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As part of BAFRA's implementation of the BAFA Safeguarding Policy the board are looking to appoint a Welfare Officer either from within BAFRA or externally.

The Welfare Officer will be responsible for establishing and promoting guidelines, procedures and training opportunities, as well as keeping relevant records related to safeguarding and welfare matters. Previous experience of such a role in either a statutory or voluntary body is an essential requirement.

If any member wishes to put themselves forward for this role or wishes to understand in more detail as to what the role entails, please contact

The deadline for submissions of interest is 31st December

Pete Parsons - Director Without Portfolio #1 


Congratulations to Simon Richards on completing all of the requirements necessary to become Qualified.


Thanks to Paul Todd and all those who are helping with Simon's training.

Tzvi Lindeman - Director of Training 


Newsflash 43/18 listed Alex Solkin #85 for Edge Hill Vikings as being disqualified, the correct player name should have been Kevan Evans the team and the disqualified player have confirmed this was an administrative error on their part.  There is also an appeal ongoing for Kevan Evans so he is free to play while this is reviewed and to clarify also that Alex Solkin has no current, or pending, disciplinary case against them.

Phil Clarke


Emails being sent to the main BAFA Disciplinary address are currently not reaching the correct recipients, please use the alternative contact of in the meantime.

Phil Clarke









New this week

Luis Stephenson


Sheffield Hallam Warriors



With 3.41 remaining in the 4th quarter #11 committed a blindside block with forcible contact to the head/neck area of the opponent.

2nd Dec 2018 v LJMU Fury

Jordan Pratt





Film was submitted to BAFA which upon review showed 2 clear instances of an opponent being stamped on by LJMU #98 which were both flagrant disqualifying acts committed but not called by game officials on the day.

2nd Dec 2018 v Sheffield Hallam Warriors

Earl Keido Williams


Greenwich Mariners



The assistant coach was flagged for comments made while outside the coaching area for his first unsportsmanlike conduct foul. He then said to the official he would “See him after the game” and was ejected for both a second USC and for a flagrant USC for threatening an official.

2nd Dec 2019 v Chichester Spitfires

(As this was a disqualification of a coach, this is a whole game day suspension as opposed to just a playing suspension)

Dale Billing


Coventry University Jets



Number 68 was observed to throw a punch.

9th Dec 2018 v Loughborough Students

William Crowfoot


UWE Bullets



The player initiated helmet contact with a blind-side block on a defenceless player

16th Dec 2018 v Birmingham Lions

Previous weeks

S. Ash


Solent Redhawks



Player received his first unsportsmanlike conduct foul for taunting a prone opponent in the 2nd quarter and a second for abusive language towards an official in the 3rd quarter.

2nd Dec 2018 v Oxford Lancers





New this week

Hull Sharks

Well marked 100 yard field. No 3 yard marks. No 9 yard marks or numbers. No limit lines. Team areas incorrectly marked between the 30 yard lines.Hull have said that they are moving onto a new 3G pitch starting with next weekend's game.

David Hewitt #607

2nd Dec 2018 v Glasgow Tigers

Sheffield Sabres

This was the first time the Sabres had played at their new venue. Parking is limited due to other sports being played, changing rooms very small. Field is 90 yards and marked in black, there are a number of other lines marked. Good flood lights.

Ian Wainwright #567

2nd Dec 2019 v UCLan Rams

Cardiff Cobras

With 7.52 left in the third quarter, the game was suspended for 20 minutes, to allow the medical team to attend to an injured player.

2nd Dec 2019 v Exeter Demons

Birmingham Lions

Lines hard to see as they are black and got lost in the gloom. Team areas marked with cones.

Brian Yates #29

26th Jan 2019 v Portsmouth Destroyers

University of Nottingham

Well marked field with numbers all in yellow which is fading. Goalposts were tubes fixed to the fence.

Ian Wainwright #567

27th Jan 2019 v Durham Saints

Brighton Panthers

The field is 100 yards long with the markings in Blue - The hash marks on the side of the field were attached to the sideline. No 3 yard marks. Team areas marked with cones only. Goals are approximately 3 yards behind the endline attached to a fence.

David Knight #135

27th Jan 2019 v Reading Knights

QBML Vipers

Field marked with NFL style hashmarks. Lateral positioning of the ball was approximated using pylons behind the end line. Coaches and team areas marked with cones. Game shortened to 10 minute quarters due to late arrival of medical team.

