regular auditing and inspection of our performance will form an important part of that management system.

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