Issue 28/17                                                                                        4th August 2017

BAFRA Newsflash


The BAFRA Selection Committee is pleased to announce the following crews for the BAFANL Bowl games. Please join with the selection committee in congratulating the crews, particularly all those officials having their first Bowl Game, on their appointments.

NOTE: In addition, there will be an Under 19 Plate Game, which will precede the Division 1 Bowl Game. This high-profile game will not have Bowl status but is seen by the Selection Committee as a development opportunity for newer BAFRA officials. It will be assigned via Arbiter in the usual way.


Div 1

Under 19

Div 2 North

Div 2 South


Brian Yates

Mike Cavanagh

Euan Paterson

David Knight

Dan Holt


Henry Richardson

Graham Hedges

Albert Lambert Jnr

Steven Leonard

John Roberts

Head Linesman

Pete Thom

Roger Brown

Lee Wood

Ellis Bowyer

Graham Coleman

Line Judge

Ben Griffiths

Tim Ockendon

Stuart Alger

Jim Briggs

Darryl Morton

Back Judge

Keith Wickham

Amir Brooks

Colin Edwards

Paul Todd

Liam Wooton

Field Judge

Pete Parsons

Shawn Sombati

Andrew Murrell

Phil Hume

Jed Brookes Lewis

Side Judge

Dean Wright

Richard Prattley

John Griffin

Alan Dobson

Ian Sneddon


Euan Paterson

Ben Griffiths

Location and date information for Bowl Games:

Saturday 26th August at Sixways Stadium, Warriors Way, Worcester, WR3 8ZE

Under 19 Bowl: Kick Off 12:00 Noon

Premier Bowl: Kick Off 4:00pm

Sunday 27th August at John Charles Centre for Sports, Leeds, LS11 5DJ

Under 19 Plate Game: Kick Off 12:00 Noon

Division 1 Bowl: Kick Off 4:00pm

Saturday 10th September at John Charles Centre for Sports, Leeds, LS11 5DJ

Division 2 South Bowl: Kick Off 12:00 Noon

Division 2 North Bowl: Kick Off 4:00pm

Davie Parsons 


At the Convention, BAFRA members again voted for Cancer Research UK as their charity to support in 2017. As in previous years members are being asked to donate some or all of their match fees from games to this worthy cause.

Thank you to all who have already donated. If you still wish to donate, please do so by 9th August.  There are a number of ways in which you may donate.

If none of the above are available to you, please contact BAFRA Finance for advice on the above e-mail.

Each year since we started the BAFRA Charity Weekend the amount raised has increased. Last year we raised nearly £1800. Let’s see if we can beat that total this year.

Paul Sutton 









New this week

Daniel Shodipo


Tamworth Phoenix



As the quarterback had just thrown a pass, #52 lead with his helmet and made forcible contact to the head of the quarterback.

06/08/17 v Merseyside Nighthawks

James Birch


Colchester Gladiators



After the play was over, at 2:20 remaining in the 2nd quarter, the player was seen to punch an opponent in the chest.


Miles Hubbard


London Blitz B



Player taunted over a sacked QB and then after returning to his huddle walked into the opposing team huddle and used foul and abusive language towards opposition players.

06/08/17 v East Essex Sabres

Previous weeks - none





New this week

East Essex Sabres

NFL style hashes and no team markings.

Lee Wood #517

13/08/17 v Wembley Stallions

Kent Exiles

Well marked 100-yard field in white missing only limit lines, numbers & 9-yard marks. Good size changing room for a 5-man crew but with no private shower or toilet.

Tim Ockendon #481


Sheffield Giants

Field markings in red, with numerous other markings for other sports on the field. No PAT marks. No team or coaches areas marked.

Stuart Alger #179

06/08/17 v East Kilbride Pirates

Sandwell Steelers

90 yard field marked in faint yellow lines except for end lines which were white. Goals 1 yard behind end lines.


Shropshire Revolution

Field well marked however athletics lines present of the same colour.

Jed Brookes Lewis #395


Gateshead Senators

90 yard field, couple of holes in the surface due to shot put, all filled in before the game.


Newcastle Vikings

90 yard field, no team areas or coaches box.


West Coast Trojans

Field was 2x 44yds with the distance between GL and 5YD Line being 4yds only on each side. End zones were 7yds. Down marker showed down number at 90 degree angle. Quarters were cut to 12 min for entire game at request of both teams' HC due both teams having 17 players.

