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BAFRA Newsflash


Week 8 Update

We’re so close to the 100 mark, but there’s no prize for being number 100, so if you’re still waiting to press that button to register, now is the time. It’s also worth remembering that payment must be in by Friday 23rd March to get the reduced rates. So, if you still have to pay, now is the time to organize it. Davie has advised that he has purchased the Raffle prizes, so remember to have lots of cash on the Saturday morning (don’t spend it all on the Friday night), and last year there was no cash machine available on the morning, either…

The following 98 people have registered to attend the convention. If you are not listed, it may be because you have only recently confirmed your registration. An updated list will be published next week.

Stuart Alger, Francis Bevan, Tom Blakeson, Jim Briggs, Jed Brookes-Lewis, Roger Brown, John Burns, Derek Burridge, Darren Carr, Alan Christopher, Phil Clarke, Martin Cockerill, Graham Coleman, Norman Cox, Steve Currie, Jeff Dahle, Alisha Darkins, Ian Davies, Steve Egan, Tim Fisher, James Ford-Bannister, Ben Gadsby, Ronald Gaffin, Gordon Galloway, Barry Gent, Martin Gibson, Kenneth Glover, Roger Goodgroves, John Griffin, Ben Griffiths, Steven Hall, Krister Halvorsen, Graham Hedges, David Hewitt, Dan Holt, Heather Horner, Philip Hume, Barbara Jacquin, James Kilbane, Albert Lambert, Bill LeMonnier, Steve Leonard, Tzvi Lindeman, Andrew Lovell, Richard Madge, Gaby Martinez, Oliver Maskell, Alistair May, Liam McCullough, Jason Mead, Adrian Miller, Richard Moger, Darryl Morton, Andrew Murrell, Russell Newton, Dave Norton, Tim Ockendon, Christian Olsson, Ian Papworth, Davie Parsons, Pete Parsons, Euan Paterson, Jack Pearce, Michael Prentice, Henry Richardson, Tony Rivers, John Roberts, Mike Roberts, Richard Samples, Graham Smith, Ian Sneddon, Shawn Sombati, Leanne Spencer, Jack Spicer, Kevin Stanton, Darran Sterling, Paul Sutton, Andrew Swift, Stuart Tabberer, Lee Taylor, Susannah Taylor, Pete Thom, Frank Thomson, Paul Todd, Steve Tonkinson, Richard Vernon, Billie Walker, Kymie Walker, Perry Wayman, Sean Welsh, Richard Whitby, Keith Wickham, Mark Wilson, Lee Wood, Liam Wooton, Dean Wright, Brian Yates, Stuart Young.

Guest Speaker

As per separate notification our guest speaker will be Jeff Dahle. He has excellent experience both as an official, and as an instructor and mentor for PAC-12 officials.


The Convention will be held at Yarnfield Park Training & Conference Centre, Yarnfield Lane, Yarnfield, Staffordshire, ST15 0NL.  Yarnfield Park is a leading Training and Conference centre in the heart of the UK.. You can look over the facility on their website where you can also find details of the location and directions:


To register to attend the Convention, you need to send an email to Sean Welsh at  Again we will be making up personalised Convention Packs, ID Badges, Presentation handouts, Programme of Events, Game Day Paperwork, etc. As such you do need to pre-register.


In our efforts to make the Convention more accessible to everyone, this year we have again negotiated excellent rates for accommodation which are detailed below.  In addition, the BAFRA Board has also agreed to provide some funding to keep down the costs. The rates indicated are per room and include all discounts and a full breakfast.

Single Room:  £44.00 per night

Twin Room:  £44.00 per night (So will cost only £22.00 per night if you share with someone)

Remember, to take advantage of the above rates you must book your room with Sean at 

When you send your email to Sean please provide the following information:


Payment for Convention rooms are due by 23rd March , and payment can be made electronically or by cheque.

By cheque; with full payment included, should be made payable to BAFRA Ltd and sent to Charles Young at 25 Daffodil Close Haslingden Rossendale BB4 6NG.

