British American Football Referees Association

Official of the Year

  1. The official should have demonstrated that they are actively working to improve their officiating to (or maintain their officiating at) the highest level that their ability and experience allows.
  2. The official will have made off field contributions to BAFRA in particular or the sport of American football in Britain in general. Examples would be (but not limited to): serving on BAFRA or BAFA committees or working groups; being involved in the training or development of others; having a flexible attitude to assisting the Director of Operations with his duties; representing BAFRA in the wider football or sports communities.
  3. The award shall be open to any person who has been a BAFRA member for the whole of the year excepting that no member may win the award in two consecutive years.
  4. The General Secretary will request nominations in the first Newsflash of the New Year. Any BAFRA member may make a nomination for this award; the nomination shall relate to the previous calendar year. Nominations should be accompanied by a short (250 word maximum) testimonial as to why the person should get the award.
  5. The Selection Committee will make the award from the list of members nominated. Should any of the Selection Committee be nominated, they will not be permitted to participate in the decision; if necessary, on the advice of the Selection Committee Chair, the Directors may co-opt others onto this Committee to make up for any shortfall

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