Issue 32/18                                                                                17th August 2018

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The BAFRA Selection Committee received 45 requests from officials to work on these important assignments. It has chosen the following officials to perform chain crew duties at the three NFL games in London this year:

Seattle Seahawks v Oaklands Raiders, Wembley 14/10/18 @


Tennessee Titans v Los Angeles Chargers. Wembley, 21/10/18 @ 14:30

Philadelphia Eagles v Jacksonville Jaguars, Wembley, 28/10/18 @ 13:30

Richard Prattley (Crew Chief)

Ian Wainwright (Crew Chief)

Mike Roberts (Crew Chief)

Barbara Jacquin

Francis Bevan

Francis Bevan

Muz Gibson

Muz Gibson

Phil Clarke

Russell Newton

Richard Madge

Richard Madge

Richard Samples

Alan Christopher

John Burns

Adrian Miller

Adrian Miller

Lee Taylor

Mark Niven

Mark Niven

Anton Jarbol

Ian Wainwright

Mike Roberts

Darren Sterling

All selected officials must notify me as soon as possible if they become unavailable as individual accreditation is required for each member of the chain crew for each game.

The Selection Committee and Directors would like to thank all the members that applied for this role. We realise some of you have applied several times before but unfortunately it is not possible to offer a position to everyone due to the overwhelming demand. I hope you will not be too disappointed but re-apply if the opportunity arises in the future as I remain committed to giving all dedicated officials a chance to be on the Chain Crew

Richard Vernon 









New this week

John Ellender


East Kent Mavericks



Player grabbed the facemask of the QB, flung him around and ripped his helmet off. After the match he apologised, and showed us his missing fingernail, which he said was caused by his finger being stuck in the facemask.


Andrew Hissot


Chester Romans



The player made forceful contact with the back of an opponent. After the whistle had clearly been blown he hit his opponent from behind.

19/08/18 v Staffordshire Surge

Previous weeks - none





New this week

London Blitz Youth

On arrival the key to the normal changing room could not be located so we were eventually provided with an alternative room but only 60 minutes before KO. Although we had a key, we came in at half time to find someone had been in the room to take all the chairs out. The field was generally good, however due to the soft surface earlier in the week there were some ruts in one end zone but these were filled with sand prior to kick off. Also at half time it was observed that one goal post had been twisted around by the wind and was now at an angle, but this was rectified during the break.

Andrew Murrell #608


East Kent Mavericks

90 yard field with shorter endzones.

Viktor Janvari #63


Tamworth Phoenix

The changing room is an portakabin with no working toilet or shower. The field markings are in light blue, and had become faded due to the recent rain - the inbounds hash marks were almost invisible.

Amir Brooks #593

Playoffs: 26/08/18

Portsmouth Dreadnoughts

Visiting team turned up late because of traffic issues delaying the KO by 20 minutes. No 9 yard marks. No coaches/player box mark all in one. Down box broke during the game requiring it to be duct taped together and then held together by the box operator

David Knight #135


Bristol Apache

No 9 yard mark or numbers, and limit lines are too close to the field.

Euan Paterson #165


Merseyside Nighthawks

With 2 mins 57 seconds remaining in the game the heavens opened with thunder and lightning, at this point the game was suspended.  There were three extensions of the suspension due to further thunder and lightning until at 19:25 when the game was abandoned due to the away team’s coach needing to leave.

Tony Newsham #302


Farnham Knights

Game played on 90 yard field. Game suspended for 15 minutes due to injury. Very good hospitality from the venue with large clean changing rooms and refreshments at half time and post game.

Phil Hume #52

19/08/18 v London Olympians

Oxford Saints

No marked coaching box or team area.

Peter Parsons #321


Birmingham Bulls

100 yard field well marked and with a few straights lines. Changing and toilet facilities not the best.

Ian Wainwright #567


Outstanding items from previous weeks

Leicester Falcons

80 yard field with team areas marked to 20 yard lines, changing room cramped with no private shower or toilet facilities

Brian Yates #29

19/08/18 v Lancashire Wolverines

Sheffield Giants

One end line was incomplete, this was rectified by game management before kick off. There is now a cricket boundary line running through part of the field.

Daniel Holt #371

19/08/18 v Tamworth Phoenix



New this week

Play: Team A's ball, free kick, at the Team A 35. The kicked ball bounces once on Team A's 43 yard line. The ball is then in the air and beyond the Team A 45 yard line A66 bats the ball backwards to Team A's 45 yard line where a Team A player recovers it and is downed.


Last week

Play:  Team A's ball, free kick, on their 35 yard line. While the untouched onside kick is rolling on Team A's 43 yard line, A44 blocks B62 above the waist on Team A's 40 yard line. At about the same time, B96 blocks kicker A4 above the waist on Team A's 42 yard line. A96 then recovers the untouched kick on Team A's 47 yard line.

Ruling: Team A's ball, free kick, rekick on Team A's 30. The block by B96 on kicker A4 is legal since A4 has advanced five yards beyond his restraining line. The block by A44 on B62 is an illegal block since a Team A player was not eligible to touch the free kicked ball (the ball had not gone more than 10 yard forwards). The penalty is five yards from the previous spot - re-kick.


New this week

Game Situation: On a 3-man crew, which official should take responsibility for actions against the snapper on field goal and try attempts?

Answer next issue...

Last week

Game Situation: At the end of the game the coach of the losing team approaches the wing official on his sideline and politely asks to discuss a controversial pass interference call earlier in the game.  How should the wing official proceed in dealing with the coach?

Answer: M-20-6-3.  Any request for discussion regarding the officiating of the game must be directed towards the Referee.  The referee should be prepared to discuss the rules and interpretations regarding pass interference, but should politely decline to discuss the specific judgment call.  This discussion should take place in the dressing room, not on the field.




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