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The officials for 99% of American Football games played in Britain are all members of BAFRA, the British American Football Referees' Association.

BAFRA was founded in 1984 to provide officials for the then fledgling sport. In the early days the majority of its members were US military personnel stationed in the UK but now the membership is almost entirely British.

The Association's aims are five-fold:

  1. To improve the standard of officiating by training and examination, and by any other means
  2. To enable all American football games in Britain to have neutral officials
  3. To promote and uphold the status of officials both collectively and individually
  4. To co-operate and to cultivate good relations with all bodies concerned with American football, for the betterment of the game
  5. To take such action or make such representation as an Association, or in conjunction with others as may be considered desirable, in the interests of American football in Britain in general or for the benefit of officials and officiating in particular

BAFRA covers several hundred games at all levels, including Senior (over 18), College, Junior and Youth games. Through the International Federation of American Football (IFAF), BAFRA also provides officials for tournaments on the continent.

Useful Links

  1. Information for teams - specific information pertinent to teams
  2. How to become a referee - first steps, plus an application form
  3. How BAFRA Works - the governance of BAFRA
  4. How to get officials for games - whether for regular season or one-off games
  5. Working football in Britain - information for overseas officials who want to work in Britain
  6. The John Slavin Trophy - awarded to teams for best game management
  7. Members Handbook - everything you need to know
  8. BAFRA Contacts - how to contact individuals in BAFRA
  9. BAFRA Directors - the Directors of BAFRA

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