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Issue: 44/16

10th November 2016


Can I begin by thanking everyone who worked events as part of the Jags Se7ens Flag Tournament which concluded last weekend. I spoke to the organisers and they are very grateful for the support of BAFRA officials to make this event such a success. Many BAFRA members are now working events as part of the OPAL Women’s Series Flag Tournament which are being held until December.

We realise that for some officials this is a new experience so below are some links that you may find useful before working Flag Football.

Main BAFA Rules Page:

IFAF Flag Rules:

BAFA National Flag Changes:

If you want to work one of these tournaments please let us know and also show yourself available on Arbiter. The tournaments are being held on Saturday 19th November and 3rd December in Petersfield and Sheffield.

Richard Vernon


The following teams have prepaid:

Bangor, Bath Spa, Bradford, Bristol, Cambridge, Edge Hill, Glasgow, Gloucester, Heriot-Watt, Keele, Loughborough, Nottingham, Trent, Royal Holloway, Solent, Sussex, UCLAN, UWS

Several other teams have requested invoices and I will update each week. Please note that a few games this season have seen 3 or 4 people claiming expenses. Each time this happens the white hat will be asked to explain why. If you are travelling from same area you should travel together. If you are unable or unwilling to travel together then you should check your claim with myself .

Charles Young









New this week

Cameron Burkinshaw


SGS Wise



Head butted an opponent.


Samuel Hill


Imperial Immortals



Whilst the ball was live but well away from the point of attack, player head butted an opponent who was legally blocking him.

13/11/16 v UEA Pirates

Shaun Rance


Surrey Stingers




13/11/16 v Portsmouth Destroyers

Erik Strevel


Sussex Saxons




20/11/16 v Reading Knights

Harden Cornish


QMUL Vipers




20/11/16 v Westminster Dragons

Olukoya Ajayi


Sunderland Spartans



Taunted the sideline and then later used inflammatory language.

20/11/16 v Hull Sharks

Previous weeks – none





New this week

Derby Braves

Field Markings were blue on a green surface. Team Areas marked with temporary barriers and cones. Only one goal post so game played "one-way", Stirling's jersey numbers did not contrast with the background colour however they changed to an alternate jersey to comply.

Richard Whitby #136

04/12/16 v Loughborough

Bath Killer Bees

The field is generally very well marked out (albeit in blue). However, the endlines (which are the rugby goal lines) had not been re-marked and were a rather faint white - this didn't present a problem on the day but may do in the future. The team areas were marked out much too far from the sidelines, so new team areas were marked out in cones. Plaudits must go to the two teams, who played a well-contested good-natured game with no major penalties. The official's assistants were also very good.

Amir Brooks #593

05/02/17 v Swansea Titans

Sunderland Spartans

Kick off delayed by 35 minutes whilst awaiting for medical requirements to be met, apparently Sunderland only asked for first aiders. Home team could only provide 2 footballs, so we asked Glasgow if they had any, which they provided. Padding had to be added to a wall, which is within a couple of yards at one end of the pitch, soccer goal posts had to be moved out of the way and one set of football posts had to be rotated as they were at a 45 degree angle to the sideline. Game suspended early in the 3rd quarter due to an injury to a Sunderland player, then again later in 3rd to deal with a disqualified player.

04/12/16 v Northumbria Mustangs

Kent Falcons

90-yard field marked in red with other sport markings in white, yellow and blue. No limit lines, numbers or 9-yard marks. Team areas marked with cones. Inbounds lines at incorrect depth.

Tim Ockendon #481

12/02/17 v Royal Holloway Bears

Manchester Tyrants

Start of game delayed by slightly over 60 minutes as medical crew forgot the game was on despite being contacted on Friday by the home team. They did arrive approximately 1 hour after the scheduled kickoff time and were briefed. The field is a 90 yard AstroTurf pitch which is reasonably well marked in blue, there are some rugby marks on the field in white but they do not distract from the football markings. There are no coaches or team areas marked

04/12/16 v Sheffield Hallam Warriors

Coventry Jets

80 yard field marked in red. No team areas. Coventry wore blue and pink jerseys, MMU wore blue and orange.

Jed Brookes-Lewis #395

27/11/16 v Huddersfield Hawks

Northumbria Mustangs

No team box marked , no numbers, no limit line.

Henry Richardson #25

05/02/17 v Hull Sharks

Sussex Saxons

Game started 40 minutes late whilst we awaited the arrival of the medical cover. As this was the first game in a doubleheader, which already had a tight timeline, it was agreed to shorten all quarters to 10minutes.

David Knight #135

04/12/16 v Portsmouth Destroyers

Brighton Tsunami

Game kicked off 45 minutes late because of the crew delay for the previous game. Field markings for the team area did not exist, goals not on the end line but are approximately a yard further back against the fencing.

David Knight #135

13/11/16 v Reading Knights

QMUL Vipers

Game kick off delayed due to late arrival of officials. One goal mechanics used due to proximity of one set to main road.

Jeremy Parker #544

27/11/16 v Greenwich Mariners

Outstanding items from previous weeks

Leeds Celtics

Game abandoned at end of 3rd Quarter due to injuries with Leeds Celtics Linemen.

Daniel Johnston #347

04/12/16 v Bangor Mudogs

UCLan Rams

No team or coaches areas marked.

Aminul Hassan #534

19/11/16 v Sheffield Hallam Warriors



New this week

Play: Team A are going for a PAT at the Team B 3 yard line. B90 lines up on the goal line and times a run forwards so that he is able to hurdle over snapper A60 and block the kick. A60 used both hands to snap the ball, and as such had both hands off the ground while B90 was jumping over him. The ball is then recovered and downed by Team B at the Team B 5 yard line.

Last week

Play: 4th and 10, on Team A's 22 yard line. A6's punt is blocked. The ball is rolling at Team A's 12 yard line when B66, reaching down in an attempt to recover the ball, unintentionally kicks the ball into A's end zone where A77 recovers while grounded.

Ruling: A's ball, free kick, on A's 20. Safety. Accidental kicking of the ball is considered a muff. The impetus is provided by A6's punt (8-7-2).


New this week

Game Situation: Team A's ball, 1st and 10 on the B30. Team A run a sweep left. Tight-End A88 is lined up on the right hand side of the formation. A88 clearly holds defensive end B72 at the line of scrimmage after the runner has run out to the numbers on the left hand side, A88 falls down to the ground and drags B72 with him. Should this be flagged?
Answer next issue...

Last week

Play: On a 3-man crew, which official should take responsibility for actions against the snapper on field goal and try attempts?
Answer: M-23-6-3. The Linesman is responsible for action against the snapper and may come infield after the ball is snapped to better observe this.




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