Issue 30/18                                                                                3rd August 2018

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Congratulations to Tom Blakeson on completing all of the requirements necessary to become Qualified.  Thanks to Andrew Murrell and all those who helped with his training.

Tzvi Lindeman 


After some eleven years in the role, Dean Wright has indicated that he wishes to “pass the baton” to someone else.

Firstly, the directors would like to thank Dean for all that he has done in taking Newsflash forward during his time as editor.  If you think that you would like to undertake this important role, please contact Davie Parsons at with a short CV detailing any relevant experience and how you see the role developing in the future. If you would like more information about what the role entails before submitting your application, please contact Dean via Closing date for expressions of interest is 10:00pm on Friday 10th August 2018.

Paul Sutton 









New this week

Thomas Markham


Ipswich Cardinals



Player headbutted an opponent.

05/08/18 v Essex Spartans

Michael Pitcher


Maidstone Pumas



After the end of a play, the player threw the ball intentionally so that it struck an opponent in the helmet.


Riccardo De Sabato


East Essex Sabres



The player piled into a runner whose progress had been stopped significantly after the end of the play. The player targeted his opponent by leading with his helmet and contacting the helmet of the defenceless player on the ground.


Previous weeks - none





New this week

Essex Spartans

No limit lines. Official changing room was too small so we moved into a vacant team changing room. Field markings were very faint and hard to see from a distance.

Henry Young #486


Knottingley Raiders

90 yard field, no limit lines. Officials were expecting 14:30 kick off, teams were expecting 14:00 - though did not reply to any emails from the officials to confirm game details. In the end we kicked off around 14:05.

Daniel Holt #371

05/08/18 v Lincolnshire Bombers

Furness Phantoms

During the 2nd quarter the game was suspended for a short time as one of the officials spotted a drone flying in the vicinity of the playing area. Game management quickly identified the drone pilots and it was returned to the ground. The drone pilots were identified as sponsors of the visiting team who have been advised of the rule about flying them inside the playing area.

Lee Taylor #183


East Essex Sabres

Inbounds hashmarks are too narrow, leaving exceptionally wide side zones. No field numbers or 9 yard marks. Field was uneven in places with ruts filled in with sand. Markings are getting quite faint due to the long dry hot spell followed by sudden storms. Only 2 legal game balls supplied, 3rd was provided by Maidstone. Changing rooms not lockable.

Phil Clarke #262


Outstanding items from previous weeks

Bristol Apache

The usual minor issues apply - no nine-yard marks or numbers, and limit line is too close to the field. On the other hand, the air conditioned changing room was an absolute godsend!

Amir Brooks #593

12/08/18 v Ouse Valley Eagles

Hastings Conquerors

80 yard field, and the changing room we could use were full of stuff, but we managed to change.

Viktor Janvari #63

05/08/18 v Portsmouth Dreadnoughts

Gateshead Senators

Well marked 90 yd field. Previous athletics events left some holes in corner of field which were all filled before officials arrived.

Daniel Johnston #347

05/08/18 v Leeds Bobcats

Carlisle Sentinels

Played at The Sheepmount athletics centre. 100 yd field with no posts. Changing room small and some distance from field.

Daniel Johnston #347

05/08/18 v Furness Phantoms

Morecambe Bay Storm

Game abandoned with 12 mins and 49 sec remaining in the third quarter, this was due to an serious injury to a player. Ambulance was called and after 65 mins the air ambulance arrived and landed in the middle of the pitch, we could not carry on the game as the air ambulance had to wait for a land ambulance to arrive. This decision was taken after consultation with both head coaches

Tony Newsham #302

05/08/18 v Chester Romans

East Kent Mavericks

Changing room not lockable, 1 football lost during the game as it was unable to be found after a kick play.

Phil Clarke #262

12/08/18 v Wembley Stallions

Farnham Knights

Chain crew and ball boys supplied very late but game management were doing everything they could to sort the personnel. Clash of field markings with other markings of the same colour

David Knight #135

12/08/18 v Bristol Aztecs

Bristol Apache

The ambulance was late arriving, so kick-off was delayed by 40 minutes.

Darryl Morton 493

12/08/18 v Ouse Valley Eagles

Northumberland Vikings

7 yd endzones. No players box. Well organised game management.

Daniel Johnston 347

05/08/18 v Glasgow Tigers

Tamworth Phoenix

Well marked 100 yard field, with blue lines which are fading during the season.

Ian Wainwright 567

12/08/18 v East Kilbride Pirates

Sheffield Giants

One end line was incomplete, this was rectified by game management before kick off. There is now a cricket boundary line running through part of the field.

Daniel Holt #371

19/08/18 v Tamworth Phoenix



New this week

Play:  Team A's ball, 4th and goal, on Team B's 16 yard line at the right hash mark. B46 commits defensive pass interference five yards deep in the middle of B's end zone. The legal forward pass is incomplete.


Last week

Play:  Team A's ball, 3rd and 2, on Team B's 8. Team B are leading by 1 point with ten seconds remaining in the 4th quarter. A23 advances to Team B's 7 yard line where he is downed. B76 was offside at the snap. Two seconds remain on the clock when the clock is stopped.

Ruling: Team A's ball, 1st and goal, on Team B's 4 yard line. The clock starts on the snap at the option of Team A.  Since the clock was stopped only to complete a penalty by the team ahead in the score with less than 2 minutes remaining in the half, the other team have the option to have the clock run on the snap (3-4-3).  Team A will certainly request that the clock starts on the snap - it is crucial that officials give Team A this option.


New this week

Game Situation:  How should the officials efficiently change ends at the end of the first and third periods after the Referee has signaled the end of the period?

Answer next issue...

Last week

Game Situation: 1st and 10 at the Team A 25 yard line.  A23 runs a sweep to the Linejudge's side of the field.  A23 is brought to the ground at the Team A 28 yard line close to the Linejudge's sideline.  The Linejudge does not blow his whistle even though the play appears to be over.  How long should the Linesman be prepared to wait before blowing his whistle to kill the play?

Answer: M-5-5-5.  Never be the first official to blow a whistle if the ball is not in your zone of responsibility. The Linesman here must concentrate on his own area of coverage and only echo the Linejudge's whistle (when it comes) if it is necessary to end continuing action in his area.  Don't toot your whistle unless you have thrown a penalty flag or otherwise need to attract the Referee's attention.




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