Shawn Sombati #15


Bristol Aztecs

Team areas marked between the 35-yard lines. No line marked for the players area. Limit lines marked at 12 feet. At half time the 3rd and 4th quarters were shortened to 12 minutes by agreement of both head coaches and the Referee. The second half kickoff was delayed by 7 minutes due to medical personnel treating and transporting an injured player.

Pete Parsons #321


Portsmouth Dreadnoughts

Field marked very well. No issues. Visiting team forgot their shirts and played in the home team’s away kit.

13/08/17 v Hertfordshire Cheetahs

Berkshire Renegades

Well marked field. One change to change crew at half time. Changing room not lockable.

Ellis Bowyer #502

13/08/17 v Bournemouth Bobcats

Outstanding items from previous weeks

Manchester Titans

Field of play is 80 yards in length. Lots of field markings for multiple sports including some in white that clashed with the American Football markings. Team area marked between 20 yard lines. The game was suspended for approximately 5 minutes while a drone flew overhead the playing enclosure. The chain crew were only provided approximately 5 minutes prior to kick-off.

Ben Griffiths #228

06/08/17 v Sandwell Steelers

Solent Thrashers

100 yard field clearly marked. 9 yard end zones with plane of goal over hanging by 1 yard.

Philip Hume #52


London Olympians

90 yard astro turf field with faint lines and no hash marks in places (enough markings done to play the game). Game suspended multiple times to ask for small children to be moved from playing just outside the end zones.

Lee Wood #517

06/08/17 v Solent Thrashers

Merseyside Nighthawks

Pitch marked with yellow lines, other sports markings of various different colours but do not distract from the football lines. 1 change of ball person at half time.


East Kent Mavericks

Well marked 90 yard 4G field, all lines in blue apart from shared midfield line with other sport that is white. All other sport markings are contrasting colours. Changing rooms not lockable.

Phil Clarke #262

06/08/17 v Wembley Stallions

Hastings Conquerors

80 yard field.  The field markings were very visible but the endzone sidelines and endlines were very faint. Changing room not lockable. What a game - the teams were tied for most of the 4th quarter and the winning TD was scored with 1.33 left in the game

David Knight #135

13/08/17 v Maidstone Pumas

Farnham Knights

90-yard field. Hash marks and extensions faint. Chains corrected to 10 yards before the game but some field markings made them look 9.5 yards. Game stopped in the 2nd quarter for 40 minutes due to serious injury. Q3/4 shorted to 12 minutes by mutual consent.

Euan Paterson #165

06/08/17 v Bristol Aztecs

Chester Romans

Well marked 90 yard field although marked in red. This did not pose any impairment for any of the officials on the day.

Lee Taylor #183

13/08/17 v Lincolnshire Bombers

London Blitz Youth

Arrived to find that the goals were English football goals with extended posts. Both teams agreed to not kick extra points and FGs so the goals were removed before KO. Field lines were faint but except for that a well marked field.

David Knight #135

06/08/174 v Kent Exiles

Bristol Apache

Commencement of the second half was delayed due to the presence of thunder and lightning in the half time interval. The second half finally commenced after the requirements of annex B of the BAFA rulebook were satisfied.

Colin Edwards #76

06/08/17 v Worcestershire Black Knights

Humber Warhawks

No 3 yard, 9 yard marks or limit lines. No coaches boxes or team areas although both teams were disciplined enough in keeping well back from the field. The chains needed attention on 3 occasions due to becoming detached. One member of the chain crew had to be replaced as he was on call to the local hospital and had to leave. One game ball was flat and needed inflating before use. Changing facilities were only available in the main university building which was a good distance from the pitch so the away team and the officials decided to change in the car park next to the field.

David Hewitt #607

06/08/17 v Shropshire Revolution

Maidstone Pumas

Ball person was dismissed after a disagreement with the HL. Goals were soccer goals with metal extensions. Changing room long way from field.

Ellis Bowyer #502

06/08/17 v Bournemouth Bobcats

Carlisle Sentinels

90 yard field, goal posts are about 2 yards behind the end lines at each end zone. There are 2 holes at each end where soccer posts have been removed but these were filled with sandbags prior to arrival.

