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Issue: 38/16

29th September 2016


The membership renewal letters have all been sent out electronically and you should have received yours by the time you read this. If you have not received yours, please check your junk mail folder and if you still can’t find it please contact me. All of the renewal details will be in the letter and, as in previous years renewals may be made electronically or by post. Renewal fees have been held unchanged again this year.

As in previous years there is also a survey of members being conducted alongside the renewal process. However, for the first time this year, there will be the option of completing this on the new website (details in the letter) although, for this year only, there will also be the option of returning it in the traditional way.

Membership renewals are due from 1st October and must be with me by 31st October at the latest. It is possible to re-join after that date but at a higher cost.

If you wish to set up a payment plan for your renewal, you need to contact Charles Young at If you have any other queries about the renewal process, please contact me directly.

Paul Sutton


The BUCS league commences on 6th November with 24 games. The following week will have 30 games ( includes 3 on Saturday). We need everyone to update their availability on Arbiter as soon as possible as we want to assign officials to these games shortly to as many games as possible.

Please ensure your availability update covers October until the end of the year. As we also have some Flag tournaments that we will be assigning. Please try to make every effort to be available to work some games over this busy period. Your assistance is much appreciated.

If you have specific questions regarding this please leave me a message on

Richard Vernon


As most of you might or might not know we are changing our website this weekend, new host, new domain name and new look.

With that in mind all members still need access to the members area. I have managed, for the majority of

people, to retain the same password that is on the current system, those who are affected will be emailed

before the new site goes live.

If you have forgotten your password you can email me and I can send it to you. If you have any other comments etc please feel free to make use of this year's questionnaire.

Colin Willox



New this week

Play: A's ball, 4th and 8, on the Team A 3 yard line. A4's shanked punt comes down on the Team A 9 yard line and rebounds untouched into A's end zone. A23, in his attempt to pick up the ball in A's end zone, accidentally kicks the ball back out of the end zone. B35 recovers the ball on the Team A 10 yard line, advances to Team A's 6 yard line and fumbles. A78 subsequently recovers the ball while grounded on the Team A 3 yard line.

Last week

Play: A's ball, 4th and 6, on A's 28. B23 signals for a fair catch and is in position to make the catch. B45 blocks A85 into B23 on B's 34 just as the ball arrives. B23 muffs the punt and A89 recovers on B's 26.

Ruling: A player blocked by an opponent into a scrimmage kick that has crossed the neutral zone shall not, while inbounds, be deemed to have touched the kick (6-3-4-a). An inbounds player touched by a ball batted by an opponent is not deemed to have touched the ball (6-3-4-b). Neither of these two possibilities occurred. If contact with a potential receiver is the result of a player being blocked by an opponent, it is also not a foul (6-4-1-b). No foul have happened on this play. B23 is ruled to have touched the kick. Team A's ball, 1st and 10, on Team B's 26 yard line. The clock starts on the snap.


New this week

Game Situation: 4th and 10, Team A are punting from a scrimmage kick formation. B12 is in a position to catch the untouched kick beyond the neutral zone. A89 runs up to B12, waves his arms and shouts at him in a attempt to put him off. The ball brushes A89's arm and is caught by B12 on the B20. B12 immediately goes to ground. Ruling?
Answer next issue...

Last week

Play: How should the Linejudge on a 4 man crew position himself during a punt in order to ensure best coverage of the play?
Answer: Be behind and to the side of the deepest receiver, so that you can look through him and see the ball kicked while also being out of his way and close enough to observe any touching or kick catch interference. About five yards behind and five yards to the side is an appropriate distance, between the receiver and your side line. Be prepared to adjust your position according to the strength and direction of the wind, and the ability of the kicker. Have a bean bag readily available and a second one to hand. M-11-7-b-3




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