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Location and journey planning

The Convention will be held at Yarnfield Park Training & Conference Centre, Yarnfield Lane, Yarnfield, Staffordshire, ST15 0NL. Yarnfield Park is a leading Training and Conference centre in the heart of the UK. Please look over the facility on their website where you can also find details of the location and directions via road and rail. 

On the day of your arrival you room will be available to check in from 2pm. If you are arriving before this you will be able to check in a leave your luggage in a secured location near reception until your room is made available.

Welcome Desk

We very much encourage all attendees to get to the welcome desk as early as you can to ensure all are checked in and ready to start promptly at 9:30am. The Welcome Desk will be open between 9:00am - 9:25am on Saturday 1st April and will be located in the main reception area.

A few things will happen when you arrive at the Welcome Desk. Firstly, you will need to sign-in and then pick up your Convention Pack. This will contain the following items:

You will also have the opportunity to purchase prize draw tickets. As usual we have collected a fun selection of merchandise and gifts.  You will then be shown to the Main Convention Hall where Tea and Coffee will be available.

We have quite a lot to get through during the day so I would ask that everyone makes the effort to be there as early as possible. We will start at 9:30am prompt and the Welcome Desks will close at 9:25am.

Convention team

Throughout the weekend you will be supported by a team of convention delivery volunteers. We will be easy to spot in our red polo shirts and will be ensuring the programme goes according to timeframe and all your needs are handled. Please let us know if you have any questions. Looking forward to see you all.

Promotion and filming

Throughout the breakout sessions and main all training we will be documenting and recording certain sections for ongoing training and promotion of officiating within the sport and the wider community.  You may also wish to take pictures and post these to social media. Please use the hashtag #RefCon17 on twitter and post to the event on FB.

Ian Sneddon & Susannah Taylor

Convention Delivery Team


On behalf of the Examination Committee, please note that the 2017 BAFRA Exam will be available in the member’s area of the BAFRA website from the conclusion of the AGM this Saturday. All instructions for return of the exam are in the rubric which accompanies it. I remind members that all qualified officials must sit the exam each year: failure to do so will mean loss of qualified status. The Committee also encourage associate and other members to also sit the exam as a gauge of their progress.

Paul Sutton 









New this week



Tarannau Aberystwyth



Player first taunted an opponent, afterwards the player verbally abused the calling official.


Previous weeks - none





New this week

Brunel Burners

9 yard marks/numbers were missing. Field is far away (10 minutes) from the changing rooms. For cars it is written, that you have to pay an hourly parking fee, but the teams promised, there won't be any penalties on Sunday.

Viktor Janvari #63


Sheffield Sabres

80 yard limit lines,3 yard marks or 9 yard marks.Team and coaching boxes were missing but other sports lines were used to solve the problem.Medical cover did not arrive until half time but a registered physio on the sheffield sideline agreed to act as medic until he did.

David Hewitt #607


Liverpool Raptors

This was a varsity match and both teams had requested shorting the games to 10 minute quarters. This game was not played at either teams’ regular home venue. The field provided was marked for Rugby Union and the only markings for Football were short yard extension lines, but these were 1 metre apart and on the Rugby touch line. The teams then marked 5 out some temporary markings, 5 yard lines in red and short yard extension lines at the inbounds in yellow. The field was marked as 90 yards with 5 yard end zones, so the 5 yard line was used as the goal line reducing the length to 80 yards. The markings in yellow faded fast and by the second half were almost non existent. The kick-off was delayed for 20 minutes because of the late running of the preceding Men's Rugby Union match and then the field had to be cleared of debris (Glass bottles and cans) The game had to be suspended on several occasions because of interference from the crowd that threatened the safety of the players, officials and coaches.

Ben Griffiths #228


Outstanding items from previous weeks

Worcestershire Black Knights

Following a series of serious injuries throughout the game for Welwyn-Hatfield, both head coaches decided to end the game at 8:39 left in the 4th quarter.

Euan Paterson #165

23/04/17 v Jurassic Coast Raptors

Carlisle Sentinels

The away team contacted operations to inform them the game was called off after the crew had set off for the game. The teams tried to arrange to play the game up at Clyde Valley last minute but couldn't organise everything in time.

Liam Wooton #478

09/04/17 v Gateshead Senators

Walney Terriers

A pitch inspection was conducted preface and in the words of Doc Roberts once you got through the water it was firm underneath so the game was given the go ahead. Unfortunately further heavy rain after kick off and a run heavy first half rendered the pitch unplayable by half time when the game was called early.

Darren Carr #326

23/04/17 v Morecambe Bay Storm


Returns after the BAFRA exam period...




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April 1st & 2nd (Sat / Sun)

BAFRA Convention Weekend

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BAFANL Season Begins

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BAFRA Board Meeting

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BAFRA Board Meeting

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