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Issue: 41/16

20th October 2016


Thank you to those who have already made their membership renewal. At 6:00pm on Wednesday 19th October the following 81 members had been registered for 2017:

Stuart Alger; Dave Allan; Ashley Allen; Mark Allen; Graham Baker; Robert Banks; Andrew Binns; Neil Birmingham; Bill Bowsher; Mark Bridgham; Mark Burrows; Darren Carr; Mike Cavanagh; Alan Christopher; Phil Clarke; David Cochrane; Graham Coleman; Steve Currie; Ian Davies; Mark Edwards; Stephen Egan; Ziad Ewais; Mike Fenton; Warren Fenton; James Ford-Bannister; Ben Gadsby; Barry Gent; Martin Gibson; Roger Goodgroves; Ray Grace; John Griffin; Gerry Grunska; Steven Hall; David Hewitt; Jon Ikins; Anton Jarbol; Damian Jurzyk; James Kilbane; Fletcher Kinnie; Mike LeFevre; Bill LeMonnier; Steve Leonard; Tzvi Lindeman; Ollie Maskell; Richard McEwen; Frank McParlin; Jason Mead; Clyde Messenger; Lee Mills; Darryl Morton; Sam Morton; Andrew Murrell; Russell Newton; Tim Ockendon; Francis Oldfield; Cédric Palmans; Pete Parsons; Euan Paterson; Jack Pearce; Ana Pérez Prados; Richard Prattley; Hassan Rajwani; Tony Rivers; John Roberts; Mike Roberts; Pete Roberts; Conrad Russell; Marco Sala; Richard Samples; Ian Sneddon; Shawn Sombati; Paul Sutton; Susannah Taylor; Chiara Tomaz; Harald von Sydow; Sean Welsh; Richard Whitby; Keith Wickham; Mark Wilson; Dean Wright; Brian Yates.

If you believe that I should have received your renewal by the above time, please get in touch. I will update the list in next week’s Newsflash. A list sent to me from the Director of Finance has names on it of people who have paid but have yet to return their form. If this applies to you please ensure I receive your renewal form as soon as possible.

As in previous years there is also a survey of members being conducted alongside the renewal process. However, for the first time this year, there will be the option of completing the survey on the new website (details in the letter) although, for this year only, there will also be the option of returning it in the traditional way.

As a reminder, membership renewals are due from 1st October and must be with me by 31st October at the latest. It is possible to re-join after that date but at a higher cost. If you wish to set up a payment plan for your renewal, you need to contact Charles Young at If you have any other queries about the renewal process, please contact me directly.

Finally, if you do not wish to renew for whatever reason, it would be helpful to know (with your reason(s) which can be kept confidential if you wish).

Paul Sutton


The old website license expired last Sunday so please ensure that you log into: in future. Also, the old e-mail addresses will no longer forward and the construction must be used. With the exception of a couple of members who have been notified personally by the webmaster, your password for the members' area of the website remains unchanged.

Paul Sutton


The BUCS league commences on 6th November with 24 games. The following week will have 30 games.( includes 3 on Saturday).

We need everyone to update their availability on Arbiter as soon as possible as we want to assign officials to these games shortly to as many games as possible. Please ensure your availability update covers the rest of October until the end of the year. As we also have some Flag tournaments/Associate games that we will be assigning.

If you go into Arbiter to make yourself unavailable and you notice you have a game pending you must contact me immediately as Blocking Out for that date will not change your original status.

Please try to make every effort to be available to work some games over this busy period. Your assistance is much appreciated. If you have specific questions regarding this please leave me a message on

Richard Vernon



New this week

Play: A's ball, 4th and 2, on Team A's 28 yard line. B23 muffs A4's punt on Team B's 35 yard line and is chasing the ball back towards the Team B end zone. A88 races B23 for the ball, dives and pushes B23 hard at the knees from the back on Team B's 30 yard line, in an attempt to get to and recover the football. B23 then recovers the ball on Team B's 15 yard line.

Last week

Play: A's ball, 4th and 10, on Team B's 30 yard line. With the ball on the hash mark away from their sideline, Team A substitute 10 players who all go to that hash mark. Subsequently, with a delay, the 11th Team A player enters and sets at the nine yard mark on his team's side of the field. There is a 3-5 second delay after he has set and the ball is snapped. A pass is thrown to this 11th player for a touchdown.

Ruling: A's ball, 4th and 25, on B's 45. Unfair tactics (intent to deceive) foul by Team A (9-2-2-b). No tactic associated with substitutes or the substitution process may be used to confuse opponents. The 15-yard penalty is enforced from the previous spot. If all 11 players had entered at once and one stopped, the play would be legal. If the 11th player enters late but joins the formation, it is legal as long as the substitution rules are met. The fact that the 11th player delays with direct intent to hide out is a foul. AR-9-2-2-III


New this week

Game Situation: When determining keys on a 5 and 7 man crew, it is important for all officials with keys to know which is the strong side. In the case of a balanced formation (2 receivers each side of the formation), which side is considered to be the strong side?
Answer next issue...

Last week

Play: 3rd and 10, after a timeout and after the ball has been blown ready for play, Team A line up ready to snap the ball while the team B coach – unaware that the timeout is ending – continues to talk to his players at the sidelines. How should officials react to this situation?
Answer: M-3-4-1-c. If no players from Team B are ready to play when Team A is set to snap the ball following a timeout, penalise Team B for delay of game. Do not give Team A a free play. The officials on the sideline are responsible for ensuring that the captain or coach of the team knows that the timeout is about to end.




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