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The membership renewal period closes on 31st October. If you have not renewed by then, you may rejoin from 1st November, but at a higher rate. Thank you to those who have renewed. Those renewed by 10:00 pm on Tuesday 30th October are:

Stuart Alger; Dave Allan; Graham Baker; Robert Banks; Francis Bevan; Andrew Binns; Tom Blakeson; Bill Bowsher; Mark Bridgham; Jim Briggs; Jed Brookes-Lewis; Amir Brooks; Roger Brown; John Burns; Derek Burridge; Mark Burrows; Darren Carr; Rose Carter; Mike Cavanagh; Adam Ceney; Alan Christopher; Daniel Clarke; Phil Clarke; Nathan Coates; David Cochrane; Martin Cockerill; Graham Coleman; Ian Coleman; Toby Coleman; Steve Currie; Alisha Darkins; Ian Davies; Alan Dobson; Colin Edwards; Mark Edwards; Steve Egan; Mike Fenton; Tim Fisher; James Ford-Bannister; Joe Foxon; Ban Gadsby; Ronnie Gaffin; Gordon Galloway; Cam Gibson; Martin Gibson; Muz Gibson; Roger Goodgroves; Ray Grace; Benita Grant-Booker; John Graveling; John Griffin; Ben Griffiths; Gerry Grunska; Steve Hall; Mike Hansford; Ewan Harris; David Hewitt; Dan Holt; Gareth Hughes; Phil Hume; Jon Ikins; Barbara Jacquin; Viktor Jánvári; Anton Jarbol; Chris Jarvis; Daniel Johnston; Damian Jurzyk; James Kilbane; Fletcher Kinnie; David Knight; Chris Lang; Mike LeFevre; Bill LeMonnier; Steve Leonard; Tzvi Lindeman; Andrew Lovell; Paul Lowe; Laim MacDonald; Daniel Mahoney; Julian Mallia; Will Marriage; Ollie Maskell; Ali May; Tom Mayer; Chris McCrea; Liam McCullough; Richard McEwen; Bud McFennen; Frank McParlin; Jason Mead; Clyde Messenger; Adrian Miller; Lee Mills; Richard Moger; Dave Moore; Darryl Morton; CK Nam; Thomas Newitt; Tony Newsham; Russell Newton; Mark Niven; Alex Nunns; Tim Ockendon; Christian Olsson; Cédric Palmans; Toby Papworth; Pete Parsons; Euan Paterson; Jack Pearce; Austin Pickles; Richard Prattley; Michael Prentice; Larry Rigby; Tony Rivers; John Roberts; Mike Roberts; Pete Roberts; Conrad Russell; Richard Samples; Owen Samuels; Graham Smith; Kieran Smith; Ian Sneddon; Shawn Sombati; Leanne Spencer; Jack Spicer; Kevin Stanton; James Statham; Darran Sterling; Paul Sutton; Andrew Swift; Stuart Tabberer; Anthony Tagg; Susannah Taylor; Lee Taylor; Pete Thom; Frank Thompaso; Paul Todd; Steve Tonkinson; Malcolm Turnbull; Richard Vernon; Tim Vickers; Harald von.Sydow; Ian Wainwright; Perry Wayman; Sean Welsh; Richard Whitby; Keith Wickham; Simon Williams; Mark Wilson; Lee Wood; Mike Woolnough; Liam Wooton; Dean Wright; Brian Yates; Charles Young; Henry Young; Stuart Young; Alex Zarganis.

All renewals are acknowledged. If you think that you should be on the above list and are not there, please let me know as a matter of urgency.

No further lists will be published. As always, a few days grace will be given but anyone who has not renewed or re-joined by 11:59pm on 9th November will be automatically removed from membership. Personal reminders were sent out in the past few days to those active members not renewed and no further reminders will be sent.

Paul Sutton – General Secretary


Can all referees ensure that they contact the home team during the week before their assigned game as over 30 university teams have still to update BAFRA with the completed Fixture Notification Form which is provided on our website.  You will need to confirm time, venue and payment arrangements in addition to specific game day information needed for their crew.