By electronic payment; please ensure your payment reference is your full name and BAFRA number e.g.  “Roger Brown 469” and use the account number 10255350, sort code 16-16-11, BAFRA Ltd, RBS, Cheetham Hill, Manchester.

By electronic payment plan; It is appreciated that some people may wish to spread the cost and make multiple payments over the weeks leading up to 23rd March.  Please use the same instructions as above.  If you wish to make multiple payments, then you must make the payments electronically and not by cheque.

Please let us know how you wish to pay by including this information in your email to Sean Welsh at when you register.

Unfortunately, payment for the Convention cannot be taken from Game Fees.  The administration work involved is far too time consuming and does not fit well with our electronic process of paying Games Fees by direct transfer to your bank account.

Friday Night

Last year many attendees stayed on the Friday night to save an early rise and travel on the Saturday morning.  As such the above rates are available again for both the Friday and Saturday nights.

Ian Sneddon & Susannah Taylor

Convention Delivery Team


With a number of pre-season games coming up, it is worth reminding everyone that the 2018 BAFA rules came into effect on 1st March (except for the remaining BUCS games).

While BAFRA members won't get their printed rulebooks until the Convention, a PDF can be downloaded from A list of rule changes can also be found there - this year it isn't very long.

If anyone has any questions that can't wait until the Convention, please feel free to email me.

Jim Briggs 


Applications are invited from qualified BAFRA members who would like to work on this important committee. It’s role include the selection of officials for all UK Bowl Games, NFL Chain Crews, Officials Of The Year Awards as well as IFAF and Elite Panel.

Terms of reference and full details of the roles and responsibilities are on the website in the Members Handbook – 6.Scheduling and Selection.

In accordance with the rules of this committee two places are vacated every year and as a result two places will shortly be available. Please submit an Expression of Interest to me by no later than 10pm on Sunday 26th March 2018.

If anyone is considering applying who has not served previously on a BAFRA Committee, you are welcome to contact me for an informal discussion about the role and requirements.

Richard Vernon 


This weekend sees the finals of the Women’s Sapphire Series with national tournaments are three venues.  Can I thank all officials who have participated in these events over the last six weeks.  Your commitment and professionalism has helped to ensure the continued expansion of the sport.

Richard Vernon 


The National and Regional Finals for all BUCS leagues and at least four pre-season/varsity games take place over the weekend 24th/25th March.  Crews for the Regional Finals will be assigned once the venues for these games are known.

In addition to officiating in one of these games there will be an opportunity to work on the chain crew at the two National Finals at Worcester on 25th March.

Richard Vernon 


The new senior season commences on the weekend 14th/15th April (16 games). I am pleased to report that quite a few officials who were unable to work during the university season have declared themselves available for games over the summer.  Obviously we hope that as many of you as possible will be able to officiate during what promises to be a very busy summer of football.  Can everyone ensure that you update Arbiter to accurately reflect your availability.

Richard Vernon 


As always, the Annual General Meeting of BAFRA Limited will be held at 5:00pm on the Saturday of the Convention, 7th April. It is open to all members. The agenda and all other papers for the meeting have been sent to all members by e-mail and should have been received by the time you read this. If you have not received your papers, please contact me.

Four directors will reach the end of their term of office at the conclusion of the AGM. The final nominations received for these posts were as follows:


David Parsons #425; Nominated by Steve Tonkinson #99; Seconded by Les Connor #152.

General Secretary:

Paul Sutton #312; Nominated by Stuart Young #33; Seconded by Lee Taylor #183

Director of Training:

Tzvi Lindeman #381; Nominated by Henry Richardson #25; Seconded by Liam Wooton #478

Lee Wood #517; Nominated by John Griffin #598; Seconded by Alisha Darkins #573

Director without Portfolio #1:

Peter Parsons #321; Nominated by Richard Moger #472; Seconded by Susannah Taylor #335

As per the BAFRA Regulations, the President, General Secretary and Director without Portfolio #1 will be elected unopposed at the AGM. A ballot for the Director of Training will be held. Proxy forms have been sent to qualified members by e-mail and should have been received by the time you read this. Again, if you have not received yours and you require one, again please contact me.

