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My thanks to everyone who made last weekend such a great success. It was good to meet everyone again and to see so many people having such an enjoyable time. The Awards Dinner on Saturday evening along with the quiz and presentations was also a success.

Our Guest Speaker Jim Farmer has asked that I pass on his thanks to everyone for making him feel so welcome.

I would also like to personally thank everyone involved in the build up to the Convention as well as the many speakers who delivered presentations.  Thanks to everyone who returned a Feedback Form.  Our next task is to review the content.

It’s so important that we continue to evaluate our efforts and look at ways of improving what has now become a very popular annual event. Enjoy the forthcoming season.

Davie Parsons 


As those of you who attended the Convention will be aware, a delivery problem means that the latest version of the Mechanics Manual has yet to arrive and until it does I am unable to distribute it.

I will send it out as soon as copies arrive with me. The 2017 BAFA Rule book has arrived and was distributed to those at the Convention. I will forward it to those not at the Convention along with your copy of the Mechanics Manual once I am in possession of the latter. In the meanwhile I attach links to electronic copies of both the Rule Book and Mechanics Manual so that you are able to start on this year’s exam. I also copy a link to the exam for your convenience.

The Exam may be found here: 

A copy of the 2017 BAFA Rules may be found here: 

A copy of the 17 th edition of the Manual of Football Officiating may be found here as a pdf download or here in an HTML version.

The non-delivery problem is between the supplier and their carrier so there is nothing BAFRA is able to do to expedite the situation.

Before attempting the exam, please read all of the rubric on the first two pages. This will answer quite a number of the queries that people may have. In particular, please note the two new entries in the section “Unless specifically stated otherwise, assume the following for ALL questions”.

As a reminder, all qualified members must sit the exam to retain their qualified status. Associate, affiliate and overseas restricted members are not required to sit the exam but you are welcome to should you wish to do so. In particular, it will allow associate members and their mentors to assess their progress and help identify areas for further training.

Paul Sutton 


Berkshire, Bristol Apache,  East Kilbride, Wembley have prepaid.

Charlie Dean Young 


Following the AGM, I am pleased to inform members that Roger Brown has been appointed as Director of Finance and Lee Taylor as Director of Recruitment. I am sure that you will give them every support in their new roles. On behalf of the Board I would also like to publicly thank the two retiring directors, Charles Young and James Meredith.

Paul Sutton 


Congratulations to the Cambridge Pythons who won the John Slavin Award for the recently concluded BUCS season. They achieved a perfect score throughout the season for their field audits. Scores of the top twenty teams may be found here:

Paul Sutton 









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Previous weeks



Edinburgh Wolves


On 19/02/17 Mr Punter was removed from the sideline (as an assistant coach) of a game between Heriot Watt and Napier under rule 9-2-7. This removal carries a mandatory one game suspension to be served for his first game of the season with Edinburgh Wolves.

09/04/17 v East Kilbride Pirates





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Outstanding items from previous weeks

Worcestershire Black Knights

Following a series of serious injuries throughout the game for Welwyn-Hatfield, both head coaches decided to end the game at 8:39 left in the 4th quarter.

Euan Paterson #165

23/04/17 v Jurassic Coast Raptors

Carlisle Sentinels

The away team contacted operations to inform them the game was called off after the crew had set off for the game. The teams tried to arrange to play the game up at Clyde Valley last minute but couldn't organise everything in time.

Liam Wooton #478

09/04/17 v Gateshead Senators

Walney Terriers

A pitch inspection was conducted preface and in the words of Doc Roberts once you got through the water it was firm underneath so the game was given the go ahead. Unfortunately further heavy rain after kick off and a run heavy first half rendered the pitch unplayable by half time when the game was called early.

Darren Carr #326

23/04/17 v Morecambe Bay Storm


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