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Issue: 42/16

28th October 2016


Thank you to those who have already made their membership renewal. At 6:00pm on Wednesday 26th October the following 102 members had been registered for 2017:

Stuart Alger; Dave Allan; Ashley Allen; Mark Allen; Graham Baker; Robert Banks; Jaeson Bennett; Andrew Binns; Neil Birmingham; Bill Bowsher; Mark Bridgham; Derek Burridge; Mark Burrows; Darren Carr; Mike Cavanagh; Alan Christopher; Phil Clarke; David Cochrane; Martin Cockerill; Graham Coleman; Steve Currie; Ian Davies; Mark Edwards; Stephen Egan; Ziad Ewais; Mike Fenton; Warren Fenton; James Ford-Bannister; Ben Gadsby; Ronnie Gaffin; Barry Gent; Martin Gibson; Roger Goodgroves; Ray Grace; John Graveling; John Griffin; Ben Griffiths; Gerry Grunska; Steven Hall; David Hewitt; Jon Ikins; Viktor Jánvári; Anton Jarbol; Damian Jurzyk; James Kilbane; Fletcher Kinnie; David Knight; Mike LeFevre; Bill LeMonnier; Steve Leonard; Tzvi Lindeman; Simon Love; Ollie Maskell; Richard McEwen; Frank McParlin; Jason Mead; Clyde Messenger; Adrian Miller; Lee Mills; Darryl Morton; Sam Morton; Andrew Murrell; Russell Newton; Tim Ockendon; Francis Oldfield; Cédric Palmans; Pete Parsons; Euan Paterson; Jack Pearce; Ana Pérez Prados; Richard Prattley; Michael Prentice; Hassan Rajwani; Larry Rigby; Tony Rivers; John Roberts; Mike Roberts; Pete Roberts; Conrad Russell; Marco Sala; Richard Samples; Ian Sneddon; Shawn Sombati; Paul Sutton; Stuart Tabberer; Susannah Taylor; Pete Thom; Paul Todd; Chiara Tomaz; Steve Tonkinson; Malcolm Turnbull; Tim Vickers; Harald von Sydow; Ian Wainwright; Sean Welsh; Richard Whitby; Keith Wickham; Mark Wilson; Lee Wood; Dean Wright; Brian Yates; Stuart Young.

If you believe that I should have received your renewal by the above time, please get in touch. As the renewal period terminates on 31st October, this is the last list I will publish. I will, of course, continue to acknowledge renewals.

Reminders have been sent out to active officials and these have prompted a couple of people to let me know that they have paid electronically but failed to complete the form. Please remember to inform me if electronic payment is made.

As always, membership renewals are due from 1st October and must be with me by 31st October at the latest. It is possible to re-join after that date but at a higher cost. If you wish to set up a payment plan for your renewal, you need to contact Charles Young at If you have any other queries about the renewal process, please contact me directly.

Finally, if you do not wish to renew for whatever reason, it would be helpful to know (with your reason(s) which can be kept confidential if you wish).

Paul Sutton


Production of the 2017 edition of the rulebook has started. Already most of the NCAA changes have been incorporated; the IFAF rule change process is well advanced; and the BAFA Rules Committee is about to ponder our national variations.

If you would be willing to proof read some sections, please let me know. The more people who volunteer, the less each person needs to do. You don't have to be a rules expert to do this - just able to compare two documents side by side. However, it is a good way to learn the rules at a very detailed level, so even rookie officials would be able to do it. Full instructions are provided.


Jim Briggs


A vacancy has arisen on the BAFRA Rules and Mechanics Committee for an experienced official with good rules and mechanics knowledge. The Committee does most of its work electronically so the time commitment is easy to organise around a personal schedule. Actual face-to- face meetings only take place very occasionally.

For more information on the responsibilities of the role, please contact the Committee Chair, Jim Briggs on or me. Expressions of interest should be with me by 11th November please to allow the Board to make its selection.

Paul Sutton





New this week

Leeds Celtics

Game abandoned at end of 3rd Quarter due to injuries with Leeds Celtics Linemen.

Daniel Johnston #347

04/12/16 v Bangor Mudogs

Outstanding items from previous weeks – none



New this week

Play: Team A's ball, 4th and 4, on the Team B 40 yard line. A83 catches A17's legal forward pass, fumbles on Team B's 38 yard line and the ball rolls out of bounds on Team B's 34 yard line. Team B were offside at the snap.

Last week

Play: A's ball, 4th and 2, on Team A's 28 yard line. B23 muffs A4's punt on Team B's 35 yard line and is chasing the ball back towards the Team B end zone. A88 races B23 for the ball, dives and pushes B23 hard at the knees from the back on Team B's 30 yard line, in an attempt to get to and recover the football. B23 then recovers the ball on Team B's 15 yard line.

Ruling: When a player attempts to reach a ball carrier or recover a loose ball, he may push an opponent in the ball, below the waist at or to the buttocks. A88 blocks B23 in the back of the knees, and has therefore committed a clipping foul (9-1-5 & 9-3-6). The 15-yard penalty is enforced from either the previous spot or the spot where the ball belongs to Team B, at the option of Team B (6-3-13).


New this week

Game Situation: At the coin toss before the game, on which side of the Referee and Umpire should the captains be lined up? Assume a 4 or 5 man crew.
Answer next issue...

Last week

Play: When determining keys on a 5 and 7 man crew, it is important for all officials with keys to know which is the strong side. In the case of a balanced formation (2 receivers each side of the formation), which side is considered to be the strong side?
Answer: M-16-1-1-b. On a 5 or 7-man crew, if there is no strong side (balanced formation), the Line Judge's side is deemed to be the strong side.




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