Issue 30/17                                                                                        18th August 2017

BAFRA Newsflash


The BAFRA Selection Committee received 48 requests from officials to work on these important assignments. It has chosen the following officials to perform chain crew duties at the three NFL games in London this year:

Baltimore Ravens v Jacksonville Jaguars. Wembley, 24/09/17 @ 14:30

New Orleans Saints v Miami Dolphins. Wembley, 01/10/17 @


Arizona Cardinals v Los Angeles Rams. Twickenham, 22/10/17 @ 18:00

Minnesota Vikings v Cleveland Browns. Twickenham, 29/10/17 @ 13:30

Roger Goodgroves (Crew Chief)

Amir Brooks (Crew Chief)

Lee Wood (Crew Chief)

Stuart Young (Crew Chief)

Amir Brooks

Mark Burrows

Darren Carr

Barbara Jacquin

Darren Carr

Stephen Egan

Krister Halvorsen

 Jason Mead

Viktor Janvari

Krister Halvorsen

Viktor Janvari

Darryl Morton

Jason Mead

Richard Moger

Darryl Morton

Dave Norton

Richard Moger

Andrew Murrell

Andrew Murrell

Richard Prattley

Stuart Tabberer

Stuart Tabberer

Paul Todd

Richard Samples

Dean Wright

Lee Wood

Stuart Young

Paul Todd

All selected officials must notify me as soon as possible if they become unavailable as individual accreditation is required for each member of the chain crew for each game.

The Selection Committee and Directors would like to thank all the members that applied for this role. We realise some of you have applied several times before but unfortunately it is not possible to offer a position to everyone due to the overwhelming demand. I hope you will not be too disappointed but re-apply if the opportunity arises in the future as I remain committed to giving all dedicated officials a chance to be on the Chain Crew

Richard Vernon 


I am pleased to report that I will resume my position as Director of Operations, commencing 1st September. Can I thank Tim Ockendon, David Parsons and Henry Richardson for their work during my absence.

I would also like to thank everyone for their personal messages of support during this period.  I look forward to working with all members of BAFRA and BAFA and BUCS in the future.

Richard Vernon 


Congratulations to Kieran Smith on completing all of the requirements necessary to become Qualified.

Thanks to Susannah Taylor and all those who are helping with Kieran's training.

Congratulations to Kieran Smith, Jack Spicer and Ali May on completing all of the requirements necessary to become Qualified.  Thanks to Paul Todd, Susannah Taylor, Henry Richardson and all others who are helping with training these newly-qualified officials.

Pete Thom 









New this week

Jonathan Dawson


Bristol Apache



Punched opponent in retaliation for a personal foul

20/08/17 v Swindon Storm

Samuel Gee


Solent Seahawks Youth



Targeted and made forcible contact to the head/neck area of a defenseless opponent.


Paul Ravey


East Kilbride Pirates Youth



Targeted and made forcible contact to the head/neck area of a defenseless opponent.


Previous weeks - none





New this week

East Kent Mavericks

Well marked 90-yard 4G field marked in blue with other sport markings in white & yellow. No limit lines, numbers or 9-yard marks. 8-yard end zones and coaching line at incorrect depth. Changing rooms not lockable.

Phil Clarke #262


Glasgow Tigers

Team areas were marked out to the 20 yd line.

Colin Willox #539

20/08/17 v Aberdeen


Swindon Storm

Field markings white except for green end lines. 9 yard marks actually 11 yards. Team areas marked to 20 yard lines. Credit to both teams who showed great sportsmanship.

Euan Paterson #165


Cornish Sharks

The field is only 80 yards long. The endzones were paced to be 6 yards. But this matched 7 yards on the field so no action was taken. The grass length was very long, (so long the coin disappeared on the toss) Multiple breakages of the chain and changes to officials assistants.