Steven Leonard #370

27th Jan 2019 v Kent Falcons

Oxford Lancers

The field was originally marked out as 90 yards with 10 yard endzones. Unfortunately, the goalposts were positioned in the goal line rather than the end line. After rectifying this by moving the goal line out by 10 yards, this left us with a 70 yard field with 10 yard endzones. The game went ahead with the agreement of both head coaches. To compound this, it was found that when compared with the field markings, the chains appeared to be only 9 yards long. The crew verified that the chain was in fact the correct length, meaning that the yard marks were more than a yard apart. The field also has NFL hashmarks which were significantly longer than 24 inches.

Amir Brooks #593

1st Feb 2019 v Oxford Brookes Panthers

Surrey Stingers

Field is reasonably well marked, with most lines in dark blue (except the midfield line and end lines, which use the white lines from the rugby pitch), and short hash marks. Chain crew and ball persons were provided less than 10 minutes prior to kick off. There were multiple issues with the down box. Prior to the game the Head Linesman identified that, while the box showed 2 and 3 correctly, the box showed 1 on one side and 4 on the other if attempting to show first down or fourth down. This was identified as being the result of a badly implemented repair and, with the use of the chain repair kit was rectified so that the downs were shown correctly. Further issues occurred with the down box during the first half, with multiple additional repairs proving to be less than durable. A rebuild by the Head Linesman at half time rectified the issue for the second half.

Pete Parsons #321

3rd Feb 2019 v Brighton Panthers

Kent Falcons

90 yard 3G field, perfect playing surface. The only problem was, that our match started at 3pm, with floodlights, and the american football markings are dark red on the green pitch, which was barely visible in the artificial light. It could also be a problem for colour blind participants in the game.

Viktor Janvari #63

3rd Feb 2019 v Canterbury Chargers

Outstanding items from previous weeks

Leeds Beckett

80 yard field. No 3 or 9 yard marks or numbers. Coaching areas were missing but were marked by cones. Sidelines hashes were missing. Chain set required repair prior to kick off.
David Hewitt #607

2nd Dec 2018 v Derby Braves

Swansea Titans

With 1:56 remaining in the 3rd quarter, the game was suspended for approximately 40 minutes to treat an injured player.

Amir Brooks #593

2nd Dec 2018 v Portsmouth Destroyers

Sheffield Hallam Warriors

80 yard field well marked, but the late kick off meant the game was played under flood lights, these weren't the best and future crews should bring torches.

Ian Wainwright #567

2nd Dec 2018 v LJMU Fury

Kingston Cougars

Poor chain crew and ball boys. Box broke near the end of the game

Ellis Bowyer #502

2nd Dec 2018 v Brunel Burners

Staffordshire Stallions

Only one chair provided in changing rooms. There changing rooms weren’t locked during the game.

Andrew Lovell #559

2nd Dec 2018 v Keele Crusaders

Sunderland Spartans

Due to the ongoing problems with the field position regarding the proximity of a wall and the end line the decision was taken to shorten the field to 90 yards and play only one way for the duration of the game and any kicks were attempted to only one goal. officials assistants, namely ball persons were changed 3 times during the game, causing lengthy delays to the game.

Gordon Galloway #7

2nd Dec 2018 v UWS Pyros

Chichester Spitfires

End lines were a different colour to match with the Rugby pitch, however at one end from the goalposts to the press box sideline the end-line was not visible, the home team were willing to paint this themselves however a facility groundsman said if they did this, they would be banned from playing at the venue. Ironically, the issue was eventually solved by red-tape. Kick off was delayed by 15 minutes on agreement of both head coaches. Other than this, an outstanding double-overtime game played in good spirit.

Oliver Maskell #221

2nd Dec 2018 v Greenwich Mariners

Lancaster Bombers

80 yard field very well marked in blue. Note for future crews there is currently building work at the main sports building which limits car parking space but further parking is available near the tennis courts on turning before the main junction if heading towards Lancaster. With 8 minutes 15 seconds left in the 3rd quarter an injury to a Lancaster player meant there was a delay of just under 1 hour during which the air ambulance landed on the pitch. Credit to both teams for their patience and for completing the game in good spirits.

Lee Taylor #183

8th Dec 2018 v Tarannau Aberystwyth

Leeds Gryphons

90 yard field. No 9 yard marks or numbers. Sidelines hashes were too far from the sidelines. No team areas or coaching boxes present. Changing room was too small for 5 people and was a good hike from the field.

David Hewitt #607

9th Dec 2018 v Tarannau Aberystwyth

Keele Crusaders

On arrival field marked as 90 yds with 4 yd end zones. field shortened to 80 yds using previous 5 yd lines as gl
Andrew Lovell #559

9th Dec 2018 v DMU Falcons

Imperial Immortals

Hash marks were too wide. No team areas marked out. One ball boy was switched at half time

Henry Young #486

9th Dec 2018 v Kent Falcons

UCLan Rams

No yardage markers or 3 yard marks between the 5 yard line and the goal line at one end of the field.

