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Membership renewals will be due from 1st October. Individual letters will be sent out electronically to all members with the details of the renewal process. Those recently joined are not required to pay again and will be automatically renewed in mid-October. If this applies to you details will be in the letter. If you have not received you letter by 21st September, please contact me. Likewise, please get in touch if you have any queries. If you require any BAFRA badges, it is a good opportunity to order them with your renewal. Also people occasionally want to change their registration number. Details of how to do this are included on the renewal form. Members who do renew will be removed from membership in early November. However, please do not leave it until the last minute as the Operations Team need who know who is going to be available for the start of the BUCS season.

As in previous years, there will be a survey attached to the renewal letter which you can either return to me or directly submit via the website. Your views help the directors by informing their discussions.

Each year we get a small number of people who make a payment for their renewal but do not return their form. This delays the renewal process and may result in your membership being suspended. With the new data protection regulations that came into force in May 2018 your renewal will indicate that you are happy for BAFRA to contact you.

Finally, occasionally we get members who, for whatever reason, are unable to make their membership renewal payment within the specified timescale. If this applies to you, you must contact Roger Brown, Director of Finance, via to agree a payment plan. This will of course, be conducted in strict confidence.

I look forward to welcoming you as a BAFRA member for a further year.

Paul Sutton – General Secretary










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Gateshead Senators

There were no sideline short yard extension lines. As this was a BAFANL Associate game for the visiting team, it was decided to proceed with the game. One goal post required extra padding due to a protruding screw.

Frank McParlin #299

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Play: A's ball, 4th and 6, on A's 34. A86 is standing on B's 26 when B29 bumps into A86 while attempting to catch A4's legal punt. B29 then muffs the ball and A77 recovers while grounded on B's 37. B56 held on B's 48 during the kick.


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Play: A's ball, 2nd and 12, on A's 36. Wide receiver A80 steps out of bounds at the A-38 yard line and immediately returns inbounds. QB A8 throws a legal forward pass toward A80. As A80 is attempting to get to the pass, he is held by B16 at the A-44 yard line. The ball lands untouched at the A-48 yard line.

Ruling: A's ball, 2nd and 2, on A's 46. A80 does not foul since he did not touch the ball. B16 does not commit defensive pass interference but does commit a holding foul. The 10-yard penalty is enforced from the previous spot, A's 36. The penalty does not carry an automatic first down since A80 was not an eligible receiver at the time of the foul.


New this week

Game Situation: On a 4 man crew on a punt play, the Linejudge often ends up a long way from the end of the kick. How can the ball boy be instructed before the game to help the Linejudge in this regard?

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Game Situation: On 4th down, team A punt.  Team B line of with 2 kick returners deep 40 yards behind the line of scrimmage.  How should the officials on a 8 man crew share responsibility for these players to ensure best coverage?

Answer: M-14-7-c-3 & M-15-7-c-2.  The Back Judge normally takes the deepest kick returner, but when there are 2 equally deep the Field Judge shall cover the one closest to him and the Back Judge the other.




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