Stuart Tabberer #348


London Olympians

Field was 90 yards but missing the hash marks in the field of play - only hash marks on the sideline. After discussions in the week it was determined to play the game as previous crews had not rectified this with the team. Game played by both teams in a good nature

David Knight #135


Tamworth Phoenix

90 yard field, with one or two crooked major lines. Changing rooms for cricket umpires and not large enough to accommodate normal sized crew (Tamworth did advise this would be the case prior to the game and suggested alternative changing arrangements). Two members of chain crew changed at halftime, but otherwise were wearing standard chain crew, down marker vests (excellent). Some areas of the field were a little bumpy and the grass needed cutting in some areas.

Mike Cavanagh #465


Carlisle Sentinels

90 yard field with posts 1 yd behind end line. No working shower in changing room however other private showers available if required.

Daniel Johnston #347


Portsmouth Dreadnoughts

Field had been re-marked in yellow contrary to team's instructions of blue or red. This is due to the rugby season starting. Markings were difficult to see given bright sunlight on the day.

Simon Ryan #408

20/08/17 v Cornish Sharks

Leeds Bobcats

No 9 yard marks.80 yard field. The field had been marked out for football in blue then for rugby in white and the result was a number of lop sided lines that certainly put a 'slant' on things. It was the opinion of the crew that it was the football markings that were off but it didn't cause a problem. The hashes didn't always line up and weren't always a yard apart. Change of ball person at half time.

David Hewitt #607

20/08/17 v Staffordshire


Outstanding items from previous weeks

Shropshire Revolution

Field well marked however athletics lines present of the same colour.

Jed Brookes Lewis #395

20/08/17 v Morecambe Bay


Gateshead Senators

90 yard field, couple of holes in the surface due to shot put, all filled in before the game.

20/08/17 v Chester Romans



New this week

Play: 4th and 10 from the Team A 40 yard line.  Team A are lining up to punt the ball.  After A6 punts the ball B77 runs into him.  B20 catches the ball on the Team B 8 yard line where his is downed.  The Team A coach says he will take the penalty at the end of the kick.


Last week

Play:  4th and Goal on Team B's 15 yard line. Team A attempts a field goal. The kick is partially blocked by B25 at Team B's 21 yard line. The ball falls well short and bounces on Team B's 13 yard line. It rolls to Team B's 9 yard line and is muffed by B82. The muff causes the ball to roll back to Team B's 18 yard line.  It is recovered by A45 and advanced to the Team B 13 yard line - where he steps out of bounds.  Next Play?  Clock?

Ruling: 1st and 10 for Team A on the Team B 18 yard line. Clock starts on the snap.  The scrimmage kick has crossed the neutral zone and was touched by team B.  Therefore team A are eligible to recover the kick, but not to advance it.  The ball is dead where recovered by team A and belongs to team A with a new set of downs since the continuity of downs was broken (5-1-4-b).  The clock runs on the snap since the last play was a kick (3-3-2-d-8).


New this week

Game Situation: Player A34 is in position to catch a forward pass near the sideline.  He jumps to catch the ball and comes down with it either in or out of bounds.  How should a covering wing official watch the play in order to ensure the best possible coverage of the action?  (4 man crew).

Answer next issue...

Last week

Play: 2nd and 10 at team A's 23 yard line. Quarterback A6 drops back to pass the ball. As A6 begins to pass the ball at the 15 yard line, he is contacted by B78. A6 continues with his throwing action and releases the ball. The ball lands on the ground on team A's 20 yard line. There are no receivers in the area where the ball landed. It is not clear who the Quarterback was trying to throw the ball to before he was contacted.

Answer:  No foul, 3rd and 10 at the A23.  Never call intentional grounding if the passer was contacted while in the act of throwing the ball.  It doesn't matter if officials cannot work out who the Quarterback might have been trying to pass the ball to, if he is contacted while in the act of throwing the ball we must assume he was intending to throw the ball to an eligible receiver. (M-3-4-8)




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August 26th (Sat)


August 27th (Sun)

Div 1 Final

September 10th (Sun)

Div 2 Final

September 24th (Sun)

Ravens v Jaguars (Wembley)

October 1st (Sun)

Saints v Dolphins (Wembley)

October 22nd (Sun)

Cardinals v Rams (Twickenham)

October 29th (Sun)

Vikings v Browns (Twickenham)

November 18th (Sat)

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