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Issue: 08/10

17th March 2010


Convention Countdown

It’s just a few days now to our biggest Convention for many a year. All the preparation work is done and all we need to do now is turn up and make the most of the weekend. The final count is now 76 registered to attend.

Welcome Desk

The Welcome Desk will be open between 9:00am - 9:30am on the Saturday morning and will be located in the Wake Green Suite.

A few things will happen when you arrive at the Welcome Desk. Firstly you will need to sign-in and then pick up your Convention Pack. This will contain the following items:

You will then be shown to the Main Convention Hall where Tea and Coffee will be available. We have quite a lot to get through during the day so I would ask that everyone makes the effort to be there as early as possible. We will start at 9:30am prompt.

Housekeeping Notes

Rooms will be available from 2:00pm on your day of arrival. We will probably have a room available where bags can be stored until you check-in. I will arrive at the hotel around 6:00pm on the Friday and Charlie will be there around 5:00pm. If you have any problems please let us know. Directions to the hotel can be found at:

I look forward to meeting everyone at the Convention and I’m sure we will all have an enjoyable weekend.

Davie Parsons


This is a reminder that the papers for the AGM, which is due to be held at 5:00pm on 20th March 2010 at the Coventry Hill Hotel, may be found in the member’s area of the website. Colin Willox has set up a special area where all of the papers are located except for the minutes of the 2009 meeting which may be found in the “meetings” area of the website.

In particular, I draw you attention to the statements of the candidates for election to the posts of President and Director without Portfolio and urge you to read these as part of your decision-making process.

Copies of papers will not be available at the meeting so if you require them in hard copy you should download your own.

Finally, may I remind you that whilst members in all categories may attend and ask questions at the meeting, only qualified members may vote.

Paul Sutton


These will be given out during the Convention and posted out to those who do not attend. It is mandatory that qualified officials sit the exam, and it is strongly recommended that associate officials also attempt it (if only to measure their own progress). In previous years a field diagram has been issues with the exam but it will not be this year. Instead, a copy of the field diagram is available in the member’s area of the website for you to peruse or download.

The examination must be returned to me by Saturday 24th April at the latest, unless an extension has been granted. This may only be done by the Director of Training; the Examination Committee do not have this authority. Results will be sent out individually after the exam period closes.

Paul Sutton


The next batch of travel expenses, for people with more than £10 due to them will be given out at the Convention. For those not attending the convention, cheques will be sent by post within 7 days of the Convention. If anyone has any queries on their expenses, please contact the Referee for the game in the first instance, as experience has shown most queries relate to the late, or incomplete, submission of Green Game Day forms.

Also included in the expenses will be a re-imbursement of £5 from BAFA subscription, for those who pay their BAFA subscription through BAFRA. This follows a decision by BAFA not to increase their subscription fee for this year, rather than increase it by £5 as had been proposed.

Andrew Lovell


Congratulations to Albert Lambert Jnr on completing the Induction Training Programme. Thanks to Russell Newton who helped with Albert’s training.

Davie Parsons


I have received the following correspondence from Leeds Carnegie:

Now our 2009/10 season is over, I just wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for the excellent contribution the assigned officiating crews have made to our fixtures in our inaugural season. All but 4 of our 33 squad have been completely new to the sport; even they've immediately recognised that the game is so much better with committed officials.

Please pass on our appreciation to all those involved in officiating our games this season and, of course, thank you for all your help & support.

Pete Johnson


The Midlands Region Training meeting is held on the 1st Thursday of each month, 7.30 pm, at the Coopers Tavern, Cross Street, Burton on Trent. However, due to a previous booking at the premises, April's meeting will actually be on Thurs 8th April, same time.

Andrew Lovell



There are still 2 plate games to play before the final venues for the weekend 27/28 March are finalised. These games have a significant bearing on locations. In particular whether there will be 2 games in the NE or just one. It has the potential to impact the Midlands and Yorkshire as well in terms of crew assignments.

Therefore I will publish the assignments for the 27/28 March no later than the evening Monday 22nd. If possible I will publish on the evening of the 21st.

Thank you for your patience.

Pete Johnson









New this week – None

Previous weeks – None

Note: it is the responsibility of the individual teams to ensure that their suspended players serve their suspensions in the proper game (according to the BAFA Disciplinary Code), and any dates mentioned here are intended only as a guide.





New this week

Loughborough Aces

The pre-booked ambulance arrived late due to attending to an injury on the other side of the campus. The game was delayed 30 minutes. There was only one set of goalposts at one end, though the pitch was marked out well.

Muz Gibson #268


Newcastle Raiders

Met by game management on arrival and informed that the ambulance had not been booked but they were working on getting a replacement, which arrived 45 minutes late. One member of the chain crew had to be removed early in the second quarter as he was totally uninterested. Moved to a running clock in the second half due to the late kick off and the fact that Edinburgh had a bus to catch and were starting to run out of players.

Henry Richardson #25

28/03/10 v Glasgow Tigers

Solent Redhawks

Goals are approximately 2 yards behind the endline and tied to a fence. Chains were frequently breaking. Both teams wore red - Essex in all red shirts and Solent red with white sleeves. Crew not paid.

Dave Knight #135

28/03/10 v Herfordshire Hurricanes

Hertfordshire Hurricanes

Looks like the groundsman has recently redone the markings on the field as they looked quite fresh and clear. Sadly the hashmarks are too narrow (look NFL width to me) and the endzones are tiny. The goal lines were moved to make it a 90yd field.

Steve Tonkinson #99


Greenwich Mariners

No 9-yard marks, but the main problem with the field was the main yardage lines were not exactly 10-yards apart. Both coaches were informed prior to kick-off that the chain would be definitive and advancing the ball what appeared to be 10 yards on the field may not necessarily get them a first down. Officials assistants were only provided 5 minutes before the scheduled kick-off and were changed repeatedly throughout the game resulting in them being slow and inefficient. Despite these inconveniences, an enjoyable game between two competitive teams.

Tim Ockendon #481

28/03/10 v BNU or Cardiff

Outstanding items from previous weeks – None

Note: it is possible that any game may be cancelled, or any team may arrange additional games. Any dates mentioned here are intended only as a guide.



New this week

Play: Third and 6 on A's 34. While running the option, A18 is hit on A's 33 and fumbles. The ball is rolling on A's 36 when muffed by A66. The ball rolls backward to A's 32 where A19 picks up the ball and immediately passes the ball to A84 who catches the pass on A's 37 and advances to A's 49 where he is downed. Play Clock?

Last week's play

Play: A's ball on A's 27, 2nd and 8. QB A16 takes the snap and attempts a quick pass to A83 who is just beyond the neutral zone. A16 is hit as he throws and the ball lands behind A16 on A's 23. B72 recovers and advances across A's goal line.
Ruling? A forward pass is determined by the point where the ball first strikes the ground, a player, an official or anything beyond the spot of the pass. When a Team A player is holding the ball to pass it forward toward the neutral zone, any intentional forward movement of his arm starts the forward pass. If a Team B player contacts the passer or ball after forward movement begins and the ball leaves the passer's hand, a forward pass is ruled regardless of where the ball strikes the ground or a player. Incomplete legal forward pass. A's ball on A's 27, 3rd and 8.




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