Lee Taylor #183

13/08/17 v Northumberland Lightning

London Warriors

Very well marked 90-yard field in blue with other sport markings in white, yellow & red. No limit lines or numbers and team areas too big. Changing room not private and not lockable.

Tim Ockendon #481

06/08/17 v London Blitz

Staffordshire Surge

The gameday management was excellent. The field is generally well marked out but the team areas are too long, stretching out to the 15 yard lines.

06/08/17 v Halton Spartans

Glasgow Tigers

Team and Coaching areas were marked between the 30 yard lines, but game management extended them to the 25 yard lines with cones.

Ian Sneddon #427

06/08/17 v Dumfries Hunters

Swindon Storm

Due to nearby Airshow it was anticipated that announcements might be difficult to hear! However, the Red Arrows did not materialise until late in the 4th quarter.

06/08/17 v Cornish Sharks

London Blitz B

Chain needed to be repaired during game, officials changing room is the disabled toilet facility that also doubles up as a storage area, a few holes in the field surface had been filled in using grass seed so footing was quite slippery in these patches [one is dead centre on the 20 yard line, so we relocated ball when needed] this will probably need some sand/soil to make a more substantial repair.

Phil Clarke #262

06/08/17 v East Essex Sabres

Knottingley Raiders

The field had not been marked using normal field marking paint, rather the markings appeared to have been burnt onto the field killing all the grass. The field surface had numerous cracks, which were deep but not very wide, but did not meet the definition of a trip hazard. However if there is short period of rain followed by another dry spell, the field surface could deteriorate and turn into a trip hazard. Game management were required to mark a number of lines on the field using cans of spray paint. After the game the game management were advised that the pitch would need to be fully remarked before the next game. They were also advised that the cracks in the field surface would need filing prior to their next home game. The team areas were marked between the 30 yard lines. The hashmarks were too narrow (approximately at the position of NFL hashmarks).

The away team were asked if they could present three legal balls as the home team balls were not acceptable. The toilet in the officials changing room would not flush but appeared to have been used several times without cleaning. It is advisable to avoid using this toilet. Other toilet facilities were available. The changing rooms were not lockable. These problems aside, the changing rooms were ideal for a crew of 4. One of the officials assistants provided was aged 12 so he was replaced prior to kickoff.

Ben Griffiths #228

06/08/17 v Morecambe Bay Storm



New this week

Play: Extra period. Team A scores during the first series to make the score A29-B23. Team A's try for point is blocked. The ball is rolling on Team B's 20 yard line when B96 accidentally kicks the ball forward. B22 then bats the rolling ball forward on Team B's 40 yard line. B97 recovers at midfield and advances across Team A's goal line.


Last week

Play:  Team A's ball, 4th and 5, on the Team B 20 yard  line. On A4's field goal attempt, B57 puts his hands on Guard A66's shoulder and pushes himself high enough to block the kick. B57 blocks the kick and the ball rolls out of bounds on Team B's 26 yard line.

Ruling: Team B's ball, 1st and 10, on the Team B 26. No defensive player, in an attempt to block, bat or catch a kick, may place a hand on a teammate to get leverage for additional height (9-1-11-d).  Additionally no defensive player may step, jump or stand on an opponent in an attempt to gain an advantage (9-1-11-a).  In this scenario, B57 placed his hand on an opponent - which is legal. Team B next puts the ball in play on the yardline where the ball went out of bounds. (8-4-2-b)


New this week

Game Situation:  In the event that an official throws a flag for a foul, and that flag falls in the wrong location, how should the official act to ensure the flag is moved to the right place?

Answer next issue...

Last week

Play: On a 3 man crew, which official should be responsible for timing team timeouts?

Answer:  3 man crews will generally operate with a Linejudge, Lineman and Referee.  The referee will be responsible for timing team timeouts (M-23-1-2).




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August 26th (Sat)


August 27th (Sun)

Div 1 Final

September 10th (Sun)

Div 2 Final

September 24th (Sun)

Ravens v Jaguars (Wembley)

October 1st (Sun)

Saints v Dolphins (Wembley)

October 22nd (Sun)

Cardinals v Rams (Twickenham)

October 29th (Sun)

Vikings v Browns (Twickenham)

November 18th (Sat)

BAFRA Board Meeting

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Steve Tonkinson

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