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Thank you to all who have so far contributed to the BAFRA Charity for 2018. If you have not yet made your donation it is not too late. There are a number of ways in which you may make your donation:

Send an e-mail to Roger Brown, Director of Finance, at telling him how much you wish to donate and he will deduct that from you match fee if it is a pre-paid team.  You can make a payment directly into the BAFRA bank account using your BAFRA number and the word “Charity” as the reference (e.g. “312 – Charity”). If you require details of the BAFRA account, please contact Roger as above.  You can donate by a cheque made payable to BAFRA Limited by writing your BAFRA number and “charity donation” on the back of the cheque. Cheques should be sent to BAFRA Finance, 25 Daffodil Close, Haslingden, Rossendale. BB4 6NG.

Each year since we commenced having a BAFRA Charity, we have raised a four figure sum for the charity nominated.  Let’s see if we can beat previous records this year.

Paul Sutton 


Thank you to the 87 members who voted in the ballot which closed on 30 th June. The result was 78 if favour of changing to 2” shirts and 9 against changing. The directors will discuss the outcome at their meeting on 21 st July after which a formal statement on the way forward will be issued.

Paul Sutton 









New this week

Luke Ives


Torbay Trojans



The player headbutted an opponent, causing a minor skirmish between a number of players from both sides.

08/07/18 v South Wales Warriors

Brad Thompson        


Sheffield Giants



The player received a first unsportsmanlike conduct foul in the second quarter for prolonged excessive celebrations following a score, then in the third quarter he used offensive language towards an official.

22/07/18 v Manchester Titans

Previous weeks - none





New this week

Colchester Gladiators

Changing rooms are a long walk away from the field, but overall the entire venue is an excellent facility with an extremely well maintained field surface.

Phil Clarke #262

22/07/18 v Kent Exiles

East Kilbride Pirates

Field markings were in faint yellow, the grass had suffered during the recent warm weather and was also yellow. The lines faded during the game and will need re-marking before the next game at this venue.

Ben Griffiths #262

08/07/18 v Merseyside Nighthawks

Edinburgh Wolves

Coaches box and team area are not marked. Game management used cones to mark the areas.

Ian Sneddon #427

22/07/18 v Tamworth Phoenix

Sussex Thunder

80 yard field with inbounds lines incorrectly placed. There were a number of holes that needed to be rectified prior to kick off.

Phil Hume #52


Hastings Conquerors

80 yard field, in the heatwave, we had a change in the chaincrew, because one of the members fainted. Players endured, and the second half mercy rule helped the game finish quickly.

Viktor Janvari #63

22/07/18 v Bournemouth Bobcats

Leeds Bobcats

80 yard field. No limit lines, 9 yard marks or numbers.

David Hewitt #607

15/07/18 v Yorkshire Rams

Sandwell Steelers

The medical cover for the game did not arrive with in one hour of the scheduled kick off time, nor was it possible to confirm if there was a crew on the way.

Richard Whitby #136

08/07/18 v Nottingham Caesars

Outstanding items from previous weeks

Gateshead Senators

Well marked 90 yd field. Previous athletics events left some holes in corner of field which were all filled before officials arrived.

Daniel Johnston #347

05/08/18 v Leeds Bobcats

Nottingham Caesars

There are no limit lines on an otherwise very well marked 90 yard field, There are no separate changing rooms for the officials; we had to use the home team changing room after the team had vacated it. All other game day administration was excellent.

Chris Jarvis #10

15/07/18 v Shropshire Revolution

Lincolnshire Bombers

80 yard pitch, otherwise well marked.

Joseph Foxon #473

29/07/18 v Humber Warhawks

Swindon Storm

No limit lines. Changing room not lockable.

