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Matt Allison


East Kilbride Pirates



With 6:01 remaining in the 4th Quarter, after an interception Number 61 blocked the quarterback from behind and made forcible contact to the quarterback's head.

22/07/18 v Merseyside Nighthawks

Previous weeks - none







Brad Thompson


Sheffield Giants



The player received a first unsportsmanlike conduct foul in the second quarter for prolonged excessive celebrations following a score, then in the third quarter he used offensive language towards an official.

22/07/18 v Manchester Titans








New this week



East Kilbride Pirates

Field markings were in faint yellow, the grass had suffered during the recent warm weather and was also yellow.
Ben Griffiths 228


Glasgow Tigers

Kick off delayed by 35 minutes as the medic was called over to assist with an injury on an adjacent field
Liam Wooton 478


Wembley Stallions

Away team rosters were provided in digital rather than paper form, owing to the coach responsible for bringing paper rosters being involved in a car accident.
Ben Gadsby 564


Aberdeen Roughnecks

The game was abandoned at the end of the third quarter due to injuries to the West Coast players which left the team unable to field enough players in appropriate positions to continue.
Ian Sneddon 427


Humber Warhawks

Reasonably well marked 100 yard field. Team areas marked between the 30 yard lines.No 3 or 9 yard marks/numbers.
David Hewitt 607


Worcestershire Black Knights

One ball boy was changed at half-time. Many short breaks for injuries. One of which was for the Line Judge who managed to go 8' out of bounds and tripped over the physios kit. Very well marked out pitch. Game was played in a good spirit.
Russell Newton 324


Jurassic Coast Raptors

The game was played on a field with no goal posts - this had been agreed by the team and the league prior to the season. Only 2 point conversions were attempted. Changing rooms were not locked. Chains broke on a number of occassions
David Knight 135


Essex Spartans

Well marked 90 yard field in white although markings were very faint and became increasingly hard to see as the game progressed. Limit lines were missing, numbers were too small and at least one of the main lines was not straight. Neither hashmarks nor inbounds lines were consistently 1-yard apart and the inbounds lines depth varied significantly. Goalposts were not padded but this was rectified by game management. Good size changing room but no toilet and not lockable.
Tim Ockendon 481


Maidstone Pumas

Goal posts were soccer goals with uprights appended to make them functional. 9-yard marks were present, but more like 15 yards from the sideline. Aside from those issues it was a well marked field. Changing facility is in the dance studio, which is lockable but you have to phone the caretaker to lock and unlock it. Change of two chain crew and a ball person at half time.
Andrew Murrell 608


East Kilbride Pirates

90 yard field marked in yellow, due to the recent dry spell the field surface was patchy and some of the hash marks disappeared as they were marked on the sandy area. One of the ball persons was changed during the second half due to an apparent finger injury which needed medical attention
Lee Taylor 183


Hamilton Buccaneers

Very well organised gameday. Credit to all teams involved.
Daniel Johnston 347


Manchester Titans

Game was held on the playing field at North ridge high school Manchester. Whilst one pitch presented no problems the other had several large gullies in the surface, probably something to do with the drainage. The officials and game management quickly improvised a field and the tournament started on time. Thanks as always to Verity Brawn for her excellent game management and plaudits to four teams who played superb football in the oppressive heat.
David Hewitt 607


Buckinghamshire Wolves

Wolves only had 5 players for the day, and 1 of them was injured (heatstroke) in the first game already, so they finished their first match with 4 players (and won overwhelmingly) and conceded the remaining 2 games.
Viktor Janvari 63


Sussex Thunder

Temporary venue so fields were marked with cones using all the lines they could on the 3G surface.
Oliver Maskell 221


Inverclyde Goliaths

Field initially marked off as longer but goal posts were inside the endzones so field was shortened to 90 yds. Short yard line extensions on sideline did not line up with inbound lines/hashmarks. Team areas not marked out properly including coaching boxes.
Shawn Sombati 15



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