Jon Ikins #104

9th Dec 2018 v Sheffield Hallam Warriors

Brunel Burners

Field was marked with hash marks slightly wider than the goal posts (so were too narrow). The coaching box and team areas were marked to the 20 yard lines. The game was stopped on multiple occasions for repairs to the chain set. There were no limit lines.

For reference for future crews, Brunel university have now introduced parking charges at the venue, 7 days a week from 8am to 4pm. Payment can be made using the Parkmobile app.
Peter Parsons #321

16th Dec 2018 v Reading Knights

Bath Spa Bulldogs

Inbound markers on one side of field only,80 yard field, no team areas marked
Stephen Egan #466#

27th Jan 2019 v Oxford Lancers

Tarannau Aberystwyth

The field has NFL hashmarks and no 9 yard marks. One endzone was 8 yards deep, the other was 10 yards. The down box had its bottom half missing so that it was only around 4 foot tall. A temporary fix, involving a broom, was used to make it taller. The chain crew and ball persons were slow and were replaced at half-time. Unfortunately, the second set of chain crew and ball persons were equally slow and somewhat reluctant.
Amir Brooks #593

27th Jan 2019 v Bangor Muddogs

Warwick Wolves

Game suspended with 2 minutes remaining in the second quarter for 1 hour and 10 minutes to allow treatment to an injured NTU player. On agreement with both head coaches, 3rd and 4th quarters shortened to 8 minutes to allow completion of the game before lack of light became an issue.

Jed Brookes-Lewis #395

3rd Feb 2019 v Leicester Longhorns

Portsmouth Destroyers

Endzone at the minimum requirement of 7 yards deep. No 8 yard markings - 90 yard field. The game was played in heavy rain and by the end of the game the field markings were no longer visible in places, and the field had turned to mud in large areas

David Knight #135

3rd Feb 2019 v UWE Bullets

York St John Jaguars

The game was played at York Centurions home field as York St John do not have a home field. The pitch was marked with red markings, the markings were faint and will need remarking before the next game at the venue. There were no numbers or 9 yard marks, there we no limit lines, coaching lines or team areas marked. All three games balls supplied were significantly below legal pressure and no towels were provided despite the muddy field conditions. The changing rooms were not secured.

Ben Griffiths #228

3rd Feb 2019 v UWS Pyros

Glasgow University Tigers

Game suspended for around half an hours to allow treatment to an injured Glasgow player during the second quarter. There was a further half hour stoppage at the start of the 3rd quarter to allow the injured player to be transferred to a second ambulance for transfer to hospital for tests.
Henry Richardson #25

10th Feb 2019 v Edinburgh Napier Knights

Bangor Muddogs

The game was suspended for almost 20 minutes in the 4th quarter for treatment to an injured player.

Tim Vickers #129

17th Feb 2019 v Leeds Gryphons



New this week

Play: 1st and 10 at Team A’s 20-yard line. When the snap happens eligible receiver A40 immediately charges off the line and contacts B80 at Team A’s 21-yard line. B80 is knocked over. A40 then catches a forward pass at midfield and is immediately downed in possession of the ball.


Last week

Play: A's ball, 3rd and goal, on B's 3. The score is A28-B28 with nine seconds remaining in the fourth quarter. A8's field goal attempt is blocked. A78 recovers on B's 9 and advances to B's 2 where he is downed. The kick does not cross the neutral zone. Three seconds remain on the clock.

Ruling: A's ball, 4th and goal, on B's 2. The clock starts on the snap. The ball continues in play when recovered by A78. A78 may advance. The clock is stopped when A78 is downed. Team A failed to make a first down on third down. Team A retains possession. The clock starts on the snap following a legal kick down (3-2-5-d-8).


New this week

Game Situation: 1st and 10 for Team A at midfield.  There are only 30 seconds left on the clock and Team A are winning by 10 points.  Team B have no timeouts remaining.  Team A declare that they will ‘take a knee’.  However after they snap the ball they throw a quick pass out the the wide receiver, who gains 20 yards before being forced out of bounds.  Ruling?

Answer next issue…

Last week

Game Situation: Before the game begins, the sole medical practitioners provided for the game are two Emergency Medical Technicians, one of whom holds an NQF Level 2 first aid qualification.  Is this sufficient medical cover for the game?

Answer: Minimum qualification is NQF Level 3 and Emergency Medical Technicians are not on the list of acceptable professions (13-1-1).  A definition of the NQF levels are available online in several places, for example on the UK government website here.




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