Peter Parsons #321

15/07/18 v Hastings Conquerors

Solent Thrashers

Plane of the crossbar overhangs the endline. 10 yard lines are blue whilst the rest of the markings are Yellow. 7 minute stoppage for a player injury

David Knight #135

15/07/18 v Ouse Valley Eagles

Morecambe Bay Storm

Game abandoned with 12 mins and 49 sec remaining in the third quarter, this was due to an serious injury to a player. Ambulance was called and after 65 mins the air ambulance arrived and landed in the middle of the pitch, we could not carry on the game as the air ambulance had to wait for a land ambulance to arrive. This decision was taken after consultation with both head coaches

Tony Newsham #302

05/08/18 v Chester Romans

Cornish Sharks

Game took place on a rugby field of a small local club. Field was only 80 yards plus endzones and hash marks were inconsistent location, length and direction!. No 3 yard markings. Due to local restrictions one set of goal posts could not be used - so it was agreed by both HC's that the game would go ahead with no FG or PAT kicks. Changing rooms could only be described as 'small' and only WC's were outside the main changing rooms.

Francis Bevan #474

29/07/18 v South Wales Warriors

Farnham Knights

No limit lines marked.

Peter Parsons #321

15/07/18 v London Warriors

Bristol Aztecs

The field was clearly marked out, but the usual issues are still evident - there are no numbers, 9-yard marks or team areas, and the limit line is too close to the field. With the agreement of both head coaches, the half-time break was taken with 1:59 left in the second quarter to allow medics to deal with an injury.  After this, the remaining 1:59 was played out before beginning the second half proper.

Amir Brooks #593

22/07/18 v London Warriors

Northumberland Vikings

90 yard field. No 9 yard marks or numbers. The line separating the coaching and players boxes was missing. The 3 yard marks had not been re-marked and,although they were there,were very faint. Mention must be made of Northumberland 's excellent game day management.The attention to detail showed certainly shows the way forward in the game.

David Hewitt #607

08/07/18 v Leeds Bobcats

Manchester Titans

Field of play only 80 yards in length. Numerous pitch markings for other sports were on the field including markings in the same colour as the American Football markings. No numbers or nine yard marks.

Ben Griffiths #228

22/07/18 v Sheffield Giants

Portsmouth Dreadnoughts

NFL Hashmarks, hash marks and a mainline across both end zones.

Roger Brown #469

15/07/18 v Hertfordshire Cheetahs

Hertfordshire Cheetahs

Changing facility for officials is a small room which can probably only accommodate 2 or 3 officials and is not lockable. However a private area was cordoned off for the officials at one end of the clubhouse where we could conduct our pre-game and retire to between games. Field was well marked but had some additional markings in the same colour. No limit lines marked, however there was a rope acting as a barrier on the home sideline where the majority of spectators were gathered. The chain needed repair on two occasions. Tea and coffee were offered between games as well!

Andrew Murrell #608

08/07/18 v Bournemouth Bobcats

Sheffield Giants

One end line was incomplete, this was rectified by game management before kick off. There is now a cricket boundary line running through part of the field.

Daniel Holt #371

19/08/18 v Tamworth Phoenix



New this week

Play: Team A are kicking off at the start of the game. A7's free kick bounces on the Team B 2 yard line and breaks the plane of the goal line. A87 recovers the ball in B's end zone before the ball touches the ground in B's end zone.


Last week

Play:  3rd and 6 from Team B’s 45-yard line. Quarterback A8 is rolling out from the pocket and heads towards the sideline. A8 is in the backfield at Team B’s 49-yard line.  A8 throws a forward pass which hits A78 in the back at Team B’s 46-yard line.

Ruling: There is no foul for illegal touching by A78 (7-3-11).  Touching is a deliberate act (2-11-4-b), and so if the ball hits an ineligible player accidentally there can be no foul.  This was Q72 on the 2018 BAFRA exam.


New this week

Game Situation: Team A's ball, 1st and 10, on Team A's 20 yard line. QB A14 throws a legal forward pass that falls incomplete beyond the line of scrimmage. While the ball is airborne, B64 accidentally grabs A14's face mask.

Answer next issue...

Last week

Game Situation: Team A's ball, 1st and 10 on the B30.  Team A run a sweep left.  Tight-End A88 is lined up on the right hand side of the formation.  A88 clearly holds defensive end B72 at the line of scrimmage in the tackle box as the runner run to the left hand side, A88 falls down to the ground and drags B72 with him.

Answer: M-3-2-2-a.  A takedown hold (M3-3-1-b-iii) is a conspicuous foul - especially when it happens in the tackle box.  Generally when a hold happens away from the point of attack, it should not be called.  However when a hold is really conspicuous, it should no longer be disregarded and can be called (M-3-3-1-d)




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