Paul Sutton 









New this week - none

Previous weeks - none





New this week

Southampton Stags

90 yard field, multiple sport fields are painted on the actual 3G pitch with multiple colours.

Viktor Janvari #63

18/03/18 v OBU Panthers

Kent Falcons

90 yard field marked out in red on a normal Rugby pitch - halfway and end lines were marked in white. No 9 yard marks or field numbers, team areas marked out using cones. Front stake had previously been snapped so had been repaired using gaffer tape - it required a few minor delays to sort out other issues with the chain itself while the game progressed. Officials were provided with 2 3-person sized changing rooms, both were well equipped and lockable.

Phil Clarke #262

18/03/18 v UWE Bullets

Birmingham Lions

Field markings are dark blue, very well marked but difficult to see. Contrasted with other markings.

Ian Wainwright #567


Leicester Longhorns

Field had no hashmarks along either sideline, but were clear in the middle of the field. No coaches box or players areas marked. Which was a challenge because we actually had a crowd!

Ian Wainwright #567


Manchester Tyrants

90 yard field. No 3 or 9 yard marks. Player and coaching areas were missing but other sports markings were used,along with the discipline of both teams.

David Hewitt #607

18/03/18 v Newcastle Raiders

QMBL Vipers

90 yard field. However, field marked continuously to the end line for a 100 yard field with the 3 yard line marked in the end zone. Pylons used to decipher the end zone. No team areas so cones used.

John Griffin #598


Liverpool Raptors

90 yard field marked in yellow, the extra point marks were at the 2 yard lines so were not used for the game. The medical coverage was late in arriving, fortunately Coventry had a suitably qualified person on their sideline so this did not delay the start of the game. The cover did arrive midway through the second quarter. During a run play in the 4th quarter which ended out of bounds the front stake operator did not get out of the way quick enough, fortunately he was not damaged although the stake was not as lucky and snapped. This was repaired by Coventry’s medical person using copious amounts of tape which enabled the game to be concluded

Lee Taylor #183


Newcastle Raiders

Game played at Druid Park, field markings very faint, NFL hashmarks. Teesside informed the crew at half time that they would be calling the game.

Liam Wooton #478


Outstanding items from previous weeks - none



New this week

Play: A's ball, 4th and 12, on Team  A's 18 yard line. A8's punt is caught on Team B's 47 yard line by B21 who advances to midfield where he fumbles. A94 recovers the ball while grounded at midfield. Team A had six players on the line at the snap. B41 blocked A83 in the back on A's 44 during the punt.


Last week

Play:  Team A's ball, try, on Team B's 3 yard line. The score is A28-B28. Time has expired in the fourth quarter. A6's kick is wide right. During the down, A49 flagrantly threw B97 to the ground by grabbing his face mask at the Team B 7 yard line.

Ruling:  The penalty is declined by rule, since it was a Team A foul during a try down in which Team A failed to score (8-3-3-c-3).  The game will go into an extra period.  Even though the penalty was declined, A49 is still ejected (10-1-1-b).  The foul does not carry over into the extra period.


New this week

Game Situation:  After having a false start called against him, snapper A67 complains to the Umpire that the defensive signals are interfering with the snap count.  On the next play the Umpire listens carefully to the defensive calls being made by linebacker B54.  Though his calls are loud and some of them are being called out during the QB's cadence, they do not appear to be simulating the QB's signals.  How should the Umpire approach this situation?

Answer next issue...

Last week

Game Situation: On a 6 or 7 man crew, which officials should escort the team captains into the centre of the field for the coin toss?

Answer:  M-8-4-3-b.  The Referee and Umpire shall take up position in the centre of the field. The Field Judge and Side Judge shall escort their respective captains on to the field and introduce them to the Referee. Once they have done this they should retreat to join the remaining officials.  It is a good idea for the Side and Field Judge to agree how they will retreat from the field, so that one does not jog backwards while the other turns around and walks off.




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