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The exam period closes at 5:00pm on 12th May 2018. All answer papers (whether sent electronically or by post) are acknowledged so, if you have sent yours in and heard nothing, please get in touch via  Answers must be sent to the e-mail or postal address on the exam and answer sheet and not to any other address. A list of those received will be published in next week’s Newsflash. As a reminder, all qualified officials must sit the exam or lose their qualified status. We also encourage associate officials to attempt the exam as it lets you see the progress you have made in learning the rules and mechanics and helps to identify areas for you and your mentor to further study.

The following 21 answer papers had been received by 9:00pm on Wednesday 2nd May (again, get in touch via if you think you name should be here and it is not):

Stuart Alger; Andrew Binns; Tom Blakeson; Derek Burridge; Ian Davies; Ben Gadsby; Ronnie Gaffin; Muz Gibson; Steve Hall; Jon Ikins; Anton Jarbol; Mike LeFevre; Julian Mallia; John Roberts; Mike Roberts; Anthony Tagg; Lee Taylor; Pete Thom; Mark Wilson; Brian Yates; Charles Young.

A further update will be posted in next week’s Newsflash.

The exam and answer sheet may be found in the members’ area of the BAFRA website.  Please note that answer papers must be received by 5:00pm on 12th May. Any paper received after that but before the results are in the public domain will be marked but a penalty applied to the final score for late return.

Stuart Young – Chair of the Examination Committee


There will be a two week break in the season on 27th May and 3rd June so it will be a perfect opportunity for all active officials to get ready for the remainder of the season which will be extremely busy.   However before then we have a full schedule of games on 13th May (especially in the South/South West) and on 20th May (3 Premier Division Games in London).  In addition there will be 5v5 Tournaments and Junior games every weekend. We also have the Women’s Diamond Series, starting on 19th May in Derby.



Please make every effort to be available for assignments. Your help and support is vital to ensuring the sustained development of the sport.

Richard Vernon 









New this week

Travis Degoey


York Centurions



First USC was for taunting an opponent after the end of the second play of the game.  Second USC was standing over the QB he had just sacked celebrating excessively.


Sebastian Januszewicz


Halton Spartans



Player lead with his head against his opponent and launched himself to make contact.

20/05/18 v Morecambe Bay Storm

Sean Barnard


Maidstone Pumas



Player threw a punch at an opponent. The player was wearing jersey 76 however appeared on the roster as 31.

13/05/18 v Ipswich Cardinals

Greg Mclellan


Dumfries Hunters



Player threw a punch at an opponent.

13/05/18 v Aberdeen Roughnecks

Irvine McDonald


Clyde Valley Blackhawks



In return for the punch thrown by the above, this player returned blows.

13/05/18 v West Coast Trojans

Previous weeks

Ruaridh Deeny


East Kilbride Pirates



Player squared up to an opponent at the end of a play. As the umpire moved in to separate them the player threw a punch. In addition, the player did not appear to be on the roster. Game management has since advised that there was a shirt issue on the day and the player was on the roster as no 14, but officials were not advised of this change.

06/05/18 v Edinburgh Wolves





New this week

Dumfries Hunters

90 yard field well marked although with very faint red lines. Officials and visiting teams should note that the ground staff at the venue only allow studded boots onto the playing surface, it was noted by the visiting team that a member of their gameday staff had been required to purchase new boots to enable her to be present for the card check. 3 of the officials also had to purchase new footwear. Two members of the chain crew were changed at half time but the head line was advised of this prior to leaving the field so returned early to brief them to ensure no delay starting the second half

Lee Taylor #183

13/05/18 v Aberdeen Roughnecks

Gateshead Senators

Played at Gateshead Stadium due to waterlogged pitch at Monkton. Pitch had been remarked incorrectly (NFL hash marks / endzone had hazard in middle). Old lines were still clearly visible and used for the game. Condition of Astroturf very poor with some tears. Game stopped on one occasion to replace area of Astroturf.

Dan Johnston #347

24/06/18 v Glasgow Tigers

Bristol Aztecs

Medical provision did not arrive and kick off was delayed by 35 minutes

Julian Mallia #336

13/05/18 v Bury Saints

Portsmouth Dreadnoughts

On arrival we were informed that the hash marks were in the incorrect position. The team repainted the hash marks prior to the game KO. Game was delayed 40 minutes waiting for the arrival of the medical cover

David Knight #135

20/05/18 v Hastings Conquerors

West Coast Trojans

Game kicked off 30 minutes late due to Aberdeen's bus breaking down, due to this, and limited player numbers from West coast, it was decided by both head coaches and the officials that a full first half be played followed by 12 min running quarters in the second half

Gordon Galloway #7

13/05/18 v Clyde Valley Blackhawks

Sheffield Giants

Well marked 100 yard field. Coaching areas were not properly marked out although space at one side of the field was limited. It didn't present a problem and both teams were respecting off the space available. Officials changing room had no separate toilet or shower.

David Hewitt #607

06/05/18 v Manchester Titans

Chester Romans

Second half KO was delayed due to a change in chain crew. Home game management were charged with a DOG.

John Roberts #145

03/06/18 v Carlisle Sentinels

Oxford Lancers

No coaching box or team area. Width of the team area was marked with cones.

Peter Parsons #321


Cambridgeshire Cats

With 4.30 left in the first half one stake broke and we had to use only half with the temporary measures continually breaking.

John Griffin #598

17/06/18 v Wembley Stallions

Outstanding items from previous weeks

Carlisle Sentinels

Prior to the game both teams agreed to play the game without posts. There was a leaking pipe in the officials changing room which had completely soaked the carpet. The leak worsened to a small fountain at one point, which lead to the water feature being turned off at the mains.

John Roberts #145

13/05/18 v Chester Romans

Colchester Gladiators

Excellent venue with a fairly long walk from the changing rooms to the field of approx 500 yards. After the game the changing rooms were in total darkness as electricians were conducting testing in the building.

Phil Clarke #262

06/05/18 v London Hornets

Doncaster Mustangs

No limit lines.

Dan Holt #371

13/05/18 v Sandwell Steelers

Berkshire Renegades

The field had not been remarked since last week causing the lines to be too faint to use. Kickoff delayed by 30 minutes whilst game management remarked the field. No numbers / 9 yard marks.

Euan Paterson #165

06/05/18 v Bristol Apache

Cornish Sharks

No private changing rooms were available - the officials had to change at the venue's public changing rooms. The goalposts are soccer goals with long rugby uprights strapped to them, meaning that the posts were too wide apart and the crossbar is too low by rule. The fields markings were in red, except the inbounds hashmarks which were white and only marked out around 1 hour before kick-off due to a soccer match being played on the field beforehand. The inbounds hashmarks were very poorly marked out. They were unevenly spaced in places, with some marks barely half a yard apart and others almost 2 yards apart. They also badly lined up - at one end, they were the correct distance from the sideline, but both sets of marks noticeably veered off to one side such that one set ended up around 15 yards from the sideline. The officials used the end line pylons to spot the ball.

Amir Brookes #593

20/05/18 v Somerset Wyverns

East Kilbride Pirates

East Kilbride player number 14 changed number to 7 prior to the game but officials were not informed. Player number 7 played, but was technically not on the official's copy of the roster

Ian Sneddon #427

06/05/18 v Edinburgh Wolves

Morecambe Bay Storm

90 yard field. No 9 yard marks.Lines marked in red with other sports markings in different colours. Plaudits to Morecambe on excellent off field management and to both teams on a well played game.

David Hewitt #607

06/05/18 v Carlisle Sentinels

Maidstone Pumas

Start of game delayed 25 minutes awaiting medical cover. Some lines faint by end due to rain

Ben Gadsby #564

13/05/18 v Ipswich Cardinals

Yorkshire Rams

On arrival, field was well marked, by the time of kick off, the middle of the field was almost a quagmire, plaudits to both teams for the way they played the game and the chain crew, which was one of the best I've worked a game with.

Liam Wooton #478

03/06/18 v Gateshead Senators

Bournemouth Bobcats

80-yard field with long grass and areas/holes that had been filled with mud. Down box broke but was replaced with a spare.

Phil Hume #52

13/05/18 v Hastings Conquerors

Oxford Saints

No coaching box line or team area marked. Width of team areas was marked with cones. No limit lines. Changing rooms not lockable.

Peter Parsons #321

10/06/18 v Bristol Apache

Shropshire Revolution

The field was well marked but had a lot of athletics in same colour as the football lines.

Ian Wainwright #567

20/05/18 v Leicester Falcons


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