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Alan Wilson Award

Alan Wilson sadly passed away suddenly in September 2015. He had been involved in American Football for much of his adult life as a player, coach and latterly an official. He was a much loved and respected member of the football community, affectionately known as Papa Smurf. As he had a long interest in developing the next generation of participants in the sport, the BAFRA Board thought it appropriate to name the award for up and coming new officials in his memory.

This award is open only to new officials who have qualified in the two years to 31st December in the year prior to the award being made. By running it over two years, this does not disadvantage someone who qualifies only a few weeks or months before the cut-off date. It is not open to returning officials or to officials who have previously qualified outside of Britain. The aim is to recognise an outstanding upcoming official.

The General Secretary will identify the five officials (or slightly more if scores are very close) who meet the criteria who have scored highest on the Selection Committee spreadsheet immediately after the closing date, and will provide the names of those people to the Chair of the Selection Committee with additional information such as their location, name of their mentor etc. The Committee will also consider the commitment to their officiating development the nominated members have demonstrated. The Committee shall request or seek other such information as they think necessary in making the award. No official may win this award more than once.

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