Richard Vernon


This year's Sapphire Series will for the first time all be played with 7v7 format rules. All  Division will again feature the 10 teams from last year's all playing 7v7 football.

 The series kicks-off on Saturday 1st December and concludes on Saturday March 2nd t: This represents an expansion of the Sapphire Series and provides a increasing challenge for BAFRA to cover these tournaments.  However please note that each round of the 7v7 format will comprise of only two games on each of two fields


I will publish more information regarding specific rules for these events in a later Newsflash but I wanted initially to give details about the number of officials needed and the provisional locations for the tournaments.  They are as follows:

Tournament Dates


Number of officials required

1st December

East Kilbride, London and Wembley

16-18 Officials

15th December

Derby, Herts, Cardiff and Teesside

16-18 Officials

19th January

Manchester, Sandwell and Kent

16-18 Officials

2nd February

Edinburgh, Birmingham and Cheshire

16-18 Officials

16th February

Leeds, Portsmouth, Peterborough and Oxford

18-20 Officials

There will also be Tournament Finals on  2nd or 9th March.


As you will all realise, the number of officials needed for these events is considerable, especially as there will definitely be a large number of university fixtures every Sunday after three of these tournaments.  Operations will assign officials based on their availability according to Arbiter and assign as for a regular BUCS or BAFA league game.  In addition there will be a few BUCS games being played on Saturdays.


Can I take this opportunity to ask every active official to make every effort to be available for at least one of these tournaments. I also strongly recommend that every new or recently qualified official takes advantage of gaining valuable experience by working as many of these events as possible.

Your support is vital for developing the sport and providing an excellent professional service to the teams is much appreciated and valued.


If you have specific questions please contact us at

Richard Vernon










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New this week

Play: A's ball, 4th and 16, on A's 1. The score is A14-B13. A4's punt is caught by B29 on A's 26 after a valid fair catch signal. During the down, B63 blocked A44 in the back on A's 28 and A74 blocked B95 below the waist on A's 22. Time expired in the fourth quarter during the down.


Last week

Play: A's ball, free kick, on A's 35. A4's untouched free kick is rolling toward the pylon. B28 has a foot on the sideline in B's end zone and touches the ball while the ball is on B's 1.

Ruling: B's ball on B's 35, 1st and 10. If a live ball is declared out of bounds and the ball does not cross a boundary line, it is out of bounds at the ball's most forward point when it was declared dead. The ball is out of bounds and dead at its foremost point in the field of play. The out of bounds precedes the touching by interpretation. This is a free kick out of bounds and a foul. Team B will usually take the ball rather than the five yard penalty and a rekick. (4-2-4-a) (A.R. 4-2-4-I)


New this week

Game Situation: 1st and 10 on the A30.  A89 runs a post pattern on the Line Judge's side of the field and is held by B33 at the A40 yard line.  Quarterback A13 then throws a legal forward pass to A82 on the Linesman's side of the field.  A82 is downed on the A38.  Ruling?

Answer next issue…

Last week

Game Situation: 3rd and 10.   Team A's quarterback drops back to pass but can find no open receiver.  As he comes under pressure from team B he moves outside the tackle box and throws the ball forwards in an attempt to conserve yardage.  The ball lands just beyond the original the line of scrimmage on the Line Judge's side of the field, no eligible receiver is in the area.  On a five man crew how should the Line Judge and Referee communicate to ensure that the right call is made?

Answer:  If the pass is incomplete having been thrown into an area not occupied by an eligible receiver, or the pass clearly does not reach the neutral zone, the wing official should move quickly towards the Referee to inform him of this.  It is permissible for the Referee to drop a flag at the spot of the pass while moving to consult with other officials on the legality of the pass. In this instance the Line Judge should inform the Referee that the pass crossed the neutral zone. It is appropriate to then wave the flag off under rule 7-3-2-h-exception. The Referee should ensure that players and head coaches (and spectators, if possible) are informed of the ruling. (M11.4.c.3 & M9.4.c.1).




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