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The minutes of the July Board meeting are now available in the member’s area of the website at: 

Paul Sutton 


The BAFRA Induction Training Manual has been updated to include the latest rules and mechanics references, plus a few new additions to reflect our increased use of technology.  Can all trainers and trainees please use this version in future.

My thanks to Amir Brooks, Jed Brookes Lewis and Ian Wainwright for their help with this update.

Pete Thom 


Smitty NFL Style 4-Way-Stretch Premium Black Football Referee Pants for sale.

Still in the bag, unhemmed and still with tags on - they are 38 inch waist.  The price at Ump Attire without shipping and custom duty is $54.99 - reasonable offers will be listened to.

Richard Prattley










New this week

John Moore


Kent Exiles



In the 4th quarter the coach rushed onto the field to call a timeout. The coach complained that the HL was ignoring him and continued to complain on the field in a manner that brought attention to himself, eventually drawing an unsportsmanlike flag. The coach then continued to remain on the field complaining and using abusive language towards the officials resulting in a second unsportsmanlike flag. Afterwards the coach refused to leave the view of the playing area which held the game up on several occasions and for several minutes

13/08/17 v London Olympians

Pete Scorah


Humber Warhawks



Head coach excessively argued with officials regarding an on-field call, eventually drawing a USC flag. HC then used foul language towards official resulting in 2nd USC. After reviewing the roster at halftime it was noted that the HC was noted on roster as not attending the game.


Kevin Keohane


London Warriors



As the player withdrew from a scuffle with opponents he deliberately stamped on an opponent lying on the ground.

13/08/17 v Tamworth Phoenix

Previous weeks - none





New this week

East Kent Mavericks

Well marked 90-yard field marked in blue with other sport markings in white & yellow. No limit lines, numbers or 9-yard marks. 8-yard end zones and coaching line at incorrect depth. Well appointed changing room but not lockable.

Tim Ockendon #481

13/08/17 v Ipswich Cardinals

Sussex Thunder

Field markings for the inner hashes were slightly out of alignment down the field and were too long. In the 4th quarter the Kent Head Coach disqualified and many attempts were made to ensure he left the playing area where he had no view of the field. Kent drew level with under a minute left in the game and the game was decided in the first series of overtime.

David Knight #135


London Olympians

No inbounds hash marks and no 9 yard marks, although other markings were used to approximate them. Thanks to both teams for a very good game, that remained competitive throughout.

Steve Leonard #370

13/08/17 v Kent Exiles

Lancashire Wolverines

80 yard field as the game was moved off the main pitch at short notice due to a drainage problem, other than this it was well marked. On arrival it was noted that a number of indoor chairs that have been in the changing room all season had been moved into the shower area which meant that none of the officials were able to shower post game.

Lee Taylor #183


Maidstone Pumas

Medical coverage was late due to miscommunication. A qualified medic arrived after 30min and met the minimum requirements so the game could proceed. The original cover arrived at half time. Changes to ball persons and chain crew.

Ellis Bowyer #502


Knottingley Raiders

No limit lines or 9 yard marks. Infield hashes were of the 'NFL' variety. All 3 game balls were under pressure and needed inflating.

David Hewitt #607


Leicester Falcons

At the card check it was discovered that 3 Leicester players did not appear on the roster given to Yorkshire, they were added to my roster by hand but the Yorkshire coach stated that he believes that they were ineligible to play. I replied that I had no authority to prevent them from playing but agreed to report this nonetheless.

Brian Yates #29

13/08/17 v Manchester Titans

Humber Warhawks

No coaching box or player box marked. Changing rooms in main building requiring short drive to the field. One change of chain crew.

Daniel Johnston #347


Outstanding items from previous weeks

Portsmouth Dreadnoughts

Field marked very well. No issues. Visiting team forgot their shirts and played in the home team’s away kit.

13/08/17 v Hertfordshire Cheetahs

Berkshire Renegades

Well marked field. One change to change crew at half time. Changing room not lockable.

Ellis Bowyer #502

13/08/17 v Bournemouth Bobcats

East Essex Sabres

NFL style hashes and no team markings.

Lee Wood #517

13/08/17 v Wembley Stallions

Hastings Conquerors

80 yard field.  The field markings were very visible but the endzone sidelines and endlines were very faint. Changing room not lockable. What a game - the teams were tied for most of the 4th quarter and the winning TD was scored with 1.33 left in the game

David Knight #135

13/08/17 v Maidstone Pumas

Chester Romans

Well marked 90 yard field although marked in red. This did not pose any impairment for any of the officials on the day.

Lee Taylor #183

13/08/17 v Lincolnshire Bombers

Shropshire Revolution

Field well marked however athletics lines present of the same colour.

Jed Brookes Lewis #395


Gateshead Senators

90 yard field, couple of holes in the surface due to shot put, all filled in before the game.


Carlisle Sentinels

90 yard field, goal posts are about 2 yards behind the end lines at each end zone. There are 2 holes at each end where soccer posts have been removed but these were filled with sandbags prior to arrival.

Lee Taylor #183

13/08/17 v Northumberland Lightning



New this week

Play: 4th and Goal on Team B's 15 yard line. Team A attempts a field goal. The kick is partially blocked by B25 at Team B's 21 yard line. The ball falls well short and bounces on Team B's 13 yard line. It rolls to Team B's 9 yard line and is muffed by B82. The muff causes the ball to roll back to Team B's 18 yard line.  It is recovered by A45 and advanced to the Team B 13 yard line - where he steps out of bounds.  Next Play?  Clock?


Last week

Play:  Extra period. Team A scores during the first series to make the score A29-B23. Team A's try for point is blocked. The ball is rolling on Team B's 20 yard line when B96 accidentally kicks the ball forward. B22 then bats the rolling ball forward on Team B's 40 yard line. B97 recovers at midfield and advances across Team A's goal line.

Ruling: A's ball, retry, on Team B's 1½ yard line. B96's accidental kick is legal, but B22 has illegally batted the ball (9-4-1). The foul occurs before a change of team possession during a try down, therefore the basic enforcement spot is the previous spot and team A can retry (8-3-3-b-1). If there had been no foul, Team B would score two points. Team B would then have their series from the team A 25 yard line with the score A29-B25.


New this week

Game Situation: 2nd and 10 at team A's 23 yard line. Quarterback A6 drops back to pass the ball. As A6 begins to pass the ball at the 15 yard line, he is contacted by B78. A6 continues with his throwing action and releases the ball. The ball lands on the ground on team A's 20 yard line. There are no receivers in the area where the ball landed. It is not clear who the Quarterback was trying to throw the ball to before he was contacted.

Answer next issue...

Last week

Play: In the event that an official throws a flag for a foul, and that flag falls in the wrong location, how should the official act to ensure the flag is moved to the right place?

Answer:  M-19-1-c.  If your flag falls on the wrong spot, move it to the correct spot. Move the flag with authority - don't try to nudge it with your foot in the hope that no one will notice!




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