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Membership renewals are due from 1st October. Thank you to those who have made their renewal early; I have received a larger number than usual this early in the process – let’s hope the trend continues!  If you have not received your renewal information yet, please let me know, but first please check your spam folder. Two members so far have contacted me to say their details were not received and in both cases it was in their junk mail!

All renewals are acknowledged, so if you think I should have received it and you have heard nothing back, please get in touch. From next week onwards, I will publish a list of those who have renewed in Newsflash.

As in previous years, there is a survey attached to the renewal letter which you can either return to me or directly submit via the website. Your views help the directors by informing their discussions. When completing it on-line it is important that, once finished, you click on the “submit” button. If you do not do this, your survey will not be added to the database.

Each year we get a small number of people who make a payment for their renewal but do not return their form. This delays the renewal process and may result in your membership being suspended. With the new data protection regulations that came into force in May 2018 your renewal will indicate that you are happy for BAFRA to contact you.

Finally, occasionally we get members who, for whatever reason, are unable to make their membership renewal payment within the specified timescale. If this applies to you, you must contact Roger Brown, Director of Finance, via to agree a payment plan. This will of course, be conducted in strict confidence.

I look forward to welcoming you as a BAFRA member for a further year.

Paul Sutton - General Secretary


Thanks to Liam Wooton who has found a couple of old bowl games on YouTube.

The first is the game between Gateshead Senators and Bristol Aztecs from 1999. The link is here: Does anyone recognise themselves or any other of the officials in the video. A position along with a name would be very helpful.

The second is the 2002 game between Norwich Devils and Yorkshire Rams. Although we know most of the crew from this game we need the name of the umpire. The link is here: 

If you are able to recognise any officials in the first video or the umpire in the second video, please let me know and I will update the records accordingly.

Paul Sutton - General Secretary










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New this week

Play:. Team A attempt an onside kick. The ball has only gone 7 yards forward and is untouched when A27 blocks B58. B62 subsequently recovers the ball on the ground at the 50-yard line.


Last week

Play: A's ball, 2nd and 20, on A's 5. A44 advances to A's 7 and fumbles. Before the fumble hits the ground, B77 bats the ball on A's 6. The ball hits Team A's goal line pylon

Ruling: The result of the play is a safety as the batting of a fumble in flight does not add new impetus. As the Team B player bats the ball forward this is an illegal bat - 10 yard penalty from the previous spot 2nd and 10, on A’s 15. [AR 9-4-1:VII / 4-2-3-b]


New this week

Game Situation: The game starts under normal conditions but part way through the first quarter, the cloud cover blows over and conditions on the field become hot and humid for the for the rest of the game. Players on the field are clearly in need of water and short rests. Should the crew take it upon themselves to call Referee’s timeouts to ensure every player gets a break and water?

Answer next issue…

Last week

Game Situation: One minute has passed after the try following a Team A touchdown. Team A are in position to kick off at their own 35 yard line. The Team B players are grouped in a huddle on the field near their sideline receiving information from their coach who is in the coaching box. The head coach of the receiving team has been warned about tardiness on a previous kick-off.  How should the officials resolve this situation?

Answer: Delay of Game by Team B. For a first offence, the Head Coach should be warned rather than throwing a flag but this is a secondary offence. Should the penalty be accepted, it will be a 5 yard penalty on Team B with Team A kicking off at their own 40 yard line. [MM 3.4.1.b]




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