British American Football Referees Association

Honorary Members

Dave Allan46Long-time member of the Rules & Mechanics Committee
Bill Bowsher 91 Founder of the European American Football Officials Association and an ex-President of BAFRA
Mark Bridgham43 One of the American airbase officials who helped in the training of BAFRA members in the 1980s
Jim Briggs31 A director from 1990-1995; long-time member of the Rules & Mechanics Committee; editor of the Manual of Football Officiating; An ex-President of BAFRA
Mike Fenton142 Long-time director
Fletcher Kinnie 13 One of the American airbase officials who helped in the training of BAFRA members in the 1980s
Bill LeMonnier12 Bill rose to the top as an official within the NCAA. BAFRA have been lucky enough to benefit from him being the guest speaker at a number of our Conventions over the years.
Dave Norton1 Founder of the Association and long-time President
Davie Parsons 425 Davie’s has a history of long and selfless service to both BAFRA and to football in Britain in general. Having served for many years as the training officer in Scotland, he was elected to the position of Director of training for BAFRA in 2004, a role he continued when BAFRA became a Limited Company in 2007. Significant amongst his achievements during his tenure was the complete overhaul and revival of the annual Convention for which he lead the growth to what it is today. In 2010 he was elected as President of BAFRA Limited, a role he continues to this day. Taking over at a time of significant change for the wider sport, he has not only fully contributed to developments within BAFRA but also has effectively represented BAFRA on the BAFA Board.
Paul Sutton312 Paul joined BAFRA in the late 1980’s and has been involved in the Associations activities since the mid 1990’s. Paul started off as the scheduling officer for the North, before taking over the processing of Gameday paperwork since 1999. Paul has been a member of the Rules&Mechanics Committee and Exam Committee since the mid 1990’s and continues to be involved in both. Paul was elected as the General Secretary (2007-2020) of BAFRA when it became Limited Company and went through a process of professionalising the Administration of BAFRA as well as reviewing and ensure BAFRA has the correct policies and procedures. For several years Paul has worked with the DWP #2 to build up a history of BAFRA and worked to build BAFRA’s social media presence.

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