British American Football Referees Association

Elite Programme Development Coordinator

JobElite Programme Development Coordinator
  • Develop individual training requirements for members
  • Liaise with Director of Training re training requirements for the Programme as a group and individually
  • Develop a mentoring structure within the Programme particularly for newly elected members.
  • Work with Director of Training to assign Elite members to mentor new and non elite BAFRA members
  • Liaise with the Director of Operations to ensure that all Programme members are assigned appropriately to elite games in such a way as to ensure fit with individual training and development needs.
  • Develop a process of appraisal for Programme members in order to ensure that individual development goals are established and plans put in place to meet them.
  • Assist on other project work where required.
Desirable skills and experience
  • Ideally a senior BAFRA member
  • Ideally a BAFRA Elite official (past or present)
  • Strong inter-personal skills
  • Extremely good rules and mechanics knowledge
  • Team player able to work in partnership with others
Reports to Director of Training
Appointed by Board of Directors
Term of office At the pleasure of the Board of Directors
Current post holder Vacant (new post)

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