BAFRA policies

Changes to the Constitution can only be made by the procedures set out in the Constitution.

Policies are determined by the Directors under procedures laid down in the Constitution.

PolicyResponsible PersonLast UpdatedFrequency of reviewNext Review
Constitution - Memorandum of AssociationGeneral SecretaryFebruary 20175 years1st meeting 2022
Constitution - Articles of AssociationGeneral SecretaryFebruary 20175 years1st meeting 2022
Constitution - RegulationsGeneral SecretaryFebruary 2018Annually1st meeting 2019
Bribery Act 2011Director of FinanceNovember 20155 years4th Meeting 2020
CRB CheckingDWP1Yet to be Written
Data Destruction PolicyGeneral SecretaryJuly 2018Annually2nd Meeting 2019
Elite programmePresident, Director of Operations, Director of TrainingNovember 20153 years4th meeting 2018
EnvironmentalDirector of TrainingJuly 20172 years3rd meeting 2019
Equity and diversityDirector without Portfolio #2February 20163 years1st meeting 2019
ExpensesDirector of FinanceJuly 2018Annually3rd Meeting 2019
Game day administrationDirector of OperationsFebruary 2017Annually1st meeting 2018
Health and safetyDirector of TrainingJuly 20182 years3rd meeting 2020
Honorary membership and retired numbersGeneral SecretaryNovember 20175 years4th meeting 2022
Licensing intellectual propertyDirector of FinanceJuly 2018Annually3rd Meeting 2019
Members With DisabilitiesDirector of Training and Director without Portfolio #2February 20182 Years1st Meeting 2020
Membership of ex-offendersPresident, General SecretaryJuly 20163 years3rd meeting 2019
Officiating During PregnancyDirector of OperationsApril 20163 years4th Meeting 2018
Policy for Small-Sided Football (on-field)DwP1May 20172 Years2nd Meeting 2019
Retention of Records PolicyGeneral Secretary, Director of FinanceNovember 20162 years4th meeting 2018
Scheduling and selectionDirector of OperationsFebruary 20183 years1st meeting 2021
Social Media PolicyDwP2November 20173 Years4th Meeting 2020
Training, assessment and reviewDirector of TrainingMay 20163 years1st meeting 2019
Under 18s MembershipDwP1May 2018Yearly2nd Meeting 2019
Uniform and equipmentPresidentJuly 20145 years4th meeting 2018
VideoDirector of TrainingMay 20172 years2nd meeting 2019
Welfare of young peopleDwP1Yet to be written but will be 4 years

Standing Procedures

PolicyResponible PersonLast UpdatedFrequency of reviewNext Review
Membership applicationGeneral SecretaryJuly 20163rd meeting 20193 years
Election procedureGeneral SecretaryNovember 20154th meeting 20194 years
Annex to Terms and ConditionsDirector of Operations & Director of FinanceJuly 20163rd meeting 2017Annually
Working Football in Britain for Overseas OfficialsPresidentMay 20182nd meeting 20213 years
Disciplinary ProcedurePresidentMay 20182nd meeting